The Real Democrats

Not long ago Democrats were generally patriotic Americans who just wanted different things than we wanted, but who would generally do the right thing.  I am not sure this is still true.

I worked nine years in a mine in a small town in Idaho, and almost all the men with whom I worked were Democrats.  We often disagreed on many philosophical points, but they were all solid family men, who worked hard, and took good care of their families.

I have concluded that these were the real Democrats, and that they have been lost in the common narrative.  Today, some Democrat leaders have gone out of their way to make America weaker, not stronger.

Most of the things Democrats support today make little sense to anyone.  Even groups of Democrat economists support programs that are obviously not good.

We are told that some Democrats support abortion right up to the time of delivery, and some even support killing the child after he is born.  This was not true for traditional Democrats.

A child is conceived and then daily becomes more complex and grows.  There is no change that takes place until birth.  Sure, there are milestones that are noted by those who study the unborn, and those milestones are important, such as when there is a detectable heartbeat.  However, most things happen gradually and there is no clear minute that any of that can be said to have happened: Up until birth.  That is the only clear change: Birth. 

Our Constitution at both Amendment V and XIV protects the life and liberty of every American person.  A person is a human being.  And, a person does not become a person at birth.  Personal DNA proves that a person is a person at conception; nothing changes.

Most abortion supporters admit that a born human is a person, but not the unborn.  Those who deliver babies by caesarian delivery know that a baby looks no different one minute before delivery as he does one minute after birth.  This is a life issue and we must see that abortion is just an excuse for poor judgment on the part of the mother and father. 

Another issue is border security.  Leaving our border wide open and encouraging foreigners to simply cross the river and settle in America is counterproductive.  These are not all just people seeking a better life.  Some are, but many are bringing in drugs, or are child molesters or other kinds of criminals.  If a country has no control of its borders, it is not a country.  And consider the numbers of people who die daily from the use of illegal drugs that are brought into the country through our open borders.

The Mexican government complained to the U.S. about Texas's efforts at the Rio Grande to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, which the Mexicans said were unsafe.  If they really wanted to solve the problem they could stop the migrants on their side of the border, or better yet stop them at their southern border.

We are told that many young people believe they were born in the wrong body and that steps need to be taken to transform their bodies to what they happen to think they are.  Thus, they are given puberty blockers, which often lead to sterility, and after that, some have their breasts or male organs removed.  Puberty blockers stop development and the child becomes an adult with child's sexual anatomy.  This harms a child for life. Traditional Democrats would never support this action.

Some believe they can transition from a man to a woman or from a woman to a man.  This is simply nonsense.  Every cell in our bodies, every gene of our DNA shows that we are a man or a woman.  Every rational person knows there are only two sexes, and it is nonsense to claim otherwise.

This folly has shown up in biological men competing in women’s sports, populating women's prisons, and using women’s dressing rooms.  It has also shown up in that a young man, here in Kellogg, Idaho, was prevented from graduating from high school and the graduation exercise was secretly changed because he said there are men and women, and there is no in between.

We now have a former president who has been indicted on all sorts of questionable charged while others in the opposition party, with clear violations of the law are either given light sentences, or are excused entirely.  This is wrong.  We now have two systems of justice; one for the Democrats, and another for the Republicans.

There is considerable evidence that the 2020, and even the 2022 elections were stolen.  One effort to document the fraud is contained in the video “2,000 Mules,”  Still nothing is done about it, and little is presently being done to insure it does not happen again.

We have a former president running on a program to drain the swamp and make America great again, and who the polls show to be very popular.  Those who object to his goals are doing all they can to stop him, both legal and illegal.

We have a president who has difficulty making a coherent sentence, and who does not seem to be in charge.  He stumbles and mumbles, and yet is protected by those who work with him.  Still, he is supported by a large number of present-day Democrats.  They see his decline, but cannot do anything about it.  Some even hesitate to impeach him simply because they recognize that the present vice president would be even worse.

We abandoned Afghanistan, leaving behind many billions of dollars’ worth of vital military equipment.  Thirteen of our soldiers died in this folly, and the Democrats only made excuses.

China is getting bolder and bolder, and we worry about Formosa (Taiwan), but we seem helpless to do anything about it.  Where we were once the strongest force for good on the world stage, now we have become the laughingstock of the world.  Our enemies are emboldened and even our friends do not know what to think of us.

We print billions of dollars and give them out and then wonder why prices are rising.  Every first semester economics student knows that printing more money is pure inflation, yet the present administration takes no blame.  This is devastating our nation.

The worst is when our friends say they want to help, but in reality, are only part of the problem facing the nation.  Several Republican senators, Republicans in Name Only, say they are thinking of becoming Democrats.  This could easily seal our fate in the Senate.  Maybe they might be happier as Democrat senators, yet it would be tough for the Republican Party, even though they often vote with the Democrats.

Patriotic American Democrats need to take charge of their party once again and insure that the Constitution is followed, and American stands true to its long history.


Jim Hollingsworth is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a master’s degree in Biblical Studies.  He has written five books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth, Cortez: A Biography, The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire, Abortion Compassion, and A Commentary on the Book of Romans. A Commentary on the Book of Galatians is with the publisher. Available where books are sold.

Image: PickPik / royalty free

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