Still Doubting the 2020 Election

NBC is reporting — with a supposed sense of shock — the results of a Monmouth poll that nearly one-third of Americans think the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

And they further reiterate that there is no evidence for fraud.

There's no evidence widespread fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election, but Trump and allies have spent years undercutting the election's legitimacy.

Wow!  It must be so.  The main stream media assure us that the election was honest.  Yet one third of Americans still believe the election was a fraud.

I am shocked, shocked.

Anyone who questions the election result is called a fascist or subjected to a lawsuit or prosecution.  So for the moment, we will not question the integrity of write-in ballots, nor the security of voting machines — to avoid pernicious litigation.

Let us just look at the official results...from the official federal government figures.

In 2016, Donald Trump got 62,984,828 votes, while in 2020, he got 74,223,975 votes — an increase of  11,239,147.

In 2016, the Democrats got 65,853,514 votes, while in 2020, the Democrats got 81,283,501 votes — an increase of 15,429, 987.

Wikipedia's figures are taken from the Federal Elections Commission reports (2016, page 10 and 2020, page 10).

Altogether, 26,669,134 more votes were cast in 2020 than in 2016.  Approximate 20.6% more votes were cast than were cast four years earlier.

Where did these votes come from?

From the figures at macrotrends, from 2016 to 2020, the population of the United States increased by 8,731,805 — roughly one third the increase of voters from 2016.

So we are asked to believe that the voting base increased at three times the rate of the population.  And no one is to question this?  And NBC cannot figure out why so many people are so suspicious?

Here is a clue.  The increase in voters in preposterous.  This is the smoking gun.  The 800 lb gorilla in the room.  The fox in the hen house.

I know there can be a surge in voting when elections are hard fought, but 20.6%?

Of course, the myopic official elites play down the obvious.

Turnout in 2020 election spiked among both Democratic and Republican voting groups, new census data shows —Brookings

Spiked?!  Why did it spike?

Among Republicans, it may have spiked. Trump's administration was successful.  One would expect a major increase.

But the Democrats?

Among Democrats, it increased 23.4%.  That is not a spike; that is a lift-off.

Trump's administration produced record low unemployment, even for blacks.  America was an energy exporter under his administration.  The economy was booming.  No one was complaining, except the media and the Democrats.  And to the amazement of the whole world, it looked as though Trump was about to produce peace in the Mideast with the Abraham Accords.

One would expect that, with a record of such success, Trump's numbers would have increased even more.

But the Democrats?  How did they pull almost 16 million extra votes?

If every illegal alien in America voted for Biden, one still couldn't get such numbers.  And some illegal aliens would have voted for Trump.  They needed jobs.

So we are asked to overlook the obvious, smile, and agree with the show trials being raged against Trump.

Look, let's admit it.  Donald Trump is not socially adept.  He did not play the game, and that is why the left hated him.  And, frankly, Trump has a big mouth.  But in his four years, Trump undid decades of damage.  He just underestimated how deep the Deep State went, and how much more work needed to be done.

He could have been a bit more discreet, but then he would not have been Trump.

On Election Night 2020, Trump seemed to be winning at first.  His electoral votes were climbing.  Then all of a sudden, as if all the networks got a phone call from command headquarters, the networks stopped the electoral count.  On cue.

The results just stalled, with Trump just hovering short of victory.  It took the powers-that-be three to four days to drudge up the votes needed to beat Trump.

Oh, but the critics say, isn't that what happened in 2016, when Hillary had an early lead, and then lost?

Not so!  Hillary's 2016 lead dissolved in a few hours.  She was obviously beaten soon after the California polls were closed around midnight EST — and the results made demographic sense.  Trump's 2020 early electoral lead took days to evaporate — in 2020, when computers were ubiquitous, the answers should have been available in minutes.  The results were suspected from day one.

To restate: I suspect the election results based on the federal government's own numbers.  One does not have to specify where the voting fraud occurred to spot it.

Here is where Trump made a mistake: he went into battle mode.

But you ask, if the election was stolen, didn't he have a duty to act forcibly?

Yes, but there are times when, even if proper, it is not practical.

Andrew Jackson thought the 1824 election of John Quincy Adams was stolen from him.  Jackson bided his time to come back with a fury in 1828.

Samuel Tilden won the 1876 election, but some corrupt back-door deals allowed Rutherford B. Hayes to get the victory.  Tilden could have, but did not, called for major protests.

What Trump should have done is publicly say the results were suspect, but he would go ahead with constitutional clarity during the transition, while he simultaneously promised that he would pursue every legal avenue available.  He should have asked his voters to remain calm and await the courts to act.  Don't go near the Capitol, but write millions of letters.

At that point — though it violated everything he stood for — he should have danced the dance.

Yes, the courts would have still ruled against him.  Yes, the stolen election was going to go ahead. Things were that rigged.  But he might not be in as much trouble as he is right now.  And he might have a better shot at victory in 2024.

But Trump acted like Trump and went into battle mode, and the left played him like a fiddle.

Of course, I could be wrong.  The system may be beyond fixing.

I personally believe that the COVID scare was perfectly timed to destroy Trump.  Only now is it coming out that the pandemic procedures were an overreaction, and, in the end, I believe more will die from the vaccines than the virus.  Some of my relatives have long COVID, which I think is the result of the vaccine, not the virus — they were vaxxed and still caught COVID.

More than 650,000 deaths were registered in the UK in 2022 - 9% more than 2019.

This represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years. —BBC

Yes, how odd!  How many were vaxxed?

RFK Jr. is being destroyed now, for similar reasons.

To my mind, this was all planned. I am still suspicious.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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