Waterboarded by the ‘Panther Pee’ That Is the DIE Agenda

Rule number eight in my personal Book of Rules states: “Play Your Own Game.”  Somewhere long ago, we started playing the other side’s game which, coincidentally, is my eighth life rule.  However, and to be frank, the Democrats are far more aggressive, and Machiavellian, and when they play their game, we end up accepting the role of reactor, or “defense.” As the joke goes, the flag of the Republican Party ought to be the white flag of surrender.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s recent small “win” for the American people is a perfect example.  It was small because it left Joe Biden’s spending priorities in place; yet a win because it was a check on Biden’s power.  The debt ceiling agreement will see an additional $4 trillion in new deficit spending over the next several years, rankling many fiscal conservatives, and certainly a loss.  Rarely reported too is the fact that the Biden regime has essentially locked in the massive increases in Covid spending.  That’s two trillion dollars a year more, primarily for social programs, which again, is another loss.

But our story today lays out how Democrats stack the deck against America and her citizenry, leaving too many of us chasing our tails.  Moreover, their game requires that we behave in bipartisan and collegiate ways, while they take us to the woodshed.  If this were any other battlefield, we’d assess the situation for what it is: losing on many fronts and squandering our victories.  Years ago, I had a friend within a concerned citizen group in Florida who prioritized courtesy over contentious relations with commissioners.  She’d been at it over a decade, and over lunch one day, I asked her how successful she had been in bending the spending curve of her local government.  “Not much,” she responded, “but we are still great friends and frequently share a glass of wine.”  Friends, the primary objective is to restore liberty; politics are not a feel-good social club.

In the main, that’s how our political system works.  There are a few bomb throwers on either side, but the term “Regular Order” explains how Congress has historically operated, essentially until about 2007.  Congress has, in effect, institutionalized dysfunction.

We can see that today’s middle-of-the-road Republican looks a lot like a middle-of-the-road Democrat from 40–50 years ago.  What’s happening?

The national fabric of our citizenry has been shredded, and instead of a collective focus to be the best at all costs, we see various and disjointed incarnations of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, or DIE — all of which have taken precedence over competence, morality, and success — foisted on us by politicians from on high.

Uncomfortable truths come at us fast and furious; one such of these is that in the pursuit of DIE, our political adversaries spew half-true deceptions, or wholly false accusations and destroy everything; see some examples below:

  1. Christian privilege is the concept that a belief in the God of the Bible is somehow harmful and threatening to non-Christians and should therefore be eradicated.  This concept is nothing more than a front to dismantle intact functional families which are a threat to the left’s aims and ambitions.

  2. The term systemic racism has been hammered into our young, and gobbled up by the feckless, that white people frequently acquiesce, lest they rile up the cancel culture mob.  Yet, you can’t win what you won’t fight for.

  3. A failed education system that, at least on the public side, spends the most and delivers the least to children.  Powerful teachers’ unions oppose tying money to children out of fear that they would at last become accountable.  School choice should be every child’s and parent’s right.  Our kids should be encouraged to search out the American dream, which belongs to us all!

  4. Politicians.  They claim to be fighting for the underdog, the disadvantaged and oppressed little guy, but they do whatever it takes to get reelected.  Like large corporations, our political system rewards short-term success and obfuscation, and disincentivizes a scaling-down of government, or results for the people.

  5. Our something-for-nothing, instant gratification culture encompasses open borders, guaranteed income, reparations, gaming government largess, “free stuff”, and a growing and destructive black market economy.

  6. I heap my greatest scorn on the concept of “equity.”  Who decides what’s fair and what’s not?  Do we want the 1619 Project people or by the founders of BLM making decisions for us?  What about academics, steeped in Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky?  Perhaps we should let the invaders determine the civic process, so they get a say too. No fairer economic system on earth has been developed than capitalism, which allows and fosters individuality and fortitude, but the left hates it.

Furthermore, I have little doubt that today’s high-tech world will soon provide an Artificial Intelligence program to measure hundreds of different socioeconomic factors.  Will that then determine our worth and subsequently calculate wrongs by debiting some people’s accounts while crediting others?  Is this what we ultimately aspire for in our world?  Conservatives, like our Founders, do not trust a big, centralized governmentfor good reasons.

Many have been deceived into believing our traditional value systems are passé, while the reverse is actually true.  Leave it to the “progressives” who can’t figure out which bathroom to use to demand and determine policies to “equitably” divvy up resources?  Never.

Unless we confront the calculated deceptions that Democrats and the New Left (in close alliance with legacy media), each day we bloodlet for false idols like diversity, climate change, and inclusion actually moves us towards exclusion to the nth degree.  Friends tell me we must manage our inevitable decline, and in historical terms, the average lifespan of an empire is around 250 years (we’re right about there) — scenes of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic come to mind.

If you were wondering about the “Panther Pee” in our title today, let me explain.  I belong to a fraternal organization of flyers, and we like to exaggerate our exploits from time to time.  A Navy flier once said, “If the story has gained too much altitude… it likely stinks like Panther Pee.” (Of course, I’ve sanitized the language.) The stories that progressives, leftists, elitists, Democrats, and socialists tell us about their vision of a “Brave New World” in which things will be “more fair” and “more equitable”…smells like ripe Panther Pee.

Feel free to call out the next person who expects you to agree with their version of some false reality.  Sane, knowledgeable, and wise people should understand that we must push back hard against false narratives threatening our country’s extinction, and holding fast to truth is the first step.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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