A Modest Proposal to Defeat the Political Class

It’s time for a do-over.

Like you, I am tired of unkept promises and rampant special interests.  Faith in government has never been lower.  Patriotism is in short supply.  I hear a countdown clock ticking off the remaining days of our grand experiment before it becomes ancient history.

Our political process has had the pungent stench of partisanship and self-dealing for too long.  From the Chicago political machine to the White House Plumbers, from election shenanigans to measures undertaken in the name of a Covid-19 “emergency,” most Americans realize our political processes have been corrupted.  Marxist policies and progressivism are layered over our old politics, further suppressing two of the most important identities Americans, regardless of political beliefs, have historically had in common—a strong sense of national unity, and a belief in the sacredness of the election process.  (The death of free and fair elections comes with endless long voting).

Can’t we all agree that it is in our national interest to count the vote on election day?  Who could be against that?  (Massive voting by mail could be tied to the undoing of our country.)  If they have nothing to hide, then why not fix this unnecessary and divisive fear for millions of us for the sake of national unity? This is the nexus for many conservatives who rightfully don’t trust Democrat marionettes, because we know there’s a puppet master behind the curtain.

But what are we going to do about our conclusions?  Nothing?  So where’s the deterrence for the next time, by another enemy?  Mass murderers and those that deliberately weaken our country must face the consequences.  Bidenomics is a sham; who is going to call him out on it?  The MSM?

As previously discussed, the government no longer exists to serve we, the people, but rather itself.  Unfortunately, the fox runs the hen house in D.C.  So, as an American Thinker, I present to you a modest proposal: Let’s dump the Deep State.  Let’s gut it and save our Republic.  Such dramatic action would signal to all Americans that we have an irreconcilable crisis requiring drastic measures to fix. But how?

First, a couple of quick facts should remind us that America isn’t quite so familiar anymore, and there are American subversives afoot:

  • About seven million people have died globally from Covid-19, with almost 700 million more sickened.  Given the broad debate on the origins of Covid, it grows increasingly clearer that the Wuhan Lab, and the Chinese military with support from our own country, are complicit.

  • The American middle class shrank due to government policies following the takeover of the economy during the pandemic era.  This is entirely different than the issue of the disease itself and flies in the face of Biden’s claim that Bidenomics triumph—nearly half of Americans would have trouble coming up with $500 for an emergency.

On an average day, about 140 people die in the U.S. from fentanyl, more than from any other drug in history.  Not limited to viral agents, China is also a culprit behind our fentanyl crisis.  Precursor chemicals are made in China and sent to Mexican labs to be manufactured into fentanyl.  The penalty for manufacturing and distributing most illicit drugs in China is death, while here, you get a clean needle or a shot of Narcan.  China exports this killer to America to disrupt and distract our country.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken, engaging in meaningless negotiations with China and somehow expecting our enemy to change its ways, is another symptom of our weakness.  How many ministerial-level Chinese have ventured here, compared to the wave of high-level officials we have dispatched, hats in hand?  Isn’t it obvious our strategy is wrong?

The Civil War saw “only” 500,000 dead.  But, because it was a virus this time, we seem to treat this differently.  Covid-19 was likely weaponized.  Whether through accident or intent, it was an attack on our country.  Try to prove me wrong.  You can’t.  Why?  The Chinese won’t cooperate.  In a civil trial, you only have to prove that the preponderance of evidence would make a reasonable person believe the assertion was true.  I think we have exceeded that bar in the Covid-19 contention.  China is responsible, just as President Trump stated.

Our government’s now almost complete control of our economy has led to the introduction of initiatives impossible without the extraordinary power it granted itself during the still ongoing pandemic emergency that unofficially continues.  Unprecedented concepts such as the Green New Deal encompass everything from energy, population control, transfers of wealth, universal government, and even more Wokeness (if you can believe it).  Through the coercion of financial institutions, major corporations, and local governments, and the initiation of a selected winners-and-losers economy have reordered our country without anyone voting to do so.  We’ve seemingly been overthrown in a bloodless revolution.  How many truly understand this?  Worse, how many care enough to take ownership over the state of the nation?

Perhaps the most significant limitation any free country has is the ability to efficiently and reliably share an understanding of what’s true and what’s not.  Our country is confused on a fundamental level as this or that authoritative-sounding person or group uses highly scripted and tested language to influence you to adopt their position.  Freedom of speech is under attack in a manner and means few can fully comprehend.  We must understand who is behind that speech, particularly when the government is said to be the assailant.

The answer is decentralization. 

Why not move large parts of the government out of Washington, D.C.?  We should demand from our federal legislators that entire departments be disbanded, such as the Department of Education, which interferes with how states decide to educate your children.  We outgrew Washington, D.C., years ago—250 years of the Potomac two-step has mainly delivered a better-paid political class that considers itself superior to the rest of us.  Mockingjay anyone?

Technology has eliminated the need for centralized government.  Although many nominally work in D.C., many are still at home.  That is all the proof you need.  Time to spread around some of the largesse of working for the U.S. Career Civil Service, where the average employee makes $117,228 a year!  That’s more money than the average entrepreneur earns who takes on risk and invests hard work, all without guarantees.  Yet, many (not all) federal workers take their jobs as a right.

The numbers are overwhelming: 364,000 federal employees “work” in the District of Columbia.  Hundreds of thousands more lawyers, lobbyists, contractors, and others there aim to figure out how to game the system in a client’s favor; frequently successfully!

Countless minds have attempted to figure out how to undo this abomination, and yet, here we are.  But, things can be done to limit federal influence, and that starts with decentralization, just as the Founders envisioned.  Restricting the revolving door arrangement between government and the bureaucratic political employment that fosters out-of-control spending and minimizes the value we receive for our money, must happen.

There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  What’s your favorite way to save the Republic?

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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