Only Israel Stood Against the Butcher of Tehran

The appearance of Ebrahim Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran, at the United Nations underscores even further, if such is possible, the UN’s complete lack of legitimacy as any kind of international organization. “Raisi was a member of Tehran’s ‘Death Commission,’ which oversaw the 1988 massacre” in which thirty thousand people were murdered. He is no better than the Nazis who were hanged after the Nuremberg trials, and hopefully his own people will someday give him the Pierrepoint (not Pierrepont) necktie he deserves. This underscores the need for proper spelling because one little letter is the difference between a fashionable garment and a broken neck. There is ample precedent in the form of what the Italian people finally did when they brought Benito Mussolini to justice.

The fact that the United Nations even invited this depraved enemy of humanity to speak there is disgusting enough as it is, but even more so that the Biden administration admitted him to our country. While the United States must unfortunately allow ambassadors from the world’s worst human rights violators like Russia, Iran, and Communist China inside our borders, it does have the power to declare particularly unsavory individuals persona non grata:

As a legal term, it refers to the practice of a state prohibiting a diplomat from entering the country as a diplomat, or censuring a diplomat already resident in the country for conduct unbecoming of the status of a diplomat.

The values of the United States do not welcome child rapists, terrorists, human traffickers or, in Raisi’s case, torturers of women. Excerpted below is a report on the testimony of a victim, Farideh Goudarzi:

She detailed abuses at the hands of her captors, including Raisi, who she said watched on as she was tortured by being flogged with electric cables in a tiny, blood-splattered room.

When this Dark Age savage says something will cost you an arm and a leg, he means it, literally—Raisi has not put an end to the practice of amputations as punishment. From a Providence Magazine article last year:

President Ebrahim Raisi, who was directly involved in the mass executions of thousands of political prisoners in the 1980s and later served as the head of the Judiciary, declared himself ‘proud’ to use corporal punishment against thieves and burglars. As he put it, ‘thanks to the blessing of the Islamic Revolution, carrying out [such a] divine punishment has been practiced since the establishment of the revolution. It is one of our biggest honors to carry out divine punishment.’

The U.N. has meanwhile degraded itself irremediably by tolerating, until recently, Iran on the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission. This is the same medieval outhouse country, and I am using the family-friendly version of the label President Trump used, that imposes medieval punishments as noted above, for both real and imaginary offenses.

When I say “outhouse country” I am not referring to the people; my own ancestors emigrated from an outhouse country long ago. The Russian Empire, including Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic countries, was an excellent place to be from (but no longer in) if you were a Jew or a Pole. Iran is similarly a great place to be from, especially for women.

The Biden administration should have never allowed this criminal into the United States in the first place, and the fact that it did should be a major talking point in the 2024 election—especially if former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is the Republican nominee. Haley called upon the Biden administration to deny Raisi an entry visa in 2022, and also called for Iran’s removal from a women’s commission:

Having the fanatical Iranian dictatorship sit on a commission focused on women’s rights has always been a joke. It’s even worse with the murder of Mahsa Amini.

When Raisi got up to speak, Biden appointee Linda Thomas-Greenfield, along with the ambassadors from every other civilized nation on the planet had a duty to either get up and walk out, or else turn their backs and remove their headphones so as not to hear one single word this despotic savage had to say; yet, none of them did. They sat there and afforded him respect owed to civilized human beings rather than the enemy of the human species that he is. As matters stand, only Israel’s ambassador, Gilad Erdan, stood up for human rights, women’s rights, and the United Nations’s purported values by holding up a picture of Mahsa Amini and then walking around the auditorium, for all to see.

Rudyard Kipling’s The Drums of the Fore and Aft is about an inexperienced and undisciplined British regiment that runs from the enemy during a battle in Afghanistan. Two other regiments, one Scottish and the other Gurkha, wanted to fight but the “Fore and Aft” ran away. The disgraced regiment’s two drummer boys, however, stood in the open alone and played The British Grenadiers, successfully rallying the fugitives:

The Fore and Aft were pouring out of the valley. What officers had said to men in that time of shame and humiliation will never be known; for neither officers nor men speak of it now.

The two boys were then killed by the first enemy volley, but they had done their work:

Half the men had seen the drummers die, and they made no sign. They did not even shout. They doubled out straight across the plain in open order, and they did not fire. …The Fore and Aft held their fire till one bullet could drive through five or six men, and the front of the Afghan force gave on the volley.

Erdan, of course, did not have to sacrifice his life to set a similar example, but anybody who claims to support human rights should now be similarly ashamed to not follow it. This includes the numerous women’s and gender studies departments that bash Israel on a routine basis, but none of which apparently showed up to protest against Raisi. The next time they open their blattering pie holes, we need to ask them publicly where they were when Israel stood up for human rights, which of course includes women and the “gender” dysphoric. The same goes for Israel-bashing Middle East Studies departments, and of course every single European Union government, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States itself. Erdan shamed us all and, if we want to retain any respect for ourselves, we now need to follow his example. As Kipling concluded his story:

But some say, and among these be the Gurkhas who watched on the hillside, that that battle was won by Jakin and Lew, whose little bodies were borne up just in time to fit two gaps at the head of the big ditch-grave for the dead under the heights of Jagai.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way. He or she is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to “cancel culture” for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

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