Barack Obama the Vindictive Enforcer

The definition of "vindictive" is to have or show a "strong or unreasoning desire for revenge."  As an observer of the ongoing humiliation and persecution currently directed toward Donald J. Trump and anyone who supports him, what America may now be witnessing is an unparalleled display of malicious revenge.

One might ask, "Who is driving this retribution?"  The most obvious answer to that question is that it must be a self-absorbed force with a notorious reputation for spiteful exoneration.  Judging from past conduct, that force would be none other than former president Barack Obama.

This man thrives on adulation.  Even the casual observer is aware of Obama's inability to accept criticism.  Refuse to genuflect, and Mr. Obama's ire is immediately directed like a laser toward the defiant.  Just ask "tea baggers" or victims of a weaponized IRS.  Judging from Obama's self-identification with his ideology, retribution isn't just politics; it's personal.  Defy him, and the former president looks for any forum, weapon, policy implementation, or cruel injustice to vindicate his vendetta and somehow manages to accomplish this either publicly or privately.  The man's skin is so thin that, if not for his godlike status among his minions, his juvenile reactions would be considered embarrassing.  

Obama's list of vendettas is long and ugly — just ask the SCOTUS, Dinesh D'Souza, honest journalists, conservative groups, the nation of Israel, Vladimir Putin, suburban property owners, individuals with private health insurance, WWII veterans, prolifers, ex-military, Second Amendment advocates...and the list goes on and on.

Think back.  From the start, "I won" Obama planned to "fundamentally transform" the United States from "the world as it is" into the "world as it should be," which, judging from its present condition, is beginning to resemble the Marxist hell-hole of his dreams. 

Obama's game plan: "level playing fields," "share the wealth," encourage worldwide contempt toward the U.S., enable mass illegal immigration, redefine democracy, rehabilitate Islamic terrorists, impose high taxes, usher in shoddy health care, encourage a weak military presence, foster energy dependency, stir racial unrest, insult allies, demonize law enforcement, install totalitarian diktats, desecrate the Constitution, and more.  Mysteriously, at a dizzying rate of speed, seven years after he left office, these are the very revenge tactics being enacted as we speak. 

How can this be? 

Starting with the presidency of Joe "Which Way Do I Go" Biden, the political enemies of America's wannabe third-termer are currently reaping their just reward for perceived noncompliance.  Joe is so befuddled, incompetent, clueless, and embarrassing — what better humiliation on the world stage than the current commander in chief?  Making America a laughingstock with the weakest of weak leaders smacks of Obama-style spitefulness. 

As "Obama's legacy and her dreams of the presidency lay shattered at Donald Trump's feet," in 2016, Hillary wasn't the only one livid as election results delivered the agony defeat.  Trump's win was a repudiation of eight years of Obama rule.  Thus, judging from the current course of events, could both Trump, who rolled back Obama policy, and the voters who put him in office be suffering the ramifications of being on Obama's hate list?  Could Biden be a vindictive adviser's suggested punishment for choosing Obama's antithesis?

The former president's inability to endure rejection may explain why whoever is secretly directing the White House from an underground bunker in Kalorama decided that 2020 recompense should arrive in the form of Mr. Magoo.

Let's face it: it is highly unlikely Joe Biden came up with the idea to cut open Trump's border wall in Arizona.  Nor is it likely that the guy who couldn't find his way to a podium accomplished the goal of abandoning U.S. soldiers Benghazi-style or haphazardly arming the Taliban with billions of dollars in military war weaponry.  Every policy decision, from the diminishing supply chain to destroying energy independence to the economic crippling of the middle class to the devastating invasion at the border to the vaccine mandates, hints at the forced exoneration of Obama's hurt feelings  — on steroids.

Then add to the equation the travelers aboard Biden's clown car, which include Giggles Harris, Sniffles Hunter, and the esteemed Dr. Jill.  And if that motley crew being within a mile of the nuclear codes isn't scary enough, what's even more disturbing is how everyone who dared question the 2020 election is being tarred; feathered; disgraced, and primed for political, professional, and in Trump's case literal gallows.

As each leg of the Constitution stool that Obama considers "fatally flawed" has been systematically sawn away, angry liberal legislators with deep-seated racial animosity, as well as Obama loyalists, have been granted carte blanche to plague Donald Trump in ways never experienced in American history.  The mug shots out of Georgia are a modern-day equivalent to a cautionary array of "co-conspirator" skulls on spikes.  The only one missing from the lineup is the "My Pillow" guy, Mike Lindell.

Defend Trump's election inquiries, and you're depicted an enemy worthy of being publicly disgraced in a vicious way.  Trump is portrayed as a facsimile of mob boss Carlo Gambino and his defenders a squad of mafia hit men.  The kind of political contempt we're witnessing is a far cry from the Kenyan imposter refusing Putin the gym space at the Group of Eight Summit or sending an in-your-face LGBT contingency to the Sochi Olympics in Russia — where homosexuality is illegal.  That was child's play; this is the real deal.

On a much grander scale, the Trump indictments evoke memories of the type of maliciousness Obama displayed when Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu was left sitting alone in a White House meeting room for more than an hour while a rude former president disappeared upstairs for meatloaf with the wife and kids.  On that occasion, Netanyahu was chastised for the sin of daring to differ with punk Obama's "13 demands" concerning settlements in East Palestine. 

In the end, this man-child will not rest until his egotistical reprisals are satisfied, and America still has a long way to go.  Barack Obama has already proven that if you deviate from his way of thinking, there's hell to pay.  Obama has also proven that he hates America, detests patriotic Americans, loathes the U.S. Constitution, and will set the world on fire to exact psychopathic revenge on his detractors.  Therefore, on behalf of the global elite, who better than a vindictive Barack Obama to do the dirty work necessary to bring the last vestige of freedom to its knees?

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Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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