Democrats Are Dancing the Totalitarian Two-Step

Democrats and corporate media throw around terms like 'fascism' and 'dictatorship' as a means of stifling discussion of anyone they disagree with. Totalitarianism is another term along those lines, typically associated with tyrants such as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

While Wikipedia is not the most reliable reference source, they have a clear and concise definition of totalitarianism:

Totalitarianism is a form of government and a political system that prohibits all opposition parties, outlaws individual and group opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises an extremely high if not complete degree of control and regulation over public and private life.

It employs all-encompassing campaigns in which propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled mass media in order to control the citizenry.

As kids like to ask their parents on long road trips: “Are we there yet?”

When it comes to totalitarianism, I am afraid we are there. America as a beacon of freedom and liberty may be in hospice care, barely alive, with little hope of survival or healing.

COVID was a good example of “complete control and regulation over public and private life.” DEI and wokeism is much the same. Then there is political dissent.

Socialist historian Howard Zinn proclaimed, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Socialist two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton echoed, “We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” The Biden-Garland-Obama junta took a 180 by criminalizing free speech and dissent.

Former President Donald Trump is racking up indictments almost as fast as current President Joe Biden is collecting falls and face plants.

Start with the timing of these indictments. Matt Margolis provided a timeline suggesting that indictments are dropped against Biden’s political opponent whenever Biden or his family are implicated in another scandal.

This convenient distraction is actually election interference, what Trump is accused of in the most recent indictment. The party in power has arrested and wants to imprison its political opposition, banana republic-style.

The same day that the FBI released bribery allegations against Joe Biden, Trump was indicted over supposed mishandling of classified documents. When Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart, the next day Special Counsel Jack Smith added a superseding indictment in the classified documents case.

YouTube screen grab

Then right on schedule, the day after Devon Archer confirmed Hunter Biden’s foreign influence-peddling with Father Joe’s knowledge and participation, Smith indicted Trump for challenging the 2020 presidential election results, conspiracy to defraud the United States, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

What Biden’s DOJ is doing is out of the totalitarianism playbook, eliminating political opposition, outlawing opposition to the state and pushing its claims through state-controlled media.

Since when does America indict and attempt to imprison political opponents, especially former presidents? And for exercising First Amendment rights to free speech?

So what if Trump complains that the elections were rigged or fraudulent? Is that not allowed? Mind-reader Jack Smith is alleging that Trump did not believe his own elections claims. If that’s the precedent, most Republicans are next in line for arrest.

A CNN poll shows, “69% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents view President Joe Biden's win as illegitimate.”

If this is the new normal, most Democrats should be indicted over denying election results. If Trump wins in 2024, perhaps his Attorney General Rudy Giuliani can indict these Democrats using Jack Smith’s precedent, as outlined in this RNC video montage of Democrats denying previous election results.

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, and most Democrat members of Congress and cable news anchors should be indicted for conspiracy to challenge previous elections, defrauding the U.S.

Let’s add other names of high government officials who participated in the Russian collusion hoax. Richard Nixon wiretapped DNC headquarters and was forced to resign. James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and many others wiretapped Trump Tower, spied on an opposing political campaign, its transition team, and its administration.

They lied to FISA courts for surveillance warrants, gaslit the media and American people, and are rewarded with book deals, university faculty appointments, television commentary gigs, none receiving even a slap on the wrist. They all conspired to rig or overturn an election with no special counsels and no indictments. Such propaganda and elimination of political opposition fits the definition of totalitarianism.

Don’t forget the conspiracy of 51 intelligence officials lying over Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation. This conspiracy obstructed a presidential election, defrauding America and voters, 16 percent of whom would have not voted Biden if they were told the truth. All 51 co-conspirators kept their security clearances and their freedom.

What’s next? Will Biden’s DOJ round up and arrest the 60 percent of likely U.S. voters who, according to Rasmussen Reports, “suspect recent elections have been affected by cheating, and believe officials are ignoring the problem”? Or the 69 percent of Republican voters that believe Biden’s 2020 win was illegitimate?

Where is the GOP on this? Is there any GOP outrage or pushback? So much for checks and balances and co-equal branches of government. Where are the GOP primary candidates on this outrage that awaits them should they ever make it to the White House, and unlike the Bushes, actually push back against the deep state?

Candidate Ron DeSantis, under donor class pressure, channeling his inner Mitt Romney, declared that “claims about the 2020 election being stolen were false,” according to the New York Times.

High-minded Republicans who look down on Trump and would be happy to see him politically eliminated so they can feel good about themselves and their “principles,” fail to realize that they may be next.

Oh, I am just exaggerating, this is only about Trump. Really?

The Michigan Attorney General “filed charges against 16 people who signed paperwork falsely claiming that President Donald Trump had won the 2020 election as part of a scheme to overturn the results.”

Were any charges filed against Democrats in 2016 when, “Many Democrats, liberal activists, and Hollywood stars tried to pressure electors to reverse the results of the November election”? Or when in 1960, Democrats did in Hawaii the same as Republicans did in 2020, according to Politico. I don’t recall any indictments in 2016 or 1960.

The same Michigan AG is prosecuting her predecessor over allegedly tampering with voting machines while those scanning and rescanning ballots in the middle of the night were given a pass. Another Democrat attempting to arrest and imprison her political opponent.

If Democrats get away with this, they will double down, imprisoning their political opponents. Totalitarianism anyone?

Real election interference, in 2016, 2020, and now 2024 at the hands of the federal government is encouraged and cheered on by the corporate media. Republicans sputter and stutter. And if anyone complains or calls it out, they are indicted.

How’s that for totalitarianism?

The federal government has turned its immense powers against political rivals. They want to arrest and imprison their leading political opponent. Why? Let Trump answer that from his recent op-ed,

Seven years ago, I ran for office taking on all the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests in our nation's capital. My agenda was an existential threat to a Washington establishment that got rich and powerful bleeding America dry.

Will Trump in prison be enough for the totalitarians? How about the death penalty? One of the recent indictment charges is for violating Civil War-era laws which would normally involve only 10 years in prison, but could be extended to death if, according to the DOJ, the government “proves an aggravating factor.” That can’t happen. Or can it?

The same DOJ that is criminalizing free speech can surely concoct an “aggravating factor.” And they have a willing Obama-appointed judge overseeing the case, one who when presiding over January 6 protesters, “handed down sentences tougher than the ones sought by prosecutors.”

What if she decides to hand down a tougher than asked-for death sentence to Trump due to “aggravating factors”? Don’t think it could happen? I never thought our government would attempt to imprison a political opponent because they didn’t like his protected free speech. And at the same time, giving the current government leader and his family a pass for selling U.S. policy interests to foreign actors - bribery and treason.

If the current government wants a civil war, what would they do differently? Add that to a nation in economic freefall with no national sovereignty or pride, a decimated military, and a rotting culture. The time is ripe for foreign adversaries to put an end to America as the shining city on the hill.

Who will stop any of this? A Democrat president whose family took millions from these countries (in exchange for what?) or a MAGA president who is willing to fight back? And fight back he will. If he is charged, he has subpoena power and discovery for his defense, assuming the judge doesn’t block it all.

Trump summarized it well concluding in his op-ed,

There must be a reckoning. Accountability now lies in the hands of the voters. The Durham Report has made the stakes abundantly clear, and now the choice is ours: either the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State.

This is America’s last stand as a beacon of freedom and liberty. Continuing this path means America, R.I.P.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, Substack Dr. Brian’s Substack, Truth Social @BrianJoondeph, and LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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