A Line of Defense Against Mail-in Ballot Fraud

One of the best things about a segment on the War Room, after virtually meeting Steve Bannon, is the incoming mail two days later.

The RNC, the Trump Campaign, almost every Republican state party chairperson believes the road to 2024 electoral victory is to “out-ballot-harvest the left.” It’s hard to argue with absolute nonsense.  To the rescue, however, comes a retired mail carrier who sent the following message:

Message: I am a retired mail man.

I just saw your War Room interview.
I now know where the mules got their ballots. Straight from the post office in returned/undeliverable mail.
While I have zero proof of where they ended up, I had those ballots you were talking about in my mail bag with wrong addresses or lacking apartment numbers or even people that moved and still had ballots delivered to their old apartment.
We put those ballots in a basket and someone came by and picked them up.
Hundreds or even thousands of ballots. 
Who picked them up, where did they go?
Now we know why signature match was removed…
Someone needs to investigate the post office and their democratic union run activities.

Tell us, RNC, how are you going to beat this? 

The only way to stop the government, in particular the United States Post Office, from gathering hundreds of thousands of loose ballots, all of which go somewhere other than to Republican candidates -- is to stop those ballots in the first place.

We know, from numerous sources, that the Post Office is one of several ballot-gathering apparatuses of the Left.  How much ballot harvesting at evangelical churches is needed to make up for government-sponsored ballot harvesting -- industrial scale?

A key to winning in 2024 is to identify every, or as close to every as technology and diligent work can enable -- every ballot being sent out that will land in that “basket” that “somebody” later picked up.

What are the addresses on those ballots?

  • Ballots mailed to vacant lots -- or in Arizona, street corners.
  • Ballots sent to apartment buildings without the unit or APT number.
  • Ballots sent to college dorms for students registered there for decades.
  • Ballots sent to fraternities with a 105-year-old student.
  • Ballots sent to churches -- which have no bedrooms, thus cannot be someone’s domicile.
  • Ballots for the person who moved -- over a year ago.
  • Ballots mailed to hotels and casinos.
  • Ballots where the address was modified -- by the voter commission (as in Arizona) -- the week those ballots went out, thus missing the recipient.
  • Ballots sent to Manchurian restaurants, laundromats, banks, and 7-Elevens -- all of which are not valid addresses for voters.
  • Ballots sent to UPS and FedEx boxes -- sometimes to a dozen people living in that little box.
  • Ballots sent to the apartment building -- but the address is the clubhouse -- which has no bedrooms.
  • Ballots sent to the 22,000 new voters in a single county entered just days before the election -- who were invisible to Arizona Republican candidates in 2022.
  • Ballots sent to Mr. Gonzales, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Gonzalles, all at the same address with the same date of birth.
  • Ballots sent to the Wisconsin college dorm that has 1,000 registered voters but can house only 250 adults.
  • Ballots sent to the 11 adults at the single-family Houston home that is 823 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom.
  • Ballots mailed to people registered at an address in 2020 but the building was not built until 2022.
  • Ballots sent to the rehab facility for dozens of people who claim it as a residence for years.  (Rehab is not a “years” thing.)

Welcome to the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

A simple mail carrier, supported by other mail carriers we interviewed in person, shows how completely useless is the GOP campaign to “out-ballot-harvest” the Left. 

Ballots -- which will not land in an eligible recipient’s hand - must be identified, months in advance of being mailed.

Most of those ballots, using super-compute technology, can be identified, shown to be illegitimate, and brought to everyone’s attention 6 months before election day. 

When Harris County (Houston) floods the zone six months before early voting with 240,000 new voters, each needs to be instantly checked, verified, validated, and if necessary challenged -- before the 2024 election.  Wake up, Ted Cruz!

When Arizona and Wisconsin counties change identifiers the week mail-in ballots go out, then change them back, real time compute needs to flag it and ask “why?”

Here, let’s do it.

Two state legislatures invited the Fractal team to do a “proof of concept” for their state voter rolls.  So, that’s what we’re doing. 

We ingest multiple copies of the voter rolls.  We want at least three dates but in one of the states, we will probably do a dozen.  Multiple copies of voter rolls shows movement, lights up changes made to the voter rolls that make you say hmm.

We compare every copy of the voter roll with every other copy -- every cell against all corresponding cells.  If someone’s zip code was changed, we flag it.  Might be no big deal, but then, might be Arizona where 33,000 zips were changed days before the election.

In a state rep election, for a Republican candidate, a primary, we found 212 people who moved from all over the state to this guy’s district.  They all voted.  Then about a month after the election, they all moved out of the district.  Where do you think they moved?  Back to their original houses!  He won!

We ingest the personal property tax rolls for the county.  Those show the type of building, if it is a business, the number of bedrooms, baths, units, year built, square footage of living space, and about 40 other useful attributes. 

In Austin, Texas, we add the construction/permit rolls, giving us a closer to real time view of every property improvement.

For these two state legislatures, we want something for the Attorney General. 

We bring in the FEC (Federal Election Commission) contribution rolls.  With a single click, the AG can see every “contribution mule” in the state.  If that’s not enough, we bring in the massive Medicaid rolls -- all claims, all providers, all recipients for dozens of years.  At this point, we are in the tens of billions record level -- and guess what we find?

Some of those same sketchy voter addresses -- fake people living in UPS boxes correspond to Medicaid providers -- who are likely fake.  We migrated from just cleaning voter rolls to making a state some real dough -- identifying Medicaid fraud. 

This is the power of real time super-compute.

Our thesis to state governments is that it isn’t just voter fraud.  It’s identity fraud and it is not just in their voter rolls, identity fraud permeates every state government roll.

While we developed the Undeliverable Ballot Database to identify every address where a ballot will be sent yet not find an eligible recipient, we also created an address and identity database for people who claim one identity in Medicaid, another in WIC and another on the voter roll.

Vast government databases are virtually invisible to current SQL/relational technology.  Fractal and other super-computes are delivering real-time visibility to identity fraud lasting decades. 

One of the first benefits is the Undeliverable Ballot Database -- saving the mail carrier all those fake ballots.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List.  His Fractal team is currently working with several state legislatures to identify identity fraud in voter rolls, Medicaid and WIC rolls, FEC contribution mules.  Jay can be reached at Omega4America.com and his Twitter is @OmeAmerica17300

Image: National Archives

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