Ruling Regime Locks Up George Washington

A Missouri man walked into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, dressed as George Washington.  He caused no damage, engaged in no violence, and was even recorded peacefully speaking with police before leaving.  For daring to dress as America's pre-eminent Founding Father and symbolically rebuking our corrupt ruling class, Isaac Yoder was surveilled for seven months, eventually arrested, fined, and sentenced to a year in prison.  Welcome to the Imprisoned States of America, where patriotic love of country is condemned and political persecution flourishes.  

At a time when the Biden regime is trying to imprison President Donald Trump for the rest of his life, Yoder's story seems particularly poignant.  If the American War for Independence were being fought today, there is no doubt that the D.C. despots squeezing the life out of the American people would enthusiastically take sides with the British.  As soon as dishonest and nefarious lawmakers, police officers, prosecutors, and judges decided to treat the J6 protest against election fraud as an "insurrection," the miscreants who imperiously occupy D.C. made clear that they have fully rejected both the spirit and the principles of 1776. 

If Americans cannot assemble to petition their government for redress of grievances without fear of being labeled "insurrectionists" or "terrorists," then there is no First Amendment protection remaining.  If the American press corps can stand back and watch this political persecution unfold for years without being bothered to point out the deceitfulness in portraying an unarmed crowd of ordinary citizens as engaging in "rebellion," then there is no institutional organ outside government extant to fight today's oppression.  It makes sense that Mr. Yoder would be targeted for especial FBI harassment; if George Washington, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison were alive today, the FBI would be busy hunting them down, too.  Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, Merrick Garland, and Mitt Romney would be calling them "traitors."  And the news media would be breathlessly reporting about how our Founding Fathers' fight for liberty is really about their love for slavery and the "patriarchy." 

Joe Biden joins Russia's Putin, Nicaragua's Ortega, Venezuela's Maduro, Brazil's Lula, China's Xi, Iran's Khamenei, and Turkey's Erdoğan as another twenty-first-century tyrant with no qualms about locking up his political opponents.  There was a time when both the elected officers and the entrenched bureaucracy in the United States would have universally condemned foreign leaders for their efforts to undermine freedom of speech, dissent, and political self-determination abroad; now it is the United States that follows the example of the world's worst authoritarians.  And just as every brutal dictator proclaims that he faithfully serves "the people," America's ruling regime will continue to insist that its illiberal displays of force, rampant censorship, and political targeting are all necessary to "protect our democracy."

Across language and geography, ruling regimes throughout history have used a strikingly similar label to demonize their political adversaries: "disloyally affected person."  The British used the term to lock up members of the Irish Republican Army.  Both Lenin and Mao used the phrase to justify mass executions of anti-communists.  Castro's Secret Police used the alleged offense as an excuse to imprison and torture political opponents in Cuba.  Now the U.S. government throws around this spurious charge — disloyalty to the State — as if dissent against the permanent ruling class were the height of criminal activity.

To Americans with any understanding of their own country's history, the federal government's penchant for loyalty oaths and insistence that citizens defer to official authority are deeply disturbing.  America is a nation whose citizens' rights come from God — not the government — and whose Constitution was written to curb the power of government officials and ensure that the American people retain an upper hand.  It is the army of bureaucrats and political parasites who have shown through their words and actions just how disloyal they are to the foundations of American freedom. 

For decades now, the Potomac patricians have breached the plain meaning of the Constitution's contractual language once binding the American people to their chosen government, yet the ruling regime occupying D.C. criminalizes any objections to its tyranny.  It insists on prosecuting any American who reads from the same inspired scripts of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.  It accuses any American who defends his God-given liberties against escalating encroachments of being guilty of "insurrection," "seditious conspiracy," and "disloyalty" to the United States.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the Stasi-esque FBI created several thousand "playing cards" to "identify and surveil" American citizens after the J6 election protest.  For anyone who remembers how the Pentagon used the exact same method to help service members hunt for Saddam Hussein and his government's henchmen during the Iraq War, this revelation is horrendously offensive.  Although the federal government and its loyal lapdogs in the press continue to paint the million or so Americans who showed up in D.C. on January 6, 2021, as "terrorists" intent on "overthrowing the United States," nothing could be further from the truth.  Not only were the vast majority of J6 protesters law-abiding citizens who had never before been arrested, but also a disproportionate percentage had served their country in foreign wars.  

Had the unaccountable Deep State not worked so hard to fraudulently frame the J6 election protest as an "insurrection" (much as they framed President Trump as a Russian spy, transformed Biden's Ukraine bribery scandal into a Trump impeachment, and knowingly deceived the American people by labeling Hunter Biden's "laptop from Hell" as "Russian disinformation"), the event would have been remembered as the largest gathering of military veterans in years (perhaps that fact is what really scared the ruling class).  

How has the U.S. government chosen to thank those veterans for their years of service?  It has spit in the faces of all Americans who put their lives on the line for their nation's security by slapping the images of veterans on the same playing cards used to overthrow Iraq's terror State.  When the D.C. Uniparty chooses to "fight terror" by making terrorists of its war-fighters, nobody should be surprised when fewer heroes stand up to defend the government apparatchiks now destroying the United States.  Those heroes will, however, choose to defend America and Americans from tyranny — a distinction that the bloated bureaucracy and D.C. Deep State should appreciate before it is too late.

Glenn Greenwald, one of the few remaining journalists still interested in pursuing truth despite the dangers to his life, says plainly that one of the principal directives of the Deep State is to "control online political speech" and "banish dissent."  He accuses the Democrat Wing of the Uniparty as being the home of (1) the Intelligence Community, (2) "the union of state and corporate power to censor the internet," (3) neoconservatives, (4) the "corporate class at the expense of the working class," and (5) the propagandists engaged in "deranged disinformation campaigns."  The Biden regime, in other words, sees the American people as threats to the permanent ruling class and de facto "enemies of the State."

Meanwhile, the Republican Wing of the Uniparty sits back and says little, or worse, it condones the government's ongoing campaign of intimidation and incarceration.  If Republicans who hold power in D.C. were truly committed to the principles of America's founding, they would have spent the last three years vehemently condemning the police State's persecution of J6 protesters, the Deep State's continued efforts to destroy Donald Trump, and the Biden regime's portrayal of MAGA voters as "disloyal" Americans.  

Instead of erecting a statue in honor of veteran Ashli Babbitt, the Uniparty promotes her killer.  Then, for good measure, it sends a man dressed as President George Washington to prison.  If that doesn't symbolize the Republic's impending doom, what does?

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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