Seven Truths to Unmask the Regressive Left

As frequent readers will affirm, I’ve been wondering what has happened to our country and what the future holds for us.  I am angry at what we’ve lost in recent years through incompetence, slothfulness, and the deliberate destruction of the world’s most successful example of capitalism and democracy.  The Washington elites and, for that matter, the people who eat, breathe, and discourse politics nonstop are not your average American…the everyday person wants a shallow, easy existence with minimal government intrusion (except when it might benefit them), and that’s part of our problem.

Following is a list of ginned-up chaos that diverts the “average American” from understanding and then focusing on what is truly important, time-sensitive, and worth preserving — there will be pushback for calling out the cabal of Destroyers furiously rewriting the narrative of our lives.

  • Godless countries such as North Korea, China, and even some Western democracies like the United States, fail to acknowledge the Creator in the form of an ethical code.  This growing phenomenon of blaming religion, then supplanting God’s majesty in favor of man’s laws and morals, threatens us through the government’s ever-growing reach to control us.  “Progressives” worldwide and religious theocracies like Iran and other Muslim countries seem fine with those who want the Judeo-Christian ethic driven out of the rest of us.

  • Inflation is stealing your standard of living; as Thomas Sowell said, it is a “quiet but effective way for the government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes.” Do you any longer doubt why the government knowingly and dramatically inflates the money supply?  It’s evident that some in government and academia want the U.S. economy to tank.  No economic metric affects everyone so broadly as inflation.  The government simply determines how much more to take from you to compensate them for inflation’s damage.  The government is always made whole; are you?  It borrows against our children’s future.  We have no comparable ability to seize wealth, as does the government—a demonstration of unrestrained evil in action.

  • America’s global reputation and standing is in shamblesDon’t think that matters?  You would be wrong.  I’m no globalist, but who would have thought that former President Reagan’s demand of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!” would, in reflection, become the high-water mark for U.S. power and ethical leadership?  That special time saw all the free world united in our calling out evil for what it is.  Sadly today, China is peeling off our old allies one by one as they see America in decline.  Will we be seen as anything other than past our time?  This matters because we now get the scraps instead of the steak as in our recent prosperous past.  We lost the mantle of leadership in the world, now living off the inertia of our former success.  We are ripe for a ruthless leader who will beat back the hyenas.

  • Faith in our large companies and institutions is sorely tested.  Wokeness has become tangible and vile.  Today, while listening to an on-hold recording with Fidelity, I was lectured on the value of diversity.  How dare they?  Name just about any national company or government agency and discover how they hype the rhetoric of the “progressives.”  We are starving for someone or something to stand up to the Destroyers of America.  An incredible swath of America lives in some alternate universe where good thoughts replace actual accomplishment.  We teach our young and the feeble-minded that our thoughts count more than real world results.  Try living off of good intentions!  Starvation and despair await all those misled by those that seek our society’s dissolution.  We are well on the way there, friends.

  • Horrible leadership has caused us to lower our expectations, even while validating the need to fight to save what we have.  Young people now aspire not to excel but to survive.  Old people just want to die before the end comes for them.  Those in the middle hang on, powerless to do anything to beat back the malaise enveloping us like a dark night.  Look at those who lead us! Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of history for 45 years. John Kerry lectures us on our climate footprint while jetting around on his wife’s private jet or yacht. Merrick Garland slaps the Resident’s son on the wrist despite devious tax evasion actions and an illegal gun purchase. Kamala Harris epitomizes how derelict our government is (can anyone really look to her as possible presidential material?). Pete Buttigieg triangulates the least damning actions with which he can get away, lacks the seriousness expected of a cabinet member and focuses on wordsmithing over actual meaningful accomplishment: for example, changing the worldwide definition of the aviation term NOTAM from “Notices to Airmen” to “Notices of Air Missions” to be more “inclusive of all aviators and missions.” (The rest of the world kept the old definition.)  Leaders of the free world, indeed.  When was the last time the best and brightest among us were leading us?  Great leaders keep their heads down these days.

  • Conversations on the detriment of AI and social media, and the breakdown of journalism across the board.  These are salient elements missing from our body politic; is it any wonder we are in disarray?  We are not a citizenry bound by foundational truths, thanks in large part to the abovementioned factors, and many wind up creating individual versions of “reality” facts be damned. 

  • The rise of pressure groups and the concept of moral equivalency have changed our world.  Americans used to be fiercely proud and never shied away from a frank discussion or, when appropriate, a fight.  Today, we can hardly remember who we are — Hillary Clinton devised the “basket of deplorables” remark while Biden uses the pejorative term MAGA Republicans to describe those of us who believe in an America first agenda.  Democrats and regressives lead an ongoing smear campaign, and we let them get away with it!

In reading the above, it is natural to become angry and hopeless.  I can’t emphasize enough that, to a significant degree, it is part of an organized plan to demoralize us, so organized resistance against the new status quo fades away in despair, leading to our downfall.  To defeat any enemy, you must know who your enemy is.  That enemy is those that attack the middle and upper classes for the singular evil reason of being capitalistic.  The other side wants everyone to be equally poor and subservient to the State.  This is the only way they can derive their power.

To maintain your position, you must become a traitor to your class, denouncing anyone and everyone that stands in the way of the Destroyers.  Too many of us are spineless or too stupid to realize that the day will come, whether we prostrate ourselves at present to these people or not.  You can’t hide from the Destroyers; they are coming for you and your kin whether you stand aside passively or not!  This is the time to decide whether to die on your knees or stand up and defeat the evil these people and concepts represent.  There is no other choice.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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