Hillary Is Back

Sheeee's baaaaack!  Yes, America's cold sore, Hillary Clinton, is back in the news.  She's hoping the newly resurrected Clinton Global Initiative (the fake charity but real influence-peddling operation that temporarily closed its doors while being investigated for engaging in pay-to-play fraud) can make a financial killing off all the real killing going on in Ukraine.

CGI is ready to help the widowed, orphaned, and suffering people of Ukraine by collecting large sums of money that will go a long way to supporting the Clintons' lavish lifestyles.  What remains of their tax-free charitable "services" can then be distributed among their army of cronies desperate for an easy payday.

Keeping the Clintons and their friends in the upper class doesn't come cheaply.  Hillary might have time to pose for a few pictures with those left injured and homeless...that is, if she's not bogged down avoiding Russian gunfire as she jaunts around in a private jet or too busy accepting some award for her selfless heroics.  She also might be preoccupied fighting "climate change," though — so no promises, Ukrainian orphans!  The planet must come first!  Rest assured: the Clinton Global Grift will eventually find some spare change and old blankets to hand out.  Otherwise, Bill and Hill might be accused of exploiting Ukraine's most needy for profit.

Hillary's also warning that Putin will likely interfere in America's 2024 election — no doubt a Deep State talking point being regurgitated to justify the insertions of inveterate liars John Brennan and James Clapper into their Department of Homeland Security roles as "disinformation experts" with authority over determining which kinds of political speech will be censored (i.e., any speech helpful to President Trump and harmful to the Democrat-led Uniparty).  Isn't putting John Brennan on a "disinformation" committee after he manipulated the last two presidential elections by first pushing the Russia Hoax and then fraudulently labeling Hunter Biden's "laptop from Hell" as "Russian disinformation" a lot like putting former CIA director Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission to investigate President Kennedy's assassination?  It sure seems as if the Intelligence Community learned some time ago that the best way to cover up their crimes is to make sure that they are the ones charged with discovering them.  

Apart from bilking poor Ukrainians and pushing for commie John Brennan to censor Americans, Hillary is also still blaming her 2016 election loss on Russian interference.  If this had been an NBC sitcom entitled How I Lost the Presidency, it would have gotten stale and stupid by its second season.  Going into its eighth season feels as if we're watching some humorless drunk stumble around the soundstage mumbling, "But why didn't...hiccup...they print mail-in ballots for me like they did Joe?  Everyone's out to get me, that's why, even my own party."  This whole act stopped being funny right around the time that the West Wing cast spent a month begging the Electoral College to ignore the 2016 election results and vote in Hillary regardless.  Can you imagine if the crew from Duck Dynasty had done something like that after 2020?  They'd all be rotting right now in Merrick Garland's D.C. Gitmo because the only real privilege alive and kicking today is leftist privilege.

Anyway, HRC's pity-party theatrics do an excellent job of reminding everyone that the same tyrants who continue to imprison J6 protesters for denying the legitimacy of 2020's mail-in-ballot-tainted election results are the very hypocrites who still insist 2016 was stolen by the Russian boogeyman.  That so many politically partisan federal judges can vilify unfairly persecuted defendants in their courtrooms as "threats to democracy" after having swallowed Hillary's Russia Hoax hook, line, and sinker themselves just proves how cemented two-tiered "justice" now is within these Divided States.  According to her lobotomized followers (some of whom don black robes and swing gavels at the innocent for sport), questioning the 2016 election is "patriotic," but questioning the 2020 "selection" is "insurrectionist."  Making sense of that logic is like General Milley believing that men in dresses intimidate our enemies.  When you're woke-stupid, only the initiated can understand.

It sure is convenient when the criminal justice system locks up Hillary's political opponents for speech violations while letting her friends burn down cities and walk away.  It's even more convenient when the FBI lets her destroy subpoenaed evidence of criminal activity (including smashing BlackBerry devices with hammers) without suffering any repercussions, while the same Fascist Bureau of Intimidation railroads the man who beat her in 2016 on manufactured charges that it would never dare pursue against an Obama, Biden, Bush, or Clinton.  The Deep State protects Antifa domestic terrorists while locking up American patriots.  It protects coup plotters Hillary and Brennan while aiding and assisting in their criminal enterprise.  Being anti–Antifa's crime racket makes you a criminal.  Being anti-election-rigging makes you an "enemy of the State."  That says everything you need to know about the federal government's illegitimacy today.

One thing is certain: Hillary's return to the public eye is an evil harbinger of worse things.  She has always been a bitter, hateful, congenital liar.  She has spent her career stealing from taxpayers, abusing her undeserved privileges, and grasping for power by shamelessly dividing Americans against one another.  Wherever her attention lingers — inner cities, Haiti, Libya, Ukraine — further suffering is certain, as whatever financial assistance promised for others always ends up squirreled away in Clinton-controlled bank accounts.  As a testament to her rotten character, no sooner has she fleeced one community before she has moved on to the next — much like a malicious traveling circus hustling unsuspecting locals of their hard-earned savings in return for stale peanuts and suffering.  She is this century's Typhoid Mary, except Hillary always makes sure to get paid for spreading the Clinton disease.

Still, no matter how lucrative her grift, it is obvious that she remains empty, poor, and miserable.  Even though she takes so much from so many, she still appears to have nothing of value.  She is perpetually alone, cursed, and angry — fully aware that she will be remembered first and foremost as the incompetent candidate who is so despised by her countrymen that she lost the presidency to a political novice running with a skeleton campaign staff and a shoestring budget.  No doubt her gravestone will read: "Would Have Been President, if Not for the Russians, Misogyny, and the Dumb Deplorables."  Surely a great many Deplorables will make the trek to find her final resting place and pay their condolences.

Hillary, the notorious drunk who collapsed outside a 9/11 memorial ceremony and had to be tossed into a Secret Service van like a side of beef.  Hillary, the charlatan so aware of her own mediocrity that she claims she was named in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary's summiting of Mt. Everest — a feat the famed explorer accomplished after she was born.  Hillary, the petty thief so trashy that she absconded with the White House china after Bill's scandalous presidency finally came to an end.  Hillary, the traitor who used a private, unsecured, and hacked server to store Top Secret information and then used the FBI like a personal escort service to frame her political opponent as a Russian spy.  Hillary, a detestable excuse for a woman who has been responsible for so much pain and misery and who habitually finds someone else to blame for her sins.

How many more decades must Americans endure this vile political hack who long ago wore out her stay?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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