Comparing the Tactics of the Dems to the Nazis is No Longer Seen as Unreasonable

A poll from the U.K. Daily Mail indicates what we’ve been proving all along, that the far left is emulating the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  The poll shows that a majority of Republicans agree with comparing the Biden regime’s political persecution of a political opponent to the political persecution of a political opponent by Nazi Germany or the USSR.

As is the case with the double standard of Democrats and their propaganda organ, the nation’s socialist media, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to sling the Nazi slur along with the political ‘F-bomb (Fascism) all they want. With all kinds of examples of them doing so, herehereherehere, and here. And of course, you’re never to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, because it ‘belittles Hitler.

The socialists of the nation’s left have one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else (because they are the controlling class). They give themselves full permission to do that all day long. While it’s verboten for the pro-freedom side to even point out how the far-left’s socialist national agenda stunningly resembles another National Socialist party from the early decades of the last century.

Well, we’re not going to play along with their one-sided rules. 

So far, we’ve documented 24 startling and uncomfortable ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party. We’ve done a lot so far and unfortunately; two factors see the task stretching off into the distance. 

The very disturbing problem we face is that the combination of current events and research reveals even more similarities making the task a never-ending process that seems to go on forever. It’s to the point of having a sense of dread at the thought of researching these facts, knowing that more commonalities will crop up. But sometimes, you’re given certain duties and you have to see them through.  

While the fascist far left excels at slinging bovine soil enhancement, trying to maintain their 100-year-old lies, usually with subjective and thus meaningless accusations, we’ve taken another approach. 

The key difference between the left’s exploitation of the appeal to authority fallacy is that they make vague and therefore meaningless generalizations while we’ve always strived to identify specific and discrete similarities. It’s for this reason we endeavor to exclude these such as leftists and Nazis holding big rallies or having campaign slogans.

As the far left keeps pushing its socialist national agenda, it develops new and innovative ways of depriving the people of their individual liberties and rights while doing all it can to emulate socialists of another nation’s dark past. Meanwhile, doing research in the National Digital Newspaper ProgramColorado Historic Newspapers CollectionInternet, and New York Times to verify all these facts yields new leads to even more disturbing similarities.  

This means we’re incentivized to exclude whatever we can. Looking back at the printouts of the previous listings and scanning through the previous articles to see if the topic has already been covered - even tangentially - is an excuse to remove it from the list. You also dismiss trivial or vague similarities because these don’t have that big an impact on policy. 

These items range from the previously mentioned criminalizing free speech, and weaponization of the government against political opponents (got Gestapo?) to the people who used to pretend to be liberal protecting the administrative state, declaring that We Need a Few Good Dictators. To exit taxes, eugenics, and socialist George Bernard Shaw, an advocate of depopulation schemes who called for people to justify their existence appealing to the chemists “to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly.”

Even after all of this, current events and historic research have added so many that the list has been extended to 40 items. I hope that it will top out at that level. Unfortunately, this means both good news and bad news for the far left. We’ve mentioned the good news for them that we exclude inconsequential items. The bad news is that with a century-long difference in technology, today’s left is turning out to be far worse than the Nazis in some respects. There is nothing more terrifying at this point than the thought that history is repeating itself and will make the Nazis look tame by comparison.

All of this should make it clear that on balance, the similarities between today’s socialists of the nation’s left and the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party are a lot stronger than the facile assertions of the folks denying this reality.

Finally, could someone please educate the leftists that the Nazis in conflict with fellow collectivists talking point as a way of denying they were leftists was first explained in this academic paper: How and Why Fascism and Nazism Became the “Right”. And that we’ve thoroughly eviscerated this worn-out talking point by explaining that the “Nazis were far-right” is a lie that can be traced back nearly a century to far-left infighting over ideological minutiae no one else cares about. And that we’ve thoroughly eviscerated this worn-out talking point here and here. All they have to do is read and comprehend to finally understand that the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party was far left.

It really should bother everyone on the left side of the political spectrum that their party is in a headlong rush to emulate some of the worst ideologies of the past century. Rather than arguing over talking points that have long since been proven wrong, you should consider whether you want to be known as Nazis without the uniform. All these items should prove to you that the far left is entirely on the wrong side of history, so why are you still supporting them?

D. Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of logos and public domain images.

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