Save Lives, Save the World

A thirty-three-year-old British nurse was recently convicted of murdering "seven fragile babies" and attempting to kill at least six others.  For her "campaign of child murder," she has been given a life sentence with no chance of parole.  All of her victims had been born with medical complications and were only a few hours to a few days old.  She injected air into their bloodstreams and added poisons to their intravenous feeds.  During her murder spree, she consciously targeted the "extremely vulnerable."  Her ordinary appearance combined with her self-image as a "conscientious, hardworking, knowledgeable nurse" provides another stark reminder of the prevalence in this world of what Hannah Arendt called the "banality of evil."

Crimes such as these affect me.  I feel the same revulsion when I see what remains after the bloody massacres carried out by child soldiers in parts of Africa or by gangs of teenagers on America's city streets.  The carnage is always so reckless and perfunctory — as if such consequential damage has no consequence at all.  This soul-destroying idea that life does not matter — that murder is as insignificant as doing laundry — is the kind of evil that sends shivers down my spine.  It is also the kind of evil that totalitarian regimes mass-produce in faithless societies.

I will not pretend to know what form of wickedness so contorted that British nurse's heart that she could maliciously betray her most sacred professional duties, but it is difficult not to wonder whether a Western culture that celebrates abortion and euthanasia as exemplars of "freedom" might have had something to do with the blight on her soul.  When ordinary people are force-fed a media diet in which "shouting your abortion" is glorified as female empowerment and suicide is condoned as a moral choice, they lose sight of the precious sanctity of every life.  

I feel like screaming, "Life matters!"  Protect it; cherish it; fight for every breath you've got.  These temporary lives we have are not ours alone.  They were not given to us by an all-knowing political State.  They were given to us by our all-knowing God.  To treat life so flippantly as to believe it means nothing when we choose to destroy it surely must sadden and offend our Creator in ways that we cannot comprehend.  To reach out and save someone — now, that is a blessing for both the life being saved and the life doing the saving.  In every act that helps make it possible for another to live, we fill our lives with life, too.  Imagine if Western governments used the power of their media platforms to promote that truth. 

Yet life is not something that governments today even pretend to protect.  "The world is suffering from overpopulation," we're constantly told, and for the ruling elite, life is now a threat!  Our ruling class would rather encourage ordinary people to see their lives as meaningless than recognize that the celebration of life is what gives this world meaning.  Without meaning, people are reduced to "things" that can be carelessly tossed away.  It is why totalitarian regimes that see people as mere bricks under the State's control are so quick to resort to mass executions and why the resulting carnage is just as reckless and perfunctory as that performed by Africa's child armies.  When life is seen as banal, the banality of evil is never far behind.

What are we to do about this ongoing threat to humanity?  We must return to God, of course!  We must return to a culture that remembers how to celebrate life.  We must reach out to others and give them purpose and, in so doing, save those who are already slipping away.  The truth of the matter is that politics and elections will never accomplish what you are already capable of accomplishing this very day.  

"That's impossible," I hear someone protesting.  Western culture is too rotten.  People are too far gone.  Godless Marxist globalism is here for good.  Really?  I look around today and see people desperate, lost, and afraid.  The World Economic Forum derisively smiles and promises that soon everyone will "own nothing and be happy."  But people have never been less happy!  Every day that globalism advances, ordinary human beings feel worse.  Past generations that endured famine and war had more happiness in their lives.  Why is that?  Because despite their hardships, they had meaning in their lives!

Our world is today filled with the "extremely vulnerable" who have been led to believe they serve no purpose.  Western governments treat them as "things" to be controlled rather than as people who live consequential lives.  They are yearning for something greater both within themselves and outside in the world that is worthy of their work.  They are seeking their calling!

This isn't the time to inject air or poisons into their bloodstreams while they are weak; this is the time to reach out and give them strength.  People are clamoring for this kind of fire in their souls.  They seek a sense of restoration that has been absent for generations.  They crave forgiveness and need redemption.  This is the kind of revolution that no government can thwart because it asserts a truth governments now reject: your life is valuable and worth saving.  

If you divide the world into two, wherein one side finds life meaningless and the other finds life sacred, I know with certainty which side wins in the end.  Real happiness can be found only by those committed to living.  Without the capacity for authentic joy, no civilization can survive.  To defend life and to save others is to save yourself.  Why is that true?  Because saving one life at a time guarantees that the side which sees life as a blessing will keep growing.  Contrary to what you might have been taught in school, moral purpose is the epitome of "survival of the fittest."   

Seek God's guidance, defend life, and find happiness — that's a far more serious promise than the horse pucky that Klaus Schwab and the WEF-holes sling around.

When I was young, I knew everything.  It wasn't until I started learning that I realized how little I knew.  The older I get, the more certain I've become that I'll be buried with more questions than answers.  Yet I know this: there is no hole in our lives too big for God to fill.  That makes sense, doesn't it?  God created the world and everything in it; there is no problem weighing us down that He has not also afforded us the means of lifting from our shoulders.  I have learned far more from those times when I've been knocked down onto the mat than those times I remained standing — because every difficult experience has forced me to figure out how to get back up and find my balance.

This world today thinks it knows everything.  Self-described "experts" tell us the "science is settled" and other such rubbish all the time.  And because of this cocky self-certainty, the world is about to get knocked flat on its back.  There will be a lot of people who stay down and choose never to get back up.  Then there will be the people who perhaps truly see clearly for the first time.  They will fight to go on because they find meaning in their lives.  That meaning will drive them forward, no matter the difficulty.  These are the people who will steady our turbulent world, aid the suffering, and empower the weak.  They will succeed.

Life, liberty, property, and happiness under God's merciful protection — there is nothing so resilient or powerful as those who believe.  There is nothing so menacing to the "banality of evil" as those who cherish and celebrate life.

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