Will Wokeness Be Our Demise?

Some have said that "woke" is a virus of the mind that affects the ability to understand and interact with reality.  Jack Posobiec recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) in Budapest, Hungary, where he explained how being woke "fundamentally subverts one's ability to function and engage with reality in a meaningful and authentic way."

People infected with wokeness blame racism, white supremacy, homophobes, misogyny, religion, climate change, capitalism, etc. when things don't go their way.  They insist that a human is a man even when biology proves, through DNA, anatomical bone structure, and genitalia she was born with, that the human is female.  And vice versa.  Woke has become a medical industrial money-making vehicle for transgender surgeries and lifelong hormones, starting in early childhood.  Body dysmorphia is a mental condition for which treatment is needed.  Just like anorexia.  Both may be fatal. 

The woke want to spread their ideology.  They attempt to control language through invented words and phrases.  They impose rules for others to use: pronouns, of their choice, for example.  If the pronouns they claim are not obeyed to their satisfaction, they may threaten violence due to trigger words, which they call verbal violence.  Or they may announce that someone hurt their feelings, and that person is therefore evil. 

This mental virus is contagious, spread by activist media propaganda, such as TV networks, Hollywood, commercials, movies, newspapers, social media, professional sports, Wikipedia (definitions changed to woke-approved), and search engines like Google (directing to woke sites).  Schools and other institutions are infected though DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) training, etc.  This has penetrated retail, business, banks, and all government-run agencies.  Since it has penetrated the military, enrollment in our armed services has decreased dramatically.  

Those with the woke virus put the needs of their delusions in front of the needs of others, as in what bathroom is chosen and what sport to compete in.  Those with the virus nurse falsities over consideration of the freedoms, rights, and privacy of others.  Others must be converted, silenced, blocked, or canceled, as the woke are the only ones who are entitled.  LGBT must be validated and celebrated constantly, with verbal validation, parades, demonstrations, drag shows, etc. according to the woke.

Soft-on-crime areas allow no consequences for many acts, including shoplifting and looting, breaking and entering, assaults, and other criminal behavior as wokeness seems to be an automatic defense.  Police are ordered to stand down, and woke judges in liberal cities allow criminals to go free, encouraging their behavior.  Where did this ideology come from?

We need to look at our school system the last several decades.  What is being taught?  Many parents were shocked when they first noticed what their children were being taught during COVID-19 lockdowns, when children were learning at home on computers.  Schools claim to own children and therefore teach them what they desire.  Children are learning that people are either oppressed or a privileged oppressor based on the color of their skin.  Also that the LGBT agenda is to be honored and taught early in elementary school, with instructions on specific sexual acts, with diagrams and pictures.  It also encourages children to question their own gender and to change it, with the full cooperation of the school system.  They will, however deny that this is going on in schools, even after evidence is revealed.

Woke acts as a foundation from which all other lessons are built.  Reading, writing, mathematics, science — all spring from a woke philosophy.  Many decades ago, subjects and not ideology were the focus.  Parents started rebelling against woke teaching with some localized success.  Some were labeled domestic terrorists and placed on FBI lists (woke is the philosophy of the current administration) but still fought valiantly.  Some placed their children in alternative schools, or home school.  Children's literacy scores and mental health improved.

It is difficult to hide or protect oneself and family from the potent woke virus.  Those infected find it difficult to control their language and actions due to their raging anger, a prominent symptom of the virus.  It often causes violence, in an attempt to block all others who are not infected from interacting and sharing information.  People infected often act out their delusions by riots, toppling statues, setting police cars on fire, screaming in faces, blocking roads and entrances, or causing so much noise and commotion that conservative speakers at events are unable to be heard.  

It is not surprising that the number of people with anxiety, depression, drug use, self-inflicted trauma, and other mental illnesses have skyrocketed.  It destroys relationships and families due to the result of the woke disruptive hostile attitudes, intimidation, and mental illness. 

Wokeness may also lead to assaults, or deaths by homicide — even to the suicide of the inflicted woke victim, as untreated anger turns inward.  News is blocked, or labeled misinformation by woke elites.  The woke watch and listen only to those who feed their falsities as the illness escalates.

The current administration invites woke-ridden people to the White House for galas, entertainment, photo ops, and consultations on the best way to encourage the spread of the virus.  Government has their full encouragement and backing. 

This viral delusion is extended to their policies — for example, open borders with millions of illegal crossings, ignoring border laws.  Yet this administration insists the border is secure.  Ask a woke person, and he will say the borders are not open.  Another policy that supports the false reality is the "Inflation Reduction Act," printing trillions of dollars for giving away to other countries and establishing programs for illegal invaders breaking our border laws.  This is, incidentally the party against voter ID.  Printing more and more money will, in the end, cause inflation as it devalues the dollar.  Will the dollar soon become like a grain of sand on the beach?  Several failed countries have proven that it will.

Those who remain grounded in reality are evil, according to this administration.  Opponents are "full of anger, violence, hate, and division." 

Propaganda and delusional thinking work to sway a population and solidify a particular ideology.  Major issues facing the country and world are ignored, denied, or covered up, never to be addressed.  When reality is censored, silenced, and canceled, wokeness owns the media.  This explains the increased mental illness and division in our country. 

"Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth."  Many versions of this have been repeated and attributed to several leaders throughout history — people like Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin — but its origin is attributed to Isa Blagden, who wrote Crown of Life (1869).  It is common knowledge to the elite and powerful.  And the media activists have obediently spread the false propaganda widely. 

John Adams said almost 250 years ago that "our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Are we the same people for whom this country was built?  Do we still value God, family, and country?  

Or has America's time passed? 

Image: JSMed via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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