Cleanup in Kenosha, Aisle 4

A coda to Kyle Rittenhouse’s ordeal recently occurred: conviction of one of his aggressors, armed rioter (now armed robber/kidnapper) Joshua Ziminski, on unrelated felony charges.  Rittenhouse, George Zimmerman, and NYC subway Samaritans Daniel Penny and Jordan Williams are frontline warriors battling to preserve civilization.  Rittenhouse's legal ordeal continues.  He faces litigation from Gaige Grosskreutz (wounded after pointing a gun at Rittenhouse) and a wrongful death action from Anthony Huber’s estate, shot by Rittenhouse after Huber bashed him with a skateboard.  Grosskreutz's complaint, more diatribe than lawsuit, features the word “White” 20 times, two more times than in the Huber suit.  During his Tucker Carlson interview Rittenhouse revealed the tribulations endured during his 87-day incarceration. 

Rittenhouse was designated as a sacrificial offering.  His criminal trial was highly politicized, somewhat similar to Derek Chauvin’s case.  After shooting three Whites, the POTUS and media portrayed Rittenhouse as racist.  His case headlines this century's tests of Second Amendment and self-defense rights, alongside Zimmerman’s 2013 trial.  Police did not charge Zimmerman, concluding self-defense.  Six weeks later protesters were rewarded with a special prosecutor.  The POTUS (“if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”) and the media piled on to ensure he was indicted for murder.  Hispanic Zimmerman was defamed as a White supremacist.  The Zimmerman and Rittenhouse affairs cannot be understood independently.

Penny and Williams are the latest sacrificial offerings.  The subdued, pro forma Biden administration statement on Penny provides hope the rhetoric behind this witch trial frenzy is abating.  Juries refused to convict Zimmerman and Rittenhouse.  Penny will likely obtain the same.  The funeral of his ‘victim” featured some usual suspects

Jordan Williams’ judge refused prosecutors’ request for bail, declaring “I think you have every reason to fight this case with the support of your family.”  The judge, defendant, and deceased perpetrator are all Black, foiling the racial grievance industry which consecrated Penny’s “victim” while ignoring the other violent ex-con Williams defended against.  Williams’ attorney’s explanation for why his client was armed: "It's clear a lot of people don't feel safe right now."  FedEx offered no explanation for why Williams was immediately fired, confirming cowardly corporations go woke, then broke.  Williams’ grand jury refused to return an indictment, rebuking prosecutors. 

During the 2020 Kenosha riot, Rittenhouse, alarmed by Ziminski’s nearby gunshot, then began firing on his assailants.  Ziminski was not a witness in Rittenhouse’s trial because he would have invoked the Fifth.  Prosecutors who zealously persecuted Rittenhouse only pursued Ziminski after intense public pressure.  It took five months for him to be  charged for the shooting and arson for torching a dumpster.  Only after public pressure was applied did prosecutors charge Ziminski.  Nor was Ziminski’s bride initially prosecuted for related acts.  Ziminski was also charged with witness intimidation on courthouse grounds during Rittenhouse's trial.  Prosecutors conveniently forgot to prosecute Ziminski for the intimidation, only intent on targeting Rittenhouse.  Prosecutors concealed or overlooked evidence, suborned perjury, and intimidated witnesses.  (Stuff Trump’s tormentor Jack Smith routinely does.)  Silencing Rittenhouse supporters was their objective.  His trial also featured jury intimidation.  Prosecutors (persecutors) of Rittenhouse, Zimmerman, Penny, and Williams target those exercising self-defense, rather than jailing their attackers.  As Trump notes, “In reality they’re not after me, they’re after you.”  Ditto for most J6ers. 

Ziminski was a bad boy long before the Kenosha riot, with arrests almost every year since turning 20 in 2005.  The couple, out on bail for rioting charges, acted exceptionally naughty more recently during an armed robbery and kidnapping last August, two years and a day after the riot.  Video of the couple during an unrelated traffic stop provides context.  They pleaded guilty in May to burglary and armed robbery, with remaining 2020 riot charges dropped.  Their sentencing is in July.  Prosecutors clearly desire to bury the latter's role in the 2020 riot.  Rittenhouse alleged Ziminski urged rioters to "get him" and "kill him" prior to Ziminski firing into the air nearby.  Ziminski also set a dumpster afire.  Was he there to protest or commit mayhem?  (He has “SIN” tattooed on his head, with an inverted crucifix on his face.)  Those who assaulted Rittenhouse were violent rioters, not peaceful protesters.  CNN out-beclowned itself that night with its “fiery but mostly peaceful protestschyron.

The press avoids mentioning Grosskreutz’s and Ziminski’s guns.  The former pointed a pistol at Rittenhouse.  The latter urged others to kill Rittenhouse before firing into the air.  They were not alone.  Over 20 firearms were seized by police, along with other weapons, in over 300 arrests from nine days of “mostly peaceful” rioting, looting, and arson.  Many of those arrested were external actors, including ANTIFA-affiliated Riot Kitchen members.  Contrast the media’s lack of interest in discovering the number of guns infiltrated into Kenosha with the resources devoted to establishing the presence of weapons at the J6 protest.  This effort includes the final report of the House J6 “select” committee.  The apparent number of J6 arrests which included guns was four.  Of over 1,000 J6 arrests to date, only 14 (less than 1.4%) were made that day by Capitol Police -- a story in itself.  There were no mass arrests on January 6, those have occurred since.  Of the 14 actual J6 arrests, two were for the D.C. offense of CPWL (Carrying a Pistol Without a License) and unregistered ammunition.  20 Kenosha guns: crickets.  Two J6 guns: insurrection.

Prosecutors' willingness to torment Rittenhouse highlights their unwillingness to pursue riot-related charges against the Ziminskis.  Prosecution did not proceed on the riot charge, or the witness intimidation count, until forced by public pressure and finally their egregious 2022 kidnapping/armed robbery.  Rittenhouse was blessed with competent counsel, an impartial judge and a fair jury, a trifecta not always present.  Recall Judge Bruce Schroeder chastising prosecutor Thomas Binger: “Don’t get brazen with me!  ...I don’t want to have another issue as long as this case continues.  Is that clear?” 

Having examined Ziminski, the three individuals Rittenhouse shot also deserve scrutiny.  The 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum was shot after assaulting Rittenhouse and grabbing for his gun.  He was mentally unstable, often homeless, and released that day from a hospital stay after treatment for attempted suicide.  Rosenbaum had been medicated with antidepressants and bipolar drugs.  “He was molested by a stepfather and had spent most of his adult life in prison starting at age 18 for sexual conduct with five preteen boys.  His mother was sent to prison when he was 13 and Rosenbaum began using heroin and methamphetamine at a group home where he was sent.”  The 26-year-old Anthony “Huber spent time in prison twice, first for violating probation after strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister.  ...and also struggled with bipolar disorder.” The 26-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz was shot pointing a pistol at Rittenhouse.

America’s best did not foment the 2020 riots.  Are these four representative of the miniscule minority that ransacked cities?  It is essential to understand the nature of those actively dismantling our nation the next time they emerge.  Prosecutors define anarchy when persecuting good, while ignoring evil. 

Image: Daniel Arauz

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