God’s Children Are Not for Sale: Why the Left Hates Sound of Freedom

I recently went to see the movie Sound of Freedom. It was the first time I had gone to a movie theater since before Covid and it was well worth the wait for such a superb and important film. I was curious about a number of things including whether, in the midst of a heatwave (and rumors that AMC Theaters were sabotaging the air-conditioning in theaters showing the film), the theater would be air-conditioned and why the left has been so distraught over a movie about child sex trafficking – a seemingly nonpartisan issue about which all people of good conscience should be concerned.

I am happy to report that the theater, in West Nyack, NY, was air-conditioned and comfortable. I’m also happy to report that other than the first two rows, every seat was occupied. In fact, when I went to purchase the ticket, the 6:30pm and 7:30pm showings were completely sold out other than the first two rows, so I attended a 9:15pm showing.

And leftists won't be pleased to hear that the composition of the audience was “representative” of the country’s demographics, i.e., it was quite diverse. In fact, the vast majority of the audience was Hispanic (my guess with the amount of Spanish I heard is first generation), Black, and much of the audience was likely 30 and under, although there were definitely people a bit older as well (I spotted only one white man who appeared to be older than 50). These are people the left thinks they own.

I did not spot one QAnon-supporting, white supremacist or MAGA-touting Republican. At $16 for a ticket, I found the demographics interesting, although once the movie began and I realized it took place almost entirely in Central America with all of the children being trafficked from those countries, it made sense. And despite the diversity of the audience, people laughed in unison at the one or two appropriate places (it was not a fun or funny movie) and clapped appropriately including when a pedophile was arrested and at the end of the movie.

As to why the left has done everything in its power to sabotage the movie, including Disney Studios reportedly shelving it for five years, there is absolutely nothing whatsoever political in Sound of Freedom, a mostly (the film-makers did take some artistic license) true story of child sex-trafficking. I watched the film looking for scenes, statements, or anything else that could have been deemed offensive to someone on the left and couldn’t find one. In fact, there was nothing at all patriotic about the film including not one American flag -- which we know offends the left -- nor was there any criticism of Democrats’ or the Biden administration’s immigration failures.

This has led me to conclude three things about why the left hates the movie. The first point is obvious: one of Biden’s first moves upon entering office was to open our southern border, which has resulted in far greater numbers of children who are being trafficked for sex and slavery. Several months ago, whistleblowers appeared before Congress to testify about Biden acting as a “middleman” in a multi-billion-dollar child trafficking operation. And Tim Ballard, the DHS agent whom the story was about and who started Operation Underground Railroad in order to save children from this terrible atrocity, and Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Ballard, have spoken extensively  on the topic.

While Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and the complicit mainstream media have been lying to Americans about our border remaining secure, the numbers, videos, and individual stories tell the truth. And that’s the problem; Sound of Freedom tells a story that the left doesn’t want you, average American citizen, to hear.

The problem with sabotaging such an important story is that there are young lives at stake, and they need our help. Child trafficking is a huge industry and people of good moral conscience need to act in order to save them. At the end of the film the following statements appear just before the credits:

Human trafficking is a 150 billion dollar-a-year business. The United States is one of the top destinations for human trafficking and is among the largest consumers of child sex.

There are more humans trapped in slavery today than any other time in history – including when slavery was legal.

Millions of these slaves are children.

It’s very easy to put one’s head in the sand and ignore the painful realities that evil exists in our world. Or as someone in the film notes, “It’s too ugly for polite conversation.” Sound of Freedom doesn’t allow for ostriches to sit back and ignore these children. Which is tragically ironic since liberals claim to care so much about certain children (i.e. media lies about innocent Palestinian children murdered at the hands of Nazi-like Israelis) while ignoring the plight of those pouring across the border from Latin America and simultaneously indoctrinating America’s children into a world of drag queens and transgenderism. No wonder the left doesn’t want Americans to become aware of how pervasive the problem is lest Biden (the guy who exhibits pedophilia tendencies of his own) be forced to act.

During the credits, Caviezel spends about two minutes talking to the audience making an appeal to everyone to tell the story and help market the movie sharing the unimaginable roadblocks to getting the film released and stating:

We don’t have big studio money to market this movie, but we have you. And the baton has now been passed to you. You are the storytellers that can get people to come see this film in theaters. Sound of Freedom is a hero’s tale but I’m not talking about the character I play. It’s the heroic brother and sister in this film that work to save each other. They are the true heroes. The most powerful person in this world is the storyteller. Together, we have a chance to make these two kids and the countless children that they represent, the most powerful people in the world by telling the story in a way that only the cinema can do. For a couple of months while Sound of Freedom is in theaters these kids can be more powerful than the cartel kingpins or presidents or congressmen or even tech billionaires. We believe this movie has the power to be a huge step forward toward ending child trafficking. But it will only have that effect if millions of people see it.”

He then put up a QR code to scan in order to help Angel Studios “pay it forward” by purchasing a ticket for someone else. For those interested in making a donation for others to see the film, you can go to Pay it Forward for Sound of Freedom | Angel Studios. As of this writing there were well over five million tickets sold (they had a goal of two million).

Which brings me to my second conclusion: the left hates straight, white, male heroes. And while the children are the real heroes in this story, Caviezel fits that bill, his powerful presence portraying Ballard is felt throughout the film’s entirety and Ballard’s work in saving children is truly heroic. The left can’t stand that; hence why movies featuring superheroes and Disney princesses are being remade with Black, gay and nonbinary representations, while every movie with a straight, White, male hero is attacked as a QAnon-, MAGA-, white supremacist-supporter or a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Notwithstanding these attacks, Sound of Freedom is doing quite well at the box office as is often the case with a well-made film telling an important story. American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper, 13 Hours about Benghazi, and Top Gun Maverick featuring Tom Cruise back in his patriotic role all come to mind as movies the left panned, but Americans loved.

Finally, the left hates religion, likely because it instills morals which often lead people to do the right thing. Sound of Freedom is not a religious movie, but there are a few references to God that I’m sure annoyed atheistic leftists who are anything but morally driven to do the right thing. At one point one of the characters was explaining why he helps save children and he stated, “When God tells you what to do you cannot hesitate.” I venture a guess that most people on the left don’t hear God let alone have Him guide them throughout their lives or they wouldn’t support puberty blockers, castration, and mastectomies for children, abortion on demand up to delivery, and the legalization of cannabis and other toxic drugs for instance.

But thankfully many good people do in fact follow their conscience and recognize evil and those people are going to see this movie, are encouraging others to do so, and are hoping to help all of God’s children hear the sound of freedom. And as Ballard’s character says at the end of the film, Amen.

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