Medical Tyranny and the Weapon of Disbelief

We have heard from medical authorities like the CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS that Covid mRNA vaccines are safe and effective; yet there are others explaining that they are very dangerous insofar as they have produced cardiac complication issues like myocarditis, pericarditis, and myocardial infarction. We’ve been told that they are safe for children; but others say that they destroy young immune systems.  What’s worse, we’ve learned that some physicians, scientists, and directors of huge health organizations knew of negative consequences attached to their proposals well in advance of their implementation.

The list of contradictions related to things like vaccines, injuries, deaths, and global welfare is long indeed. But for the hard-working person who prefers to spend more time tending to his or her work and family, and who is not directly involved with these wretched entanglements, there is little on which to rely.  One of the things appealed to in times of such cognitive dissonance is the belief that such wicked intention and horrible malevolence lies outside of reality.

Unfortunately, not only can such beliefs lead to personal and social harm, but it’s also just one aspect of how tyrants get away with what they do.

In the 1989 film Music Box, a Hungarian immigrant named Michael Laszlo stands accused of war crimes whereby he sadistically murdered, raped, and tortured countless Hungarian Jews, Roma, and gentiles as the dreaded “Mishka.”  His daughter and personal lawyer in the case, Ann Talbot, naturally doesn’t believe any of it.  Laszlo claims that he is being framed by the Hungarian Communist party and secret police.

But Ann ultimately learns the truth after the judge dismisses the prosecution’s case. Steeped in sorrow and livid with anger, she tells him that she never wants to see him again and neither will her son.  In response, Laszlo defiantly and assuredly tells her, “Mikey is not going to believe you.  Nobody is going to believe you.  They’re going to say you are crazy.

Laszlo manages to hide behind the façade of being a good grandpapa who has supplied love, attention, and security to his grandson.  But therein lies the context within which the tyrant manages to deceive, misguide, and evade justice.

In our world today, how can it be that those who hold lofty titles related to health and societal betterment be so careless, thoughtless, sinister, ruthless, or cruel?  Many would agree that most people simply do not behave like criminals.  Of course, there are some.  But they usually are not individuals we would expect to behave so with their multiple degrees and numerous accolades, endowments and fancy titles. Yet, upon closer inspection, we find it is precisely such individuals and their links to powerful institutions like medical bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, international agencies, along with the help of the media, who are behind such painful distributions of malice.  Something very serious is going on here.

Contradictions and malintent abound.  For instance, the narrative was that no one is safe until everyone is vaccinated.  But the lethality of the virus is 1000 times less in the young than in the elderly with multiple comorbidities.  There is also evidence of fraud related to clinical trials and  data fraud with respect to non-covid mortality rates when comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated (at 02:45).  Statisticians have exposed how data fraud has also hidden the toxicity of the vaccines.  Also, it was known early on that the PCR test was an inappropriate tool to detect any Covid threat but Tony Fauci, the CDC, FDA, NIH, and the WHO all promoted it.  Known and effective treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin were denounced as inviable treatments.  And just recently, Japanese scientists found that Covid-19 and all of the variants are laboratory creations.  The list goes on.

The tyrant—whether due to psychopathy, sociopathology, the obsessive need for control of others, or the wicked interplay of all of the above—manages to continue to press on and even get away with such actions due to a web of interrelated factors.  Certainly, the imposition of immobilizing fear, in many of its forms, and the complicity of mainstream media keeping the broad populace ignorant and out of touch play a strong influential role.  But so too does the quiet reliance upon the outrageousness and disbelief of the notion that such evil acts have taken place, or are even possible to take place.  In fact, it is precisely from such assumptions that the expression “conspiracy theory” gets its force.  It was cooked up after the JFK assassination to quell the voices of disbelief.  It suggests that the opposing view is ridiculous, exaggerated, and unrealistic, and that the goodness of persons or agencies attacked remain sound.  Therefore, the answer was NO… the protective and good CIA had nothing to do with Kennedy’s assassination; it was Oswald’s bullets, nothing more.

The tyrant, medical or otherwise, obviously has his weapons.  But so do we.

Those who seek control and great power over the population are not going to admit that they have done wrong as it would impede their grand agenda.  But they must be held accountable if we are to have any peace.  And underlying accountability are truth and courage, which remain the dagger and shield against tyranny. To avoid truth or to reconcile without it is to collude with the wrong.  To enact the courage to journey with truth is to protect and advance what we have achieved, the loss of which is sure to pass without it—not to mention our personal freedom.  Our goodness is consistent with fighting.  There is no other way.

Of course, our weapons come with costs like the fear of retribution, loss of our jobs, and the fear of existing as some contemptible outcast. But living with the lie or going along to get along with what we know is morally repugnant also has the injurious effect of weakening us in the long-run, as rejecting the necessary courage may surface again, causing deeper wounds.  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s reminder in his essay, Live Not By Lies, is quite appropriate: Lies are like parasites. “They can only survive when attached to a person.

Near the end of the film and after the judge’s dismissal of the case, Ann manages to retrieve a pawned item—a music box—at the suggestion of the sister of a military associate of her father. Alone in her car it plays a pretty tune upon opening the box.  But it does something else.  Slowly and eerily it unscrolls black and white photographs of sadistic crimes at the hands of the fascist Iron Cross commander, Michael Laszlo—the dreaded “Mishka”—Ann’s father.  Ann undergoes the deep, painful anguish one can easily understand upon witnessing such evidence.  However, she ultimately does the right thing and mails the photographs and negatives, the truth, to the prosecuting attorney. We can assume that this was the beginning of the end for “Mishka.”

For us, there has been and will continue to be terrible news in the form of revealed actions and intentions of medical tyrants, medical bureaucracies and international agencies, especially during what is probably the most important and determining coming election in U.S. history.

What will we believe?  How will we respond?  

Victor Fernandez is a former Logic/Philosophy of Science adjunct and retired math teacher.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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