Cancel Culture: A Tool of Leftist Tyranny

The pro-LGBTQ+ House Democrat Party in Michigan has passed a law to fine or incarcerate residents using the wrong pronouns in addressing another person.

The bill, HB 4474, criminalizes making somebody "feel threatened" by terminology including employing the wrong pronouns. If enacted, it will be a felony hate crime with up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine for causing protected classes to “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened,” regarding gender identity or sexual orientation.

I Am a Fugitive

I reside in North Carolina where my recent crime is not yet a felony.  Whew!  My letter below and some of the correspondence leading up to it, illuminate my grievous sin!  

Greetings Artspace Board Members,

I am a six-year volunteer with Artspace of Raleigh, having started in March of 2014, and serving through March of 2020 until COVID-19 shut us down. I resumed volunteering once the “First Friday” visitors were back in swing.

During my time as a volunteer, I was on site, perhaps 60 to 64 times, missing about 10 First Fridays due to my travel as a professional.  My volunteer experience initially included serving wine and beer, then serving food for many years.  Also I stayed on for a second 3-hour shift, on short notice, when other volunteers did not appear.

I also served on some weekends during Family Days and at the annual benefactors’ banquet -- a black tie affair.

After COVID-19, I was assigned to the education room.  During such sessions, parents with children or children on their own would create some type of art or craft.  The new supervisor was David, who praised me often, as I always arrived early, took few breaks, did not require refreshments, and handled crowds of all sizes.

When I volunteered for June, I saw that my sign-up had been removed.  When I re-signed, I was informed by David via email, out of the blue that I had committed a grievous sin 10 weeks before. Ten weeks!  

Hi Jeff,

            I apologize for not responding to you sooner.  I am going to politely ask that you no longer volunteer with Artspace moving forward.  We have appreciated your support, but my colleague Danny reported that you used inappropriate language that could've made attendees feel uncomfortable while volunteering during March First Friday.

            At Artspace, we're striving to create a space that people from all walks of life can feel comfortable in and we need volunteers who reinforce that culture.  Again, thank you for the support but I feel its best if you no longer volunteer with Artspace.



Greetings David,

            I did not knowingly use any inappropriate language at any time. What specific language does Danny have to report?  I would be most interested in knowing the specifics as opposed to some general accusation.  


            I'm happy to give you a call later today to discuss.  However, as the Director of Community Engagement and the person who manages Artspace's volunteer program this is my final decision.  Please let me know the best time to call you today.

            Thank you,



            You can call me anytime {he never did, I had to force a call}, I'm interested knowing a couple of things:

            * What does Danny say that I said, verbatim?

            * Why did he not tell me at the time?

            * Why does it take 3 months to find out such news?

            Also, don’t be concerned that I'm going to attempt to continue to be a volunteer.  Nobody, including me, wants to be around anybody that does not like them.

            Jeff Davidson

No News by Phone

On the phone, I he offered vague utterance about some terrible faux pas that merited instantly canceling me. So, I called to his boss and later sent her the email trail:

Greetings Ms. Jones,

            David would tell me nothing and when I attempted to gain any useful information about the alleged faux pas, he hung up on me. In my 20+ years of volunteering for WUNC, the Flower Shuttle, Tunnel to Towers, Cystic Fibrosis, March of Dimes, and the NC Museum of Arts, I have never experienced anything remotely like this.

            Thanks for your attention,

            Jeff Davidson

At the request of his boss, David sent me a formal letter, adding on other previously unannounced “multiple reports on your inability to follow instructions during volunteer shifts.”  Bingo! Fraud exposed: someone has a weak case so they throw in more vague assertions to “shore up” their argument. When they stonewall you by phone and you get upset, they throw that in as well.

Dear Jeff,

            Thank you for your six years of service to Artspace.  Our organization appreciates your continued support over the years assisting with First Fridays and other programs. Unfortunately, we no longer see Artspace's volunteer program as a good fit for you, and we will no longer need your assistance as a volunteer.

            We have come to this decision after we received multiple reports on your inability to follow instructions during volunteer shifts.  A staff member reported you made inappropriate comments related to gender in reference to a family visiting Artspace during First Friday on March 3, 2023.  Everyone is welcome at Artspace and our staff strives to create a safe space that is welcoming to people of all ages, abilities, genders, and backgrounds.  We want to retain volunteers who will reinforce that expectation and respect the culture that has been established.

            Not only did your comments make that staff member feel uncomfortable, but dismissive comments related to gender identity could have jeopardized that family's positive experience at Artspace.  The hostile behavior you displayed when confronted about this incident over the phone only further displays that it is time for us to part ways.  


            Multiple reasons?  Hardly.  Thanks for your continued non-explanation.  If you're referring to the two little kids, dressed in bright colors, with long flowing hair, giggling at the back table for over an hour, who I mistook as girls, it was an mistake that anyone could have made with zero malice.  I was seeking to help them with their art project, as they seemed stuck.

            I said, verbatim, "Ladies, can I help?"  They had been unsupervised for at least an hour, and then a parent seated nearby said, "They're boys."  I immediately told them I was sorry for their error.  Not the world's worst offense, and likely not the first time someone has erred in relation to them.

            I then went immediately to Danny and asked him about the two youths and he said they were boys.  I told him that I had mistook them.  That is the whole incident.

            You, David, seek to make this a federal case, and make defamatory statements and conjure up a history of bad behavior.  By phone, you were intentionally unresponsive when I had a legitimate right to details. You kept accusing me of pressing you, and then you hung up on me.  It has now taken several more weeks to get any kind of information from you and I had to go to your supervisor, at that.

            For shame, David.

Cancellation Celebrations!

That’s how cancel culture, a cancer, now lingers at Artspace in Raleigh, NC. Who will be next?

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