Republicans Must Impeach Biden

There is a reason the issue of impeaching President Biden has finally come into the spotlight, and it isn’t what you may think. The Republicans have neither the spine nor the skills to pull off an impeachment, even with a teed-up softball like this. Democrats want the threat of impeachment without the impeachment itself, but Republicans can call their bluff.

I often said I would fear being grilled by Trey Gowdy in a congressional hearing. He was excellent at his job and was brutal in cross-examination. But despite all the information and even drop-dead proof he generated, no one has even been charged, much less brought to justice. Big hat, no cattle. No spine.

Add to that Hillary Clinton’s activities that, as James Comey demonstrated during his July 5, 2016, press conference—were egregious and worthy of prison. I was cheering, “Finally!” as I listened, right up until his unexpected statement that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her.

The Republicans have proof that Biden allegedly sold his office (usually to political enemies) for monetary gain. He and his family allegedly avoided paying income taxes on those payments, and running afoul of the IRS is a bigger crime than treason these days. There appears to be enough to impeach and convict him. Does this mean that the Republicans are finally growing a spine, even for a softball served up for them so neatly?

Image: Biden by Andrea Widburg.

Think again. The current Republican investigation is not what it seems, and that’s because of the Democrats.

The Democrats have a problem, which is they cannot let Joe run in 2024. Although impeachment seems like a solution, it’s not. If he were impeached, Kamala Harris would complete Biden’s term as the incumbent (SFX: Sound of ‘hilarity ensuing’). At that point, they can’t try to deep-six her for 2024, because they risk the base condemning them for racism and gender crimes, something that terrifies the left. What to do?

Democrats must wreck Biden politically. His face-saving step will be to announce he is retiring and won’t run due to ‘health reasons.’ If the Democrats have time to find a suitable candidate, it won’t be Harris.

Logic, therefore, shows that it’s the Democrats who are driving and exploiting revelations about Biden’s corruption. As proof, notice that the same media and social media outlets that once silenced this information, and a DOJ that ignored it in the lead-up to the 2020 election, are now helping expose it. Amazingly after three years of aggressive denials, these same outlets and agencies are confirming that Hunter Biden’s laptop is legitimate. Really?

That is why the Republican impeachment threat is a misdirection and doesn’t reflect Republican spinal growth. The Democrats and media control the spigot on what gets attention. The Republicans are just the patsies who can be blamed.

If the Republicans really care about the issue, they must press impeachment now, to force Biden’s resignation before his term ends, making Harris president.

RINOs are appalled at this idea. “What if we are wrong and the evidence doesn’t prove out? It will hurt our credibility.” Question for you. Has that ever stopped the Democrats, whether it’s their Steele Dossier and Russia hoax (now disproved as setups by Democrats), two impeachments (which failed for evidence), or 91 current charges in four cases against Trump?

Democrats play to win, period, and have no sense of shame should they lose, like they did with the January 6 kangaroo court. They don’t even blush; just press harder next time.

Republicans will never win if they don’t match the Democrats brutishness in bringing charges against Biden. Remember Harry Reid’s answer when pressed about his 2012 claims against Mitt Romney not paying taxes that ultimately were disproven? “He didn’t win, did he?

The Democrats need one or two fake moderates to seed the primaries if they hope to win in 2024. Their problem is that, because they protected Biden and kept others out of the spotlight, there are no ‘gravitas’ names now on stage, including Newsom.

It is beginning to appear that Michelle Obama, like a protesting blushing bride, will selflessly agree to take the role ‘for the good of the country.’ This will work, provided they can get Donald Trump tossed for any reason, as they are desperately trying to do.

However, there is a ray of hope for America. We’re seeing people grow some spine at the state and local levels, with a groundswell of conservative activism.

From parents standing together to take back their schools from how Marxist teachers’ unions indoctrinate their kids with CRT and gender grooming; to Florida Governor DeSantis taking on and defeating Disney’s foray into woke politics and the state’s anti-transgender laws; to Texas Governor Greg Abbot and his in-their-face transporting illegals to ‘sanctuary cities’ that make them eat their wokeness; to Arkansas and South Carolina governors announcing that they will not participate in another round of mandatory COVID restrictions, we are seeing that our Founder’s brilliant concept of a federated government, where most power is vested in the states.

States are withdrawing from the centralized administrative state power that D.C. politicians from both parties have constructed over the past 80 years right under our noses. This is the key to reclaiming America from those who merely profit from it.

In the short term, though, D.C. Republicans must grow a spine, and match the Democrats’ political ruthlessness by bringing immediate impeachment charges against President Biden. The people in flyover country have shown how it is done.

Lewis Dovland is a passionate observer of America’s future direction with a focus on exposing the “Big Picture” end goals of the progressive Marxist movement and how we can prevail. Email at

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