Our Government Has Been Covering Up Its Crimes For A Very Long Time

The independently produced movie, Sound of Freedom, grossed over $85 Million in just 13 days. The faith-based thriller sheds light on America’s child trafficking crisis and quickly soared to the number two movie after its July 4, 2023, release. Regarding the tawdry subject of child trafficking and other nefarious crimes let’s pull the curtain back and take a glimpse into the government’s reluctance to address these thorny issues.

Sibel Edmonds is a former contract translator for the FBI. She went to work as a Turkish and Farsi translator for the FBI five days after 9/11 with a top-level security clearance. Then, she revealed the scale of blackmail directed at high-level government officials. In April 2002, she was unceremoniously fired.

With people like the powerful senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, on her side, the government was forced to investigate why she was terminated. This led to the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) conducting a two-year-long investigation. Finally, in July 2004, the OIG completed its report. However, before it was published and provided to the public, the FBI stepped in and declared it “classified,” preventing its release!

Image: Sibel Edmonds (edited) by RT America. CC BY 3.0.

After months of relentless pressure, in January 2005, the OIG issued a redacted, unclassified version. Even redacted, the report provided stunning vindication of Edmonds’ credibility, stating that many of her claims “were supported” and were indeed a “significant factor in the FBI’s decision to terminate her.”

So, what was Edmond’s alleging?

Edmond’s job was to translate and transcribe recordings of conversations between suspected Turkish intelligence agents and their American contacts. Through that work, she discovered information so shocking that then-Attorney General Ashcroft gagged her not once but twice using the cagey States Secrets Privilege. The Justice Department also took the unusual step of retroactively classifying Edmonds’ briefings, as well as FBI briefings, forcing Members of Congress who had the information posted on their Web sites to remove the documents.

In fact, the States Security Privilege doctrine has never been the subject of any congressional vote or statute, so it’s quite controversial. However, in 1953, in United States v. Reynolds, the Supreme Court held that some things were so privileged that even the courts couldn’t look at them:

[T]oo much judicial inquiry into the claim of privilege would force disclosure of the thing the privilege was meant to protect, while a complete abandonment of judicial control would lead to intolerable abuses.

However, Edmonds wasn’t revealing national security information; that is unless one considers exposing the U.S. government’s brazenly and deeply embarrassing criminal acts to be a matter of national security. We do know some of what Edmonds alleged thanks to a October 27, 2002, interview on 60 Minutes,

Edmonds said that, after 9/11, the translation unit was ordered to deliberately slow its work and let documents pile up so that the FBI could request more money! According to Sen. Grassley, who was also interviewed on the same show, other people in the FBI “corroborated a lot of her story.”

The FBI hired Jan Dickerson as another Turkish translator with a high-level security clearance. The FBI later admitted that, when it hired her, it was totally unaware she’d worked for a Turkish organization that was being investigated by the FBI’s own counter-intelligence unit! Even more astounding, the FBI apparently didn’t know she’d had a relationship with a Turkish intelligence officer stationed in Washington who was the target of that investigation.

When Edmonds checked Dickerson’s translations, she discovered serious flaws, including omitting the fact that the Turkish intelligence officer was running spies in the State Department and The Pentagon!!!

Edmonds alleged that, at the turn of the last century, there were “several bin Ladens” who were flying on private jets and NATO planes to places like Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Chechnya. Edmonds said that “people and weapons went one way, drugs came back.”

NATO planes, said Edmonds, were being used to transport drugs to Belgium. Many drugs came to the U.S. on military planes and, from there, “went to distribution centers in Chicago and Paterson, New Jersey.” Edmonds also asserted that Turkish diplomats were entering our country with “suitcases of heroin.”

Most people are probably unaware that, in 2007, six years after international forces invaded Afghanistan, the opium yield was the largest in human history. Opium sales increased Afghanistan’s GDP by a whopping 66%. In fact, by 2007, opium revenue constituted 40% of the entire economy!

According to a 2006 Daily Mail article, northern Afghanistan wasn’t just producing poppies and opium; it was also producing heroin on an industrial scale. This was the same region in which Osama Bin Laden was headquartered, the same man the CIA financed from 1979 to 1989 to fight the Soviets.

When we attacked Afghanistan, America engaged in air bombing raids “while the CIA paid, armed and equipped the warlord drug barons—especially those grouped in the Northern Alliance—to do the ground occupation.” After America’s initial success against the Taliban (which Biden threw away), the warlords moved in to claim the spoils. They were made ministers in the new government so that the four largest players in the heroin business were all senior members of the Afghan government.

Edmond’s duties also led to her discovering a rat’s nest of culture rot in the U.S. Congress. While translating recordings of conversations between suspected Turkish intelligence agents and their American contacts, one name stood out, a man the Turkish callers often referred to as “Denny boy.” It turns out that this was a reference to the Republican congressman from Illinois and then-Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert.

In May 2015, Hastert was indicted for structuring withdrawals of over $900,000 to avoid bank reporting laws. The money was used to pay off blackmailers regarding pedophilia crimes he committed while he was a high school wrestling coach. These charges were just the tip of a burgeoning iceberg. Hastert, his top aide, and other high-ranking government officials were caught up in a criminal web of pedophilia, espionage, drugs, and blackmail.

Hastert’s lawyers had no problem negotiating a plea bargain for the same reason Sibel Edmonds was gagged with the dubious States Secrets Privilege. In fact, Sibel has warned that the Hastert matter, which is “deep” and “dark,” will never be fully explored because it was a bipartisan scandal that involved “people from both sides of the aisle.”

Last August, as noted, we abandoned Afghanistan so that the Taliban once again reign supreme. Before the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban had essentially eradicated opium crop production. Now that they are back in charge, what will happen to the opium/heroin yields? Will they be slashed to almost nothing, or will the Taliban be tempted to use the massive economy of scale and use heroin to fund terrorism?

Are we are witnessing the unintended consequences of a 20-year occupation of one of the most vile places on Earth, or are there darker forces at work that Sibel Edmonds has been trying to warn us about for over two decades?

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