The Long Term Payback from the Ukraine War

A recent Zero Hedge article contains an interesting quote as to why the U.S. warhawks want the Ukraine war:  

Beltway liberal elites... still think Russia must be punished given they see Moscow as having brought the "bad orange man" to power in 2016. 

Sounds crazy, but that would explain what I have experienced on the ground (physically and linguistically) in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

To understand Ukraine and its war for “freedom,” you need (your own) boots on the ground, and you need to know the language (the Ukrainian language press is an awesome source of honest info and analysis of Ukraine that you won’t find in English). My Ukrainian language comprehension has increased dramatically over the past year (I am a fluent Russian speaker), and Ukrainian language news has opened my eyes to a side of Ukraine that I utterly despise.

In a few weeks I will make another visit to Ukraine. Another three months on the ground, getting to understand even more Ukraine-think about America. Which is basically Biden is sugar and spice and Trump (and his supporters) are not (to read the article, right-click and select “Translate”). Just as revolting is the babble of western backpackers who live in Ukraine specifically because the endemic (Ukrainian, not Russian) corruption and ensuing poverty makes them upper middle class. 98% (no exaggeration) never learn to speak or read basic Ukrainian. I have not yet met one who likes Trump. But at least the backpackers talk to me. Those in Ukraine who are part of the elite USA/EU government and military who love the kickback kingdom never have the time of day for those like me.

I wrote a very pro-Ukraine AT article months ago about the war.

But I am no longer a fan of Ukraine (and I am willing to admit my mistake). What changed my mind is the disgusting Ukrainian propaganda concerning the recent indictments of Team Trump.

Fani Willis is Ukraine’s heroine. Ukrainians cite the sheer number of indictments (never going into detail), something with no historical precedent, as proof that Trump and his gang must be guilty. I have never read a bad word about Biden in the Ukrainian press, and never a single good word about Trump during the past two years. Whenever I ask Ukrainian friends or resident foreigners “What do you think of Biden getting Shokin fired?” I always get a moronic blank stare. Ukraine reminds me of my days working in the German Socialist Republic in 2016, where I never once heard or read anything bad about Hillary Clinton nor anything good about Donald Trump.

The free Ukrainian press regularly prints incredibly insightful articles about the endemic corruption of the Ukrainian state and the Zelensky administration. They could print the truth about Biden and Trump, but they don’t want to. Besides, socialist Ukrainians don’t want to hear the truth. Trump means real freedom, and that’s not what they want.  Heartland Ukrainians may look like heartland Americans, but they are from a different planet. They have never known the kind of freedom we have even in Biden America.

It’s hard for me to imagine that Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches are anti-Trump. But it would be very uncomfortable, given Ukrainian anti-Trump propaganda, for any of them to express any admiration for Trump. I myself never see the fighters, but I chat with war-loving draft dodgers often in the capital. These pro-war patriots are all trying to find a way to avoid military service. They will all survive the war unscathed, many (if not most) of the fighters will not.

Post-war Ukraine

The first payback from this war will be a corrupt Ukraine 3.0 (1.0 was Soviet Ukraine, 2.0 was Ukraine during the past 30 years), a Soviet-style kleptocracy wrapped in an EU regulatory nightmare. An E.U./Blackrock/W.E.F. stronghold that will continue to play a role in the war against American freedoms. The future Ukraine will be just another cog in the failing nation-states of Europe that are so busy saving the world (from carbon and Trump) that they (500+ million strong) have no time or money to protect themselves from 140 million impoverished Russians.

The Ukrainian government does not want a Trump now or in the future (Vivek Ramaswamy) to threaten the massive kickbacks (for the Biden crime organization) in return for vast “donations” from the U.S. military-industrial complex (financed by U.S., not E.U., taxpayers via hyperinflation). Globalist (not U.S.) insiders like Blackrock, mini-me Alex Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, et al., are making big investments for political connections and insider info for the future redistribution of Ukraine. Zelensky has specifically mentioned Blackrock in his blogs to the nation as a key player in the “rebuilding” of Ukraine. A backpacker friend of mine who hates Trump recently praised Buffett for donating money to rebuild a town square.

The Ukrainian peasants have an arrogant confidence in the guaranteed success of E.U. socialism with Ukrainian characteristics (reminds me of my Bulgarian friends in Germany, who assured me 20 years ago that Bulgaria would soon be a flourishing E.U. nation). Yet they know quite well that all those Ukrainian government officials who have always done everything possible to destroy the prosperity of their fellow Ukrainians will never beat their bribery machinery into plowshares. Their bribe-takers’ loved ones will never support the decision of the family bribe winners to join the impoverished private sector. In the 1990s, Russian friends often told me that Russia is corrupt because it's poor. It never occurred to them that Russia was poor because it was corrupt. For their Ukrainian cousins the Biden family crimes are a model of success.

Post-war Russia

The second payback from this war will be a weakened Russia that will slowly become either (1) a halfway normal nation or (2) a resurgent expansionist kleptocracy. In either case Russia will have a much better military. Don’t be so quick to assume which Russia would be better for America. Option (2) might provide crucial help in keeping socialist Western democracies from destroying themselves. An anti-E.U., anti-W.E.F. Russia would be a real nation with borders, not a collection of dying dinosaur mini-states that are doormats for replacement immigrant hordes. An anchor in a sea of chaos. Crazier things have happened.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, the E.U. Ukrainians will forget the America that saved them from the war that an expansionist European NATO started (and could not end). Their true heroes are their future fellow E.U. client states, their E.U. overlords, and the globalist white knights in shining armor that will magically make them rich. Zelensky has specifically called for immigration to jumpstart the nation after the war to replace lost Ukrainian workers (emigrated, dead, or disabled). Ukraine is a dying nation whose population in 2021 was 21% less than in 1993. It’s now 31% (!) less than in 1993. Many, if not most, of the emigrants won’t come back to the corruption and poverty (besides, the government has much better plans for Ukrainian land than giving it back to its own people).

Think I am exaggerating? Read this article from a couple of days about how the Ukrainian military/government abuse their disabled vets. The disabled vet described in this article survives on $54/month. Mini-me Soros, Buffet,  Blackrock, are any of them helping these heroes?

This war is not about saving the Ukrainian people from their worst enemy (their own government). It’s about doing to them what is being done to the American heartland. It’s about creating another “Open (for plunder) Society” (by thugs living in ultra-exclusive societies). The goal is the destruction of the middle class, population replacement, and the rapid enrichment of globalist multi-national corporate fascist thugs, who will have one more client state in their arsenal to destroy the America I grew up in. The Russians, for all their many many faults, will shake their heads in disbelief at the foolishness of the America that their parents/grandparents very much admired (even during the Soviet era), while the E.U./W.E.F. Ukrainians will cheer on our self-destruction.

Image: Valdemar Fishmen, via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

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