Indecent Exposure

The oldest historical evidence of so-called homosexuality is probably the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah found in the Jewish Bible which heavenly shower of sulfur and brimstone G-d gets Abraham to witness. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that the temptation to engage in perverse behavior there is as old as civilization and thus part of the human condition. The question, then, is how to deal with it.

Think of the Ten Commandments given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Those words say that people must not engage in certain behaviors (e.g., disrespecting parents, lying, stealing, adultery, murder). Seventy percent of the Ten Commandments are negatives: “Thou shalt not…” do these specified things even though you will want to.

The same holds true for the prohibition against male-to-male sodomy, as well as for all the other behaviors hiding behind the letters LGBT-etc. which are used today to camouflage the perverse misuse of the body and its organs of reproduction and elimination that they stand for. For example, the correct name for today’s “gays” used to be sodomites, for it is that behavior that distinguishes these men.

Homosexuality is not about love between people of the same sex but behavior. The “gays” have no monopoly on love between men. For example, there is love between soldiers, for their comrades-in-arms cry when they are killed, which love never included any desire for physical contact with the bodily utilities of the other.

Image: Gay Pride parade. Public domain.

So, since there is no hope of eradicating perversions, one still has the right to regulate them. Normal men find homosexual behavior disgusting (versus those addicts who do not, one of the symptoms of the psychopathology). And by “regulate,” I mean confine the activity to the private sphere which is normal anyway when it comes to using these body parts.

Think of a public toilet in an airport terminal. There, the toilets are separated by walls and doors serving absolutely no engineering or aesthetic purpose whatsoever. They are there in the service of human psychology, which wants privacy when answering nature’s calls, among the least pleasant of human activities.

Likewise, as the normal conjugal embrace between a husband and wife is conducted in private, so should manifestations of sexual deviance be taboo in the public square, including even discussing them. Indeed, it used to be that way. Prior to the lunatic 1960s, sexual deviance was never in the news as it is constantly these days.

It was a much better and nicer time before the sexual explosion of that demonic decade when the Rolling Stones sang “Sympathy for the Devil”; the Pill changed male-female relations as never before since the Garden of Eden; and women began to disdain motherhood and aspired to be men. Hillary Clinton once said she wanted to be an astronaut and sneered at baking cookies for children and a husband.

This is when women started wearing pants (prohibited in the Bible, Deut. 22:5) and patronizing en masse  “unisex” barber shops; when killing babies in the womb after a night of carnal pleasure became kosher and a huge business supported by the federal government, including the ghoulish selling of the slain baby’s body parts; and we saw the verbal camouflage of “gay sex” taking the place of sodomy and related “perversions.” (The latter itself is a word now politically incorrect, even politically illegal in the extreme.)

The rape/violation of the differences between the sexes led to the utter insanity of inventing an imaginary organ called “gender,” which is just more verbal camouflage for the common fantasy of being the opposite sex that becomes addictive in some people. This sexual shipwreck also led to the madness of teaching children they can be whatever “gender” they want.

To be sure, consenting adults in private should always be allowed to do what they want to do; there is a limit to the ability of society to control private behavior.

But this should not prevent a school system from teaching that these behaviors, in particular the male homosexual ones, are medically contraindicated, unhygienic, and potentially injurious to the body. The AIDS epidemic was spread by homosexual orgies, thousands of anonymous men exchanging bodily fluids with thousands of anonymous men. So far, 40 million are dead worldwide, a disease far more lethal than COVID-19.

The collapse of sexual morality also produced today’s polluted speech in which yesterday’s curse words, so many of them having to do with the reproductive and evacuation capabilities of the human anatomy (which is why they are also called “dirty words”) now pepper common speech and conversation.

Popular entertainment has long been in the toilet. Hollywood screenwriters today for cable TV and public movie houses seem to sprinkle every line of dialogue as never before, with variations of the dirtiest words in the English language especially the “f” word, which not coincidently, when used, is commonly used in an angry and ugly way. That hostile usage isn’t an accident, for what is the most God-like behavior among men and women than the creation of a human being, just like G-d.

In a recent House Oversight Committee session on corruption, one of the whistle-blowers, we were told, was “gay,” which had nothing to do with the matter at hand. Why must we be told in public what someone does with his private parts?

So, please, all you LGBT-ers; confine your addictions to the anti-natural abuse of your body to the closet. It was a better society then, before sexual deviance became not only a social but a societal malignancy.

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