The Dems' Big Lie

'The big lie' is the phrase Democrats ironically have chosen to hang onto Trump's unwillingness to accept his 2020 election 'loss.'  Why is this choice ironic?  Two reasons.  First, Democrats also don't accept election results.  Second, Democrats lie.

First, Democrats, in 2004, challenged George W. Bush's victory by citing false and baseless conspiracy theories about voting machines.  They defend Hillary Clinton's refusal to accept her loss in 2016 based on a conspiracy theory that Russians stole her election.  Stacey Abrams continues to deny election result because of, she claims, a massive behind-the-scenes conspiracy to prevent blacks from voting.  Lying Democrats have attempted to block the election of every Republican presidential victor since 2000.

Second, lies are essential for Democrat success.  They'll therefore continue to push lies, misrepresentations, disinformation, and propaganda. For example:

1.  Biden says he created 13 million jobs.  However, Nick Short, director of Claremont Institute Communications, said, "72% of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation.  Prior to the pandemic, job creation under Trump was 6.7 million -- 3 million more jobs than the current President."

2.  Biden says he reduced the deficit.  During a speech in West Columbia, South Carolina touting his administration's economic policies, Biden claimed he had reduced the federal government's budget deficit by $1.7 trillion since taking office.  "And by the way, parenthetically, I want you to hear about the deficit. I cut the deficit $1.7 trillion in two years.  Nobody's ever done that -- cut the debt $1.7 [trillion]."

3.  Alejandro Mayorkas said that the southern border is secure -- even as Border Patrol agents are facing historic migrant numbers.

4.  House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat Whip Katherine Clark, Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar and Vice Chair Ted Lieu issued a lie that claims neo-Nazis are armed to the teeth and marching in America' streets.  The obvious insinuation is that Republicans are aware of dangerous right-wing extremists in their communities and do nothing to stop them.  The problem is, they neglected to say where this is happening. 

Jeffries, et al, continued, "The racist shooting in Jacksonville is the inevitable consequence of reckless public officials who coddle right-wing extremists, whitewash painful parts of our history and flood our communities with weapons of war."  Yet they somehow forget that Democrats' equity-focused criminal justice policies in the cities where Democrats govern, New York to Chicago to San Francisco, aren't working out so well. 

Those who lost their lives to a white supremacist in Jacksonville deserve better than an unsubstantiated statement, an out-and-out lie, from deranged Democrat hacks with nothing constructive to offer except attacking their political opponents while they turn a blind eye to violence promulgated by their progressive law enforcement policies.  Daily shootings in Democrat-run cities are collateral damage they ignore.  They do little or nothing to stop the shootings except provide excuses for policies that only make matters worse.  They continue to promote the lie that guns or assault rifles with high-capacity magazines are the culprits.

5. Their current 'big lie' is that Bidenomics is working.  The joke who currently occupies the Bully Pulpit says that it's the greatest thing he has done for the financial well-being of Americans.  Biden's definition of 'working' has resulted in inflation: prices have increased 16.6% since he took office.  Food is up 20%, gasoline is up 43%, and electricity is up 25%.  Inflation has cost the average American family over $8,400 annually.  And don't forget higher interest rates that affect home and car loans, the increase of credit card debt, increasing withdrawals from retirement accounts, as well as record numbers of housing and car loan defaults

Sure, inflation has fallen the last months, but the damage has been done -- prices, as measured by the CPI, have not fallen.  Add to that the fact that real wages have decreased 3% since he took office.   They've increased a whopping 1.01% since July of 2022, so technically the net raise is not, since then, a lie.  But Biden doesn't proclaim that figure when he claims Bidenomics is working.

And Biden touts the low unemployment rate (3.8%), but fails to mention the low labor force participation rate of 62.5%, well under the pre-pandemic high.  Low unemployment rates are partly due to the reduced size of the labor force and aren't indicative of a strong economy.

So 'Bidenomics Is Working' is a 'big lie.'  According to Chris Talgo, "Although Biden and Harris would like you to believe that Bidenomics is some kind of economic miracle that has substantially improved the lives of the middle and working classes, the evidence says otherwise."

6. Democrats lie by placing emphasis on race and genetics.  They claim to select the best person for each job.  That's a lie.  Democrats are actually proud of this practice.  White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre boasted, "The cabinet is majority people of color for the first time in history.  The cabinet is majority female for the first time in history.  A majority of White House senior staff identify as female.  Forty percent of White House senior staff identify as part of the racially diverse communities, and a record seven assistants to the president are openly LGBTQ+."  Democrats even have this practice in their party platform: "We will appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges who look like America..." [emphasis mine]  Democrats place more importance upon what people are or look like than on what they can do.

7. Democrats are now pushing their own 'Big Lie.'  Democrats and many in the media are saying something similar to Trump by claiming changing state laws are an effort to steal coming elections.  As Jonathan Turley said, "Now it is the Democrats and some in the media who are declaring a 'plot to steal' the 2024 election due to electoral changes in red states." What's most amazing is how these lies have nothing to do with the actual laws themselves, but are based entirely upon repetition.  When Biden has attempted to provide specifics, he has lied and received 'Pinocchios' from Washington Post fact-checkers.  For example, he has repeatedly lied about the Georgia election law, which he described as 'Jim Crow on steroids,' saying it sought to reduce voting hours.  The changes to the election law actually did the opposite.

I'm certain you can think of other 'big lies' Democrats tell.

Bottom line: Democrats lie.  They have to.  Otherwise, American voters would see through their idiotic policies and they, Democrats and their policies, wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of success.

Image: DNC

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