Was New York’s 2022 General Election Valid?

I have a reason for hope, for all of America. Our founders defined a profound national identity for us to be and become, in our Declaration of Independence.

They said:

1. We are created beings, living in a miraculous world.

2. Each of our unique lives is equally significant in the eyes of our Creator.

3. No government can claim authority over us as long as we adhere to the laws we consent to be governed by.

They also provided a toolkit for maintaining this national identity.

Right now we need to be looking in that toolkit for every peaceable remedy to defeat the adversary that clearly intends to destroy our families, our lives, and our future. One of those tools is called election law. What can we prove, right now, that every American can understand and agree upon?

I am a homeschool mother and dairy goat farmer in the state of New York.

After the 2020 election, I founded New York Citizens Audit, a miraculous grassroots team of over 2,000 New Yorkers that has spent tens of thousands of hours analyzing New York’s voter rolls and election law. The most stunning fact we discovered is that New York’s 2020 general election was certified as accurate with 338,000 more votes counted than voters who voted.

338,000 votes are simply unaccounted for. No one knows who cast them. That number should be zero.

We examined our findings against the standard for a valid election. The law is stringent, because the accuracy of our elections is what secures our government by consent. In fact, elections are part of our critical national security infrastructure.

So, what is the legal standard an election must meet, in order to be certified?

1. The voter rolls must be accurate.

2. Votes cast must be from eligible voters.

3. The number of votes counted must equal the number of voters who voted.

4. The maximum number of ballots in error, for a valid federal election, is 1/125,000 (see 3.2.1).

The law does not recognize “honest mistakes” when it comes to safe-guarding our individual sovereignty. Elections in America are accurate, or they are invalid.

When officials certify an election, they are attesting personally and officially to the accuracy and compliance of that election. If the election has wavered from the law, they can’t sign it as meeting the law. That would be a violation of our guaranteed civil right to choose our representatives. They have to investigate.

In August of 2021, NY Citizens Audit began examining copies of county and state voter roll databases, obtained directly from the boards of elections. Our 2020 report, describing what we found that looked like clear violations of election law, was provided in May of 2022 to officials across New York, six months before the 2022 election.

Now we are announcing that we have completed our report on the 2022 election, and are submitting our conclusions to the Department of Justice, FBI, and our state officials, with further factual evidence of gross election procedure misconduct and inaccuracies that were all certified as accurate.

Here’s what we’ve learned. We are diving into math and data, so roll up your sleeves. I learned all this because I love America and I realized my help was needed. If I can learn it you can too, I promise.

Our first standard in question is: are the NY voter rolls accurate?

Here are about 5 million of the seemingly invalid and illegal registrations we found. At the top is “counterfeit registrants.” These are new registrations based on a particular voter who already has a record in the database. So now we have two or more unique voters who are really the same. Every one of these appears to be contrary to federal and state laws. If you want to know which laws, read our 2022 report, “The Reign of Error.”

We have 1.5 million “purged with no purge date.” When you are purged, there is no legal way to vote. When a purged registration has voted, and there’s no purge date, no human being alive knows if the vote was cast before or after the purge. This creates an opening for fraudulent votes. That’s why the law says there must be a purge date.

We have a mysterious category, “purged records that were never active.” These registrations were created with no ability to cast a vote. All 700,000 of these are an entry point for fraud and could be used for nefarious purposes; that’s why they are illegal.

You might be thinking, “It doesn’t matter unless they voted, or unless the votes would have made a difference.” Federal law disagrees with you. False registration is a serious crime, because it allows false votes. But it must be litigated apart from election challenges.

Speaking of false votes, we identified three quarters of a million votes cast in New York’s 2022 general election by seemingly invalid or illegal registrations. This is not a theory or a statistic, this is a line-by-line extraction from the board of election’s own official data.


There were 250,000 votes cast by people all registered to vote on January 1, when federal offices are closed. The board of elections says that’s a default date, but an accurate registration date is required by law. It’s essential to determining eligibility. Additionally, they are admitting to entering false voter registration information into a federally protected database that is part of our critical national security infrastructure. Every one of those votes needs to be investigated, as well as every official who certified them as accurate.

We also found voters who appear to have cast double or more votes. Mrs. Z appears to have triple voted in four federal elections. Two of the registrations she did this with did not exist at the time of any of those elections. One of them was created the day after the 2020 election. It was purged 26 days later when she moved. That created a new record with a new unique state identifier at her new address, contrary to law, which was also purged. You will be happy to know that officials in NY are so dedicated to accuracy they did this on Christmas Eve, the same day the ballot storage facility in Rochester, New York accidentally burned down. Her last registration was created on November 12, nine days after the last election she voted in, and the voter history goes back 25 years.

There are 1.5 million counterfeit registrations like Mrs. Z in the database.

This requires investigation. It is a factual issue involving dilution of the New York voter’s vote, a civil rights violation equal to disenfranchisement according to the United States Supreme Court.

NY Citizens Audit requested the voter information reports for a voter with two counterfeit records. The signatures on three separate registrations with unique state identifiers are a perfect match. When we showed these to the New York State Police Special Investigations Unit they said, “We can put the person who did this in jail.” No one went to jail. But more importantly, it appears that the matter was never investigated.

So the voter rolls in New York are not accurate. The votes cast may not have been from eligible voters. The number of voters who voted does not appear to match the number of votes counted. We have one standard remaining to check: Was New York’s 2022 election valid under the law? To be valid, a federal election, remember, can have no more than 1/125,000 ballots in error. The 2022 election in New York had 5.6 million votes counted, so they are allowed 48 ballots in error. How did they do?

They appear to have exceeded the legal standard by nearly three quarters of a million errors.

Was New York’s 2020 general election valid and certifiable, without investigating these factual anomalies? With 8.6 million votes counted, that election was allowed 70 ballots in error.


In 2020 they appear to have exceeded the legal standard by almost a million errors.

Until we have some answers, no one knows who won those elections, not me, not you, and not the board of elections, and they may never be able to prove that the people they certified to write and enforce our laws, fundamentally changing the character of our nation, are not imposters.

We have sent all of this evidence to the New York State board of elections, demanding a line-by-line reconciliation, along with the scientifically peer-reviewed article by our head of research, Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., regarding steganographically concealed, illegal algorithms embedded in the state voter rolls, allowing the illegal manipulation of election results. We are sending it to the Attorney General, and we are sending it to the DOJ. All of this needs to be investigated and verified, line by line.

Sadly, we do not believe they will do anything about it. But we are. We are planning on filing lawsuits against all officials in New York who stood down on these investigations. But we want your attorney generals to file lawsuits too, and your U.S. attorneys, so we are submitting this evidence where any prosecutor who believes in liberty can use it. The citizens of your state were apparently defrauded in a massive civil rights violation acting under color of law, at the moment these provably inaccurate, non-compliant federal elections were certified.

Would you like to help develop this evidence for your state? I have partnered with national elections and cyber expert Harry Haury to create United Sovereign Americans, a national volunteer organization dedicated to proving and adjudicating violations of election law in every state. Since 2020 most litigation has challenged election outcomes; we are going to adjudicate civil rights violations and crimes against the elective franchise.

At United Sovereign Americans, we will help you get election validity facts in the hands of citizens across your state to bring to town, county, state and federal officials, and help you get into court where warranted. We have the experience and the templates to do this. We are already working with Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan. We have trained people in Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Connecticut, Rhode Island and more.

To join us, go to unite4freedom.com and sign up.

Together we will investigate whether our elections have legally defrauded the people, regardless of political party, and if so we will fight to have them fixed before 2024. It is time to put all else aside and get our house in order. We the people will save America.

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