Democrats Should Quake: Trump is Glowering

Donald Trump’s mugshot has traveled around the globe about 8,000 times since it was released last Thursday evening.  It might just be the shot heard around the world -- unless arrogant globalists -- homegrown and afar -- are as deaf as they are arrogant.  That might be the case.

Lickety-split, “The Mugshot” is being marketed by Trump’s presidential campaign.    

The Hill -- a go-to chronicle for DC’s inbred political and big government classes -- lacking a sense of irony, declared:

Former President Trump is using his surrender at the Fulton County, Ga., jail Thursday evening, when he became the first U.S. president in history to have his mug shot taken, to raise funds for his 2024 campaign.  

Damn straight.  Why shouldn’t 45 earn some dollars off a gross injustice?  Much of the big donor money is going to Ron DeSantis, anyway, who Murdoch’s cat’s paw, Fox News, comically claimed won last week’s presidential debate.  Gaslighting is en vogue at Fox, evidently. 

Then Fox, figuring that its dwindling audience is dumber than dirt, cited a DeSantis poll to claim that lackluster Ron is catching Trump in Iowa.  Fox has gone full corporate media with this very unjournalistic assertion.   

Trump cashing in on his glowering visage is plain smart.  He’s got to have multiple revenue streams to fund his campaign.  His lifeblood is small dollar contributions from average folk.  He’s also paying some hefty bills for legal defense.   

Here’s an idea free to the Trump team.  They can monetize it if they choose. 

Produce “Trump is Watching” posters featuring his mugshot.  Plaster those suckers all over upscale Democrat precincts across the fruited plain.  Let’s see if totalitarian-bent Democrats are as comfortable with Trump watching as they are with Orwell’s Big Brother watching.  I tend to doubt it.  Trump isn’t interested in crushing liberties and shoving wokeness down throats.  Watchful Donald seeks justice, including the retributive sort -- and he should.  Bad hombre Democrats should quake.           

Bubble-dwelling, smug “progressives” are aghast that Trump’s support isn’t wavering as indictments roll in like bags of nose candy when Hunter is at the White House.  Democrats’ phony-baloney charges are hardening Trump’s support and may wind up boosting it.  An indictment or two more, and Trump might just coast to victory next year, causing D.C. elites to flee to Canada, where Justin Trudeau is pushing his “Great White Cuba” initiative.     

The lawfare being waged against Trump isn’t resonating with tens upon tens of millions of decent, fair-minded Americans.  It’s getting their hackles up.  But the dispensers of sham justice aren’t yet in panic mode about the rabble’s wariness.  Democrats figure that if they hustle and destroy their nemesis and smash the movement he leads, they’ll achieve their dream before the manure really hits the fan. Their dream?  Ruling the nation unchallenged, with an ungloved iron fist as need arises.  

Trump haters, including neocons, RINOs, and the likes of Blimpo the Clown, AKA, Chris Christe, are all-in on Bolivia-style or Venezuela-style “justice,” as long as fake charges, mountainous court costs, and professional ruin doesn’t dog them.

But a magic moment is happening.  America’s elite lowlifes are smoking themselves out.  A public division is occurring between those who love liberty and those who embrace some form and measure of tyranny.  Even some conventional libs like RFK, Jr., Naomi Wolf, Alan Dershowitz, and Tulsi Gabbard (a fallen away D) recognize the peril.     

In Tucker Carlson’s debate night interview with Trump -- 260 million views as of this writing -- he asked 45 if he expects a civil war.  Trump pretty much dodged, as he should.  But civil war, in ebbs and flows, has been upon us since the 60s. 

The political and ideological division occurring, along with folk migrating out of blue to red states and, to a lesser extent, vice versa, are aspects of war.  The conflict is moving toward culmination.

Don’t expect Johnny Reb to square off against Billy Yank in cornfields in the middle of nowhere, a la the Civil War.  The new Confederacy -- Democrats, globalists, and the Left -- are waging asymmetric war on traditional America.  They aren’t seeking independence, but conquest.  The warfare they’re waging is being fought high and low and in every corner of American life.     

Front and center, it's a war against Trump and half or better of America.  Ideologues are culprits, yes, but a criminal political and bureaucratic class are ringleaders.  As Scott Adams (he of Dilbert fame) asserted at X:

I’m no lawyer, but the entire Democrat leadership looks like a criminal conspiracy to me, from the Russia collusion hoax to the laptop hoax to the J6 “insurrection” hoax to the “find votes” hoax to Ukraine to Hunter to the DOJ to four bull[sheet] indictments and the media puppets. What is RICO for?        

Good question.  If Trump captures the GOP nomination -- the odds are well beyond even -- and manages, through the Almighty’s grace, to beat the cheat and become 47, then his attorney general -- in addition to cleaning house at DoJ -- needs to pursue racketeering charges against the many miscreants who are subverting the law and our constitutional rights.  Haul them into courts by the busload, if required. 

The FBI, defense department, and intelligence agencies need to be purged of any and all who have little or no regard for liberty… who hourly seek to trample us underfoot pursuing cold power.  Vivek Ramaswamy is right to declare that the nation needs a revolution, not reform that just moves furniture around the room. 

The enemies of liberty -- let’s not be fooled by their 1984 inspired rhetoric that they’re fightin’ for democracy and our rights -- aren’t very skilled or gifted, and many of them aren’t that bright, their pretenses notwithstanding.  They’re rotted souls.  What they possess is a gnawing hunger to pile up wealth and power -- at our expense.   

For anyone who is literate and reads history, this crop of predators isn’t different from predators throughout history, who lorded over clans, tribes, kingdoms, empires, Reichs, or “people’s republics.”  The names and packaging change, but at core, nothing else.  What they bring -- whatever their insistent promises and disclaimers -- is ruin.  Finally, tyrants ruin, and the nascent tyrants all around us are jump-starting the ruin.    

Ask Ukrainians about their estimated 350,000 dead compatriots, thanks to a war pushed by U.S. elites hellbent on waylaying Russia.  How about the wide-open southern border, where truckloads of fentanyl stream in?  Many tens of thousands are dead due to fentanyl overdoses.  How about filthy, crime-ridden Democrat-run cities?  How about babies aborted right up to birth and kids having their bodies mutilated because deluded, godless elites fancy that gender is fluid?        

Trump’s scowling face is his war face.  The new confederates -- the rebels who are toiling to subvert the nation’s founding principles and rob us of our rights -- must go down in flames.  To trot out the old cliché, we’re at a critical crossroads. It’s no overstatement to suggest that at this pivotal moment, as Trump goes, so go we, so goes our freedom.  2024 approaches rapidly.  It’s high time we put on our war faces, too. 

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith. He also blogs occasionally at Flyover. He’s returned to Twitter. His Twitter handle is @JRobertSmith1.

Image: Fulton County Sherrif's Office

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