A Chicago Sex Scandal in Migrant Temporary Housing – This Wasn’t on the Caravan Brochure…

No matter how many crimes occur in Chicago every day – carjackings, muggings, drug deals, political corruption – these rarely make the news, other than in reports of crime statistics.  We hear numbers; we rarely learn the victims’ names.  There are just too many of them.

It’s the rarest of crimes – the incidents of severe police misconduct - that make the news.

And the news of the day is a particularly disturbing story. 

The story broke on Thursday, July 6 that at least one Chicago police officer was being investigated for having sexual contact with illegal aliens (the press calls them “undocumented migrants,” but we know what they mean), who were being housed in a police station in the North Lawndale neighborhood. 

The story grew by the hour, and by Friday, it was admitted that internal affairs was investigating at least four officers at the station in question, for sexual relationships with (allegedly) multiple girls sheltering there, at least one of whom is a minor, reportedly pregnant with a police officer’s child.

Within 24 hours, at least sixty primarily Spanish-speaking aliens were moved out of this police station, where they had resided for months (?!), and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability had opened its own separate investigation, eager to delve into, this time, an apparently legitimate case against the police.

The mainstream media guide the discussion in the direction one would expect:

It’s a violation of the public trust for public employees, the police, to take advantage of these poor people in this way. It’s a crime if these police used their power as authority figures to abuse these poor people.  And if the reports are correct that one or more are underage, then it’s worse still; it constitutes statutory rape.

And all these points are valid.  If everything about the story is true, then these abuses by these individual officers are indeed improper, likely criminal, and certainly grounds for termination.

However… there’s more to the story that the mainstream press isn’t talking about.

First, is this consensual?  The story was presented as “sexual relationships,” but one must ask if the girls were really willing, or if these incidents constitute rape.

The first possibility is obvious: if one or more of the girls are underage, it’s statutory rape; an underage person cannot legally give consent, period. 

But even if they weren’t underage, even adult women, living as illegal aliens in a police station in a country foreign to them, are in a position in which consent would be questionable.  Like teachers or bosses, the police are in a position of authority.  Police officers at such a station would have been presented as guardians, but would seem like their own prison guards in reality.  To the migrants, the thought process may be “it’s their place; they set the rules. If sexual favors are the price of living here for this stage of the process, that must just be the way this awful life is.”

And what if there’s even more to it? What if there are city employees running a prostitution ring out of the jail, with the services provided by these poor girls, who may have had a say in the matter, but who also may have had no say at all?  When there’s sexual activity in these conditions, even if it doesn’t start out as prostitution, we know that’s often the direction it all ends up.

Quite a situation we have here.  And while the Right has talked about this risk for years, this isn’t how our nation’s Democrat politicians are presenting the migrant situation, is it?

We are told to feel sorry for these untold millions of illegal aliens. We are told that conditions are so awful in their home countries, we must consider them to be legitimate seekers of asylum. We are told that we have a duty to welcome them in, to spend taxpayer dollars to feed and clothe and house them, and to cover their healthcare when they’re sick, and their education and job training, even to cover their legal bills. 

We are told that if we feel otherwise, if we don’t believe that American taxpayers should be forced to cover these unlimited, geometrically-increasing costs, then we are heartless… cruel… un-American.

But what, then, are the Democrats who created this situation in the first place?

Under the guise of compassion, Democrat politicians encouraged people to leave other countries, to join caravans, and show up at our border to demand this compassionate welcome.

And then what is the compassionate welcome we give them?  Two or three days’ transportation to an unknown place, where they will sit and cower in condemned school rooms, or bankrupt motels, or overcrowded police stations, for months and months, without legal status to get an honest job or live an honest life, at risk 24/7 of assault by their fellow aliens, or by their alleged caretakers, or in this case, perhaps even at the hands of the police.

These new immigrants must get a much different idea of our police than we native-born Americans have. And perhaps that’s by design.

The politicians of Chicago – and of other big cities as well – have lured these millions of denizens into the country, knowing that this would be the situation in which they’d end up. These big city politicians pose a danger to these illegals far worse than the illegals realize, because this is now a permanent condition for them.  They will now forever be people without a country, always dodging the law when they apply for jobs or aid or help, always afraid to call the police when crimes are committed against them.

And might this be the plan?

These millions of “undocumented migrants” are poor, uneducated, desperate. They are entirely out of their element, dependent on the largesse of the new host government for everything.  They are scared, defenseless, lost, confused.  Landless, powerless, friendless.  They are prime candidates for control and abuse by the powers that be, whether those powers are the Democrat party machine or the government-supplied social workers or the politically-connected nonprofits that will start out looking helpful and then activate them as political pawns, ready to provide numbers whenever parades, strikes, demonstrations, or even illegal votes on election day are needed.

They are here on purpose; the conditions are known.  So it only follows: the Democratic Party wants these immigrants to be in this condition, and wants there to be as many of them as possible.

Perhaps that’s because that’s how the modern Democrat politicians likes all its subjects: weak, scared, hungry, dependent, and obedient.  They wish we were all like that.  They are the party of government, and only when the voters are in this condition do the voters feel they need government.

One more interesting note, just as a coincidence, perhaps (unless it’s true that there is no such thing as a coincidence):  This story happened to break during the week of Independence Day.

On Independence Day, we celebrate our Founding Fathers throwing off the yoke of the British Crown, daringly declaring an end to the Crown’s tyrannical rules… one of which was the stationing of British military men in civilian homes.  This “quartering” policy horrified Americans, because if a family had to host a British soldier, they might be at risk of the very kind of abuse that these migrants appear to be suffering in government-run temporary housing all over the country today.

Our Founding Fathers knew human nature.  They knew that allowing a government to force strangers to live together with disparities in power and position was creating a level of risk that no government should inflict upon its citizens.  Our Founders knew such conditions were not to be tolerated.

And so too should we today understand that this business of having the government force the responsibility of caring for millions of foreigners under our roofs and with our tax dollars is simply a tyrannical outrage that cannot be tolerated. The conditions it creates are simply too rife with possible risks.

One cannot help but wonder: was this perhaps the Democrat Party’s plan all along?  American voters aren’t gullible enough, obedient enough; we never were.  So bring in millions of outsiders, weak and scared, ignorant of our history and our libertarian principles, grateful for whatever scraps we give them, willing to put up with our abuse because they know nothing different?

That will make for quite the future electorate, won’t it?

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based international transportation professional and consultant.  A onetime Milwaukee County Republican Party chairman, he has been writing a regular column for Illinois Review since 2009.  His book on vote fraud (The Tales of Little Pavel) and his political satires on the current administration (Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes I and II) are available on Amazon.

Image: Screen shot from ABC 7 Chicago video, via YouTube

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