The Democrats are Certain They Will Never be Held Accountable for the Trump Indictments and Biden Cover-Up

Never in the 235 years since the ratification of the Constitution has an administration premeditatively and blatantly prosecuted, on specious and conjecturable charges, the titular leader of the opposition party and leading candidate for president.  And doing so while overtly flaunting their egregious actions to protect and cover-up for the incumbent president who has been exposed as potentially complicit in massive bribery and fraud.   In any previous election cycle, these overt and unabashed actions would have been the death knell for the incumbent president’s campaign and his party.

Yet the Democrats are blatantly unconcerned, supremely confident that they will prevail in 2024 regardless of who they nominate.  What underlies this inordinate arrogance?

  • Is it because they know their alliance with the deep state, the legacy media, and social media allows them to use, without consequence, any unethical or border-line illegal means to destroy and hamstring Donald Trump or any Republican nominee as well as protect their candidates and officeholders?
  • Is it because they believe they can successfully manipulate the voting process in the battleground states to ensure a win regardless of whether it is Biden or whoever they nominate? 
  • Is it because they are confident, due to the lawfare they are waging against Trump, that the Republican primary voter will make certain that Donald Trump is the nominee, as the Democrats are convinced that independents and moderates in the swing states will never vote for him in the general election? 
  • Is it because they are certain Trump will be found guilty of at least one out of 78 (plus 13 in Atlanta) criminal charges which would precipitate a massive schism in the Republican Party as nearly half of Republicans would not vote for him in the primaries if he is convicted of a crime, thus, eventuating in massive numbers of Trump voters staying home in November?
  • Or is it all the above?

The unprecedented hubris of the Democrats is undergirded by their all-encompassing alliance with the legacy and social media.  These allies willingly attack the Democrats’ political adversaries but, more importantly, censor and deliberately suppress any negative news that might affect the party, it’s hierarchy or their candidates, most notably, Joe Biden and a corrupt Justice Department. 

As the past eight years have confirmed, the onslaught directed at Donald Trump from this cabal has been withering, unrelenting and frequently misleading.  Unfortunately, these tactics have oftentimes been successful in affecting the mindset of a sizable percentage of the American people.  With this media behemoth unequivocally supporting them, it is little wonder that the Democrats are so shameless in persecuting Trump and protecting Biden.  

The success of the Democrat cabal in unconstitutionally changing state voting laws, ballot harvesting and legalizing mass mail-in voting dramatically altered the voting landscape of this nation in 2020.  These steps together with the usual ballot fraud and manipulation by the Democrats in every election cycle resulted in the disputed and questionable win by Joe Biden. 

In the wake of the 2020 debacle, many red states shored up their election laws and made changes to mail-in voting.  The blue states have done essentially nothing to ensure voting integrity.   Thus, the solid red states will remain Republican, and the solid blue states will remain Democrat. 

Therefore, the 2024 presidential election will hinge on five battleground states:  Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  And it is these states that the Democrat machine will focus on in 2024 as any Republican candidate for president must prevail in three of the five states in order to win the presidency.   

In 2022 because of a lack of coherent messaging, get-out-the-vote campaigns by Republican candidates, and a coordinated effort to offset Democrat ballot manipulation, in four of the battleground states the Democrats won the governorships and three-out-of-four Senate races.

Further, Democrat confidence is buoyed by the fact that in each of the four battleground states in which the Democrats won the governorships they defeated a Trump-endorsed candidate, and in the fifth, Georgia, the  incumbent Republican governor easily defeated the Trump-endorsed candidate in the primary.  The same scenario applied to the Senate races as the three the Democrats won were also against Trump-endorsed candidates.  

The lack of success of Trump-endorsed Senate and governor candidates in the swing states in 2022 further reinforced the Democrats’ mindset that Trump is unduly polarizing; thus they believe it will be easy for them to reprise 2020’s voting manipulation.

Lastly, from the Democrats’ perspective, there is no downside to their unconscionable abuse of the judicial system in attacking Trump.

The Democrats believe just one conviction would destroy any chance he might have of swaying independent and moderate voters.  If they succeed in finding Trump guilty of one out of 91 specious criminal charges, they think the national drumbeat for Trump to drop out of the race will be deafening. 

But, more importantly, it would precipitate a massive schism in the Republican Party as the party would be portrayed as supporting a nominee that has been convicted of a crime.  Further, the party may well be faced with potentially no viable alternative, as the primary field may have been marginalized and politically destroyed in the primary process.  Additionally, the Democrats are assuming many Trump voters would not show up on Election Day if Trump is not the nominee.

On the other hand, if the trials are delayed until after the election or in the unlikely event that Trump is found not guilty of all 91 charges, the Democrats are confident the ever-growing litany of charges and subsequent public trials will so incense the Republican base that Trump will easily win the nomination and be so damaged among the general electorate that he will be overwhelmingly defeated in November of 2024.

The Democrats are maliciously prosecuting Trump and mindlessly defending Biden because they are certain there will be no consequences for doing so.  In their hubris and addled mindset, they are convinced they will not lose the 2024 election. 

That arrogance is underscored by their support for an addlepated, incompetent, and venal Joe Biden despite upwards of 70% of Americans believing he should not run for re-election.  If Biden should drop out of the race, they are confident they can win in 2024 with a blundering narcissist in Gavin Newsom or, if necessary, an inarticulate blithering buffoon in Kamala Harris.

What should Donald Trump, the other Republican presidential candidates, and the Republican Party hierarchy be doing to deflate Democrat arrogance and overconfidence? 

All the Republican candidates, in particular Trump, need to stop maliciously denigrating each other and focus on winning the general election.   This they do by exposing the American people to the Democrats’ contempt for the citizenry.

The Republican establishment must awaken from its coma and begin unmasking the Democrats’ reign of terror in supporting violence against their political adversaries, calling for the removal of candidates from ballots, forcefully silencing dissenting opinion, attempting to imprison political opponents and violating constitutional protections against anyone opposed to their agenda that they target.

Meanwhile, the Republican party hierarchy must singularly focus on voter turnout, ballot harvesting where legal, and early voting in every state as well as precinct by precinct observers in all of the battleground states.

If these steps are not taken then the Democrats will be right, there will be no consequences for their actions and they will win in 2024.

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