Must-see video: A climate change fanatic berates a Tesla driver


When it comes to woke fanaticism, the British are right there with us. That’s why an incredibly funny video has been circulating. The driver of an idling car films a very angry woman who is berating him because she cannot understand why he hasn’t turned his car off but is, instead, sitting with it running while it spews pollutants into the air.

Did I mention that his car is a Tesla?

The driver apparently realized instantly that he had struck comedy gold because he very peacefully let her play out her idiocy. Once she starts talking about the poison gas emanating from his car, you realize that she is the perfect paradigm of the useful idiots on whom the leftists rely to push their agendas.

Having said all that, she’s actually right about just how toxic electric cars really are. It’s true that they have no emissions, so they don’t befoul the locality in which they drive, but the electricity they use comes from somewhere. Clean nuclear power generates only around 16% of England’s electricity. For the rest of it, 40% of the grid burns natural gas, and 1.6% burns coal. That means more than 40% of England’s electricity comes from fossil fuels. In other words, there’s a good chance that pollutants (those invisible gases) befouled the air in order to power that particular Tesla.

The real dirt from electric cars, though, comes from their batteries. As even the New York Times was forced to admit last year, “battery electric vehicles, or B.E.V.s” aren’t good for the environment. Instead, “they actually have a larger carbon footprint than nonelectric vehicles. That’s due to the manufacturing of B.E.V.s—specifically their batteries—as well as a reliance on coal to create the electricity that powers them.”

As noted, Britain is phasing out coal, but those batteries remain a problem because of the pollution associated with manufacturing them. An essential ingredient is cobalt, which comes from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, the workers are abused, child labor is the norm, and the environment is being utterly destroyed. (And yes, you are correct that Democrats in America are once again enslaving blacks, including children, although they haven’t bothered to import them to America; they’re just enslaving them in Africa.)

In other words, despite that British woman being a scolding, leftist wackadoodle, she’s also got a point. That smug Tesla driver is sitting in a car that pollutes the air at home and is destroying the people and the earth in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Image: Twitter screen grab.



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