The Party’s Over

“The ceremony of innocence is drowned:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.”  --W.B. Yeats

Osama bin Laden rightly coached his followers that “the people want to follow the ‘strong horse’ and will abandon the weak one.”  We are witnessing our nation now being destroyed by the powerful Democrat demons and betrayed by the pitiable weakness and cowardice of our Republican champions.  Unless the Republicans, the Patriots, the Conservatives, the lovers of our Constitution, quickly rise up and display backbone, this great American experiment may well perish from the earth.

Providence and our brilliant Constitution have given us a legal pathway to saving this nation, but it must be grasped and pursued with courage and righteous power.  While the Democrats dishonored the tool of Impeachment against President Trump by using false and illegitimate reasons for their debauched actions, this must not be the excuse for abandoning this worthy instrument for correcting against corruption and stupidity in our highest public offices.

The evidence for Biden’s corruption and betrayal of America mounts by the day.  We cannot wait for the situation to ripen further.  Too many of our institutions supporting justice and the rule of law have already been compromised by criminal behavior and subornation from the highest levels.  Every day that action to bring justice is delayed, creates more despair and consternation amongst the American people.  They must not be allowed to lapse into apathy and cynicism.  

A clear and powerful case for Impeachment must be mounted immediately.  It will grow and become the basis for an education campaign that cannot be stopped or papered over by our now untrustworthy press and government handmaidens of deceit.  More and more of the foul truth about the Biden crime family and our damaged Justice system will emerge, until the trickle of whistle blowers and damning evidence becomes a rushing torrent that can wash away the stains and ugly crimes of the past three years.

Too many of our fellow citizens, stressed and shell shocked by the blitzkrieg carried out by the former Democrat party, have been emotionally damaged and driven into hiding, along with their families, in the ruins of their homes, lives, and businesses.  The fires and intimidation of Antifa and BLM still smolder across the land, and every day new attacks are launched against our school children at every grade level, as we are lectured and harassed to accept, nay, welcome, their corruption, sexualization, mutilation, and indoctrination.  Meanwhile, those normative guardrails for any civilization to exist:  Law and order, safety, common values and heroes, trustworthy lawmakers and leaders, and respect for the sacrifices and gifts of our ancestors; these are all being dissolved in an acid wash of lies and propaganda.

The red fascists masquerading as our Democrat political party have obliterated the home of Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ.  What remains is a shell, a Trojan Horse packed full of crazy-eyed warriors prepared at every moment to commit murder and mayhem to advance their power.  There is no polite answer to the armed killer at your door.  In too many places, the police have been depopulated and terrorized.  Our prosecutors have been emasculated and suborned.  Even our armed forces are being hollowed out and rendered unfit for combat.

There is still time to turn the tide.  We must now, without delay and without fear, use every tool that our Constitution gives us to stop the illegitimate mad tyranny being promoted and carried out by the Biden administration.  There’s no profit in bemoaning the corrupt imbeciles who are carrying out our destruction, any more than protesting Adolf Eichmann while Hitler ruled.  The evil and illegality flow from the top, down through the tiers of bureaucracy and time servers, the FBI and Department of Justice, Homeland Security, EPA, CIA, State Department, ad nauseum.  

President Biden and Vice President Harris have violated their oaths of office.  At the simplest level, they are governed by Article 2, Section 3 which reads in part: “(they) shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”  To be sworn in as President, Biden had to agree that “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Our bill of particulars for Impeachment can have many clauses, but there is no need to go any further than the President’s clear refusal to enforce existing immigration laws for more than two years, and to invite and allow a literal invasion on our southern border.  This has caused manifest harms and damages to our entire nation, not least of which have been the proximate cause of nearly 200,000 deaths of American citizens from drugs like fentanyl flooding across our border.

The list of horribles caused by President Biden’s betrayal of our country, its laws, and its citizens, is long and blood soaked.  We know that his illegal actions have resulted in the deaths from exposure, torture, and exploitation of thousands of individuals drawn by the “promise” of an easy illegal entry into our blessed land.  We know that his actions have enriched the brutal and savage Mexican and South American cartels to the tune of billions of dollars each month.  He has created a pathway, a royal road leading the worst corruption and destruction, to every doorstep in our nation.  We are now flooded with deadly drugs, child prostitution, deranged criminal gangs and individuals, slave labor, and untold illnesses and disease.  

None of this, and much, much more is unknown to the White House and our government.  What manner of human being would originate and stubbornly persist in carrying out such a destructive policy against his own nation, and along with his minions, continuously lie about it, with the cries and tears of raped and abused women and children, with the river of pain flowing forth from parents and families who have lost their precious loved ones to Fentanyl poisoning or gang violence?

In the end, the only way to stop the carnage and likely destruction of America, constitutionally, is by filing and fighting for Articles of Impeachment against Joseph R. Biden.  And I would argue that the same should be done against Kamala Harris.  Her hands are dirty.  She is a full cooperating accessory to the criminal, illegal, and unconstitutional actions of the Biden Administration.

Bringing Impeachment before the House of Representatives, giving a full airing to the criminality and misdeeds of the Biden gang would explode nationally and could not be contained or constrained by a handmaiden media.  Republicans are too much like the pachyderm afraid of the Democrat mouse at their feet.  For God’s sake, GOP, you must step on this rat.  With enough public outcry and exposure of the illegal Biden behavior, who knows what effect this will have on Senate Democrats if an impeachment trial is held?

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and may move the more than 50% of Democrats who already want Biden gone.  Remember, the Speaker of the House is third in line if replacement of the President and Vice President should happen.  We need a miracle to save America.  Give us that miracle.   

Patricia Henry is the pen name of a California political veteran.

Photo credit: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

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