Of Course Public Offices Are for Sale

Joe Biden's corruption is outdone only by the mainstream media's commitment to hide it from the public.  Why propagandists posing as journalists would feel the need to continue covering for China Joe and his quid-pro-quo mafia family is a mystery (although reporters are so addicted to censoring truth and spreading disinformation that they probably don't know how to behave differently).  To be sure, the public has known about the Biden Crime Family's notorious racketeering activities for decades.  

When a lifetime politician supposedly living on a "public servant's" salary becomes filthy rich, no thinking person has difficulty understanding that corruption is somehow involved.  In Joe's case, the corruption is remarkable, perhaps, because it has always been so brazen.  He has not simply become wealthy by using insider knowledge from closed-door committee hearings to effect profitable trades on the stock market (the standard form of corruption endemic in D.C.); instead, he sends family members all over the world to collect checks from foreign companies and hostile countries in return for his continued patronage within the halls of the federal government.  

No doubt many venal American politicians play the same shady game (after all, there sure are a lot of Congress-critters who enter office destitute and exit office as millionaires), but the Biden Crime Family's particular brand of in-your-face extortion really takes the cake.  When his crackhead son Hunter is awarded a lucrative seat on a corporate board in Ukraine or receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, it is not because he is an expert in paying for sex, drugs, and other shameful degradations.  It is because he has been taught how to collect bribes from foreign foes in return for his father's promises to look out for their interests.

The mainstream media spent years trying to pretend that every Trump-owned property was really a front for enriching his family from secret special interests.  The partisan press were dead wrong, as always, but that did not stop them from pushing a narrative that President Trump (who took no salary for his service) was somehow using his office for personal financial gain.  In contrast, the evidence that Biden has used his various offices for pecuniary benefit is overwhelming.  In emails, witness testimony, and bank account histories, the Biden Crime Family's business of extracting and laundering bribes is easy for any ordinary American to see.  Faced with such blinding corruption, however, the "expert" class now hilariously claims to see nothing.

In the press-titutes' defense, though, they are lobbying Democrats pretty hard right now for more kickbacks from the government's money-printing gravy train to keep their "profession" financially afloat.  It is quite difficult to bite the hand that feeds you.  It is even more difficult to excoriate a politician as a corrupt pig when you are feeding from the same trough.

It is also difficult for members of Congress to question why foreign governments hand members of Joe Biden's family bags of cash for undisclosed services when their own families are often the beneficiaries of similarly questionable foreign payments.  Perhaps John Kerry and Mitt Romney would have found it more peculiar for a mediocre man such as Hunter Biden to sit on the corporate board of a Ukrainian gas company had they not also had associates doing the same thing.  The truth is that only a national government as universally corrupt as ours could feign ignorance about the Biden Crime Family's sordid history.

When House speaker Kevin McCarthy finally got around to initiating an impeachment inquiry into Chinese Puppet Joe Biden, he somehow managed to keep a straight face while claiming that America's "public offices are not for sale."  Really?  That must come as a bit of a shock to all the people who regularly purchase them.  

Most of our overseas ambassadors hold their prestigious positions not because they are adept diplomats with years of experience under their belts, but rather because they have been longtime supporters of the president and generous party donors.  Cushy cabinet jobs often go to political cronies, competitors cajoled into selling their support, or Mitch McConnell's wife.  The ranks of the federal Judiciary are filled with ideological partisans whose nominations to the bench coincidentally followed years of maxing out campaign contribution limits to lawmakers sitting on powerful committees.  Presidential candidates raise hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars from aristocratic families, corporations, unions, and special interests of every kind — all of whom expect a certain return on their investments.  Even high-ranking members of the military sell their honor, dignity, and pride by begging for professional advancement in return for their slavish allegiance to "transgender" fantasies, "climate change" fanaticism, racial indoctrination, and other "woke," politically correct delusions.  Want to be an admiral or general?  If the Pentagon's lockstep support for drag queens and abortion on demand says anything, it is this: there's always a price.  

The truth is that the federal government is now the largest money-laundering operation in the world.  The Federal Reserve (a private bank posing as a government agency) prints money that allows Congress to spend more than it confiscates from the public in taxes.  Congress uses this funny money to choose "winners" and "losers" in the economy.  If you're Solyndra or some other Green New Deal company that sells "global warming" fear-mongering for a living, your otherwise uneconomic business model is rewarded with government spending.  Those "winners" return the favor by filling up the politicians' campaign war chests and family "charities."  Federal agencies then regulate hydrocarbon energy competitors out of business, so that the "winners" can launder even more money back to the political bureaucracy — lather, rinse, repeat!

The same thing happened with COVID.  The Centers for Disinformation and Control created mass public hysteria over a flu-like coronavirus.  The pharmaceutical companies used that hysteria to sell experimental injections labeled as "vaccines."  Congress allocated billions of dollars to buy their product.  Government agencies unethically coerced the public to use them, in reckless disregard of potential side-effects and long-term harms.  Obamacare-controlled hospitals and doctors were bribed to do the government's bidding.  And the pharmaceutical companies rewarded the government by laundering some of their ill-gotten gains back into the politicians' and government scientists' pockets.

Why should the Pentagon worry about leaving a hundred billion dollars of military equipment in Afghanistan when that gift to the Taliban only means that American defense companies will have new orders to fill?  For that matter, why should a diplomatic solution in Ukraine ever be sought when the endless killing means endless military contracts?  Ukraine should just be renamed BlackRock because the war will continue until one or two multinational investment houses have managed to buy up the wreckage for peanuts.  Ukraine will be remembered as a nation that died while being led by a comedian who is too daft to comprehend that his homeland is being stripped for parts and divvied up among the globe's financial elite.

What happens if the American public calls out all this rampant corruption?  Why, the Marxist globalists in control of the federal government just send out the left's Antifa shock troops to burn down cities and threaten Americans into compliance.  As 2020's summer of mass destruction proved, government-sanctioned domestic terrorists are not only celebrated but also rewarded with payouts should local police get in their way.  Leftist nonprofits pay for violence that the government seeks, and politicians reward those nonprofits with government spending.  And should American victims object, the Federal Bureau of Intimidation pays a visit.  

When you think about it, only someone as corrupt as Joe Biden could sit atop a federal government as corrupt as ours.  The Biden Crime Family would not exist if America's institutions did not openly support crime.

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