Michelle Obama’s Exploitation of the Black Community

As Obama operatives begin preparing for Michelle Obama to replace the faltering Joe Biden, they know that they have a problem on their hands: Michelle’s shameful history of exploiting the Black community. As I reveal in my film and accompanying book, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, Michelle’s two most significant jobs in Chicago involved working on behalf of white liberal elites to deal with the problems that Black people were causing them.

Chicago liberals couldn’t hire a White person to make 20,000 Blacks homeless. Their answer was to hire Michelle Obama. She became Mayor Richard Daley’s assistant planning commissioner. Her job was to facilitate the destruction of the low-income all-Black Cabrini Green housing project and cede the choice downtown real estate to Democrat party donors developers like Tony Rezko. Nor could the White liberal elites at the University of Chicago Medical Center hire a White person to deny access to health care to Blacks. Only a Black person could fill that job. For a cool $300,000 a year, Michelle was prepared to do all the denying that was needed. Michelle headed up the “South Side Health Collaborative,” a scheme to prevent Blacks who showed up at the University of Chicago Medical Center emergency room from receiving medical care. Michelle made sure they were put into white vans and shipped to crappy neighborhood strip mall clinics on the South Side.

Only a Black person could credibly do either of these jobs while telling those turned away, “This is for your own good.” Why was Michelle Obama so callous toward the Black community in her professional career? The answer is simple: Michelle was never really a part of the Black community in Chicago. She was not even from the “South Side” of Chicago, as she claimed, but from South Shore, a middle class community on Lake Michigan. In fact, Michelle ran away from the Black community even as a child. Before moving to South Shore, Michelle’s parents, Marian and Fraser Robinson, lived in the middle-class Parkway Gardens project. Right down the street was the brand new Dulles Elementary School. The facilities were fine, but the students were not. Too many were “projects kids.” To avoid them, the Robinsons illegally sent Michelle to the mixed race Bryn Mawr Elementary School in South Shore. Two years later, the Robinsons moved there.

Michelle was also enrolled in the exclusive Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts from age 7 to 17 where she learned tap and jazz and performed in theatres all over Chicago. When it came time for high school, rather than go to the all-Black South Shore High School only one block from her home, Michelle traveled an hour and a half away every day to attend the elite Whitney Young Magnet school. While at Whitney Young, Michelle traveled to Paris with her French class one summer. Meanwhile, Michelle’s brother Craig went to an expensive all-White private Catholic school, even though the Robinson family was not Catholic.

Michelle spoke openly on her Becoming book tour about living in fear in her South Shore home, afraid to go outside due to the hostility of the Black kids toward her. According to Michelle, they accused her of “acting white” and “talking white” -- which Michelle described as meaning “you think you are better than everyone else.” Michelle writes about a fistfight she got into with a girl who had repeatedly called her an “Oreo,” meaning you are Black on the outside but you are really White on the inside. This was a major insult, but for Michelle it rang true. Michelle has said her hero growing up was Mary Tyler Moore. She also watched the “Brady Bunch” every day after school. In fact, Barack Obama said Michelle’s family reminded him of the classic 50s White family in “Leave It to Beaver,” while Michelle reminded him of his White grandmother.

In addition to all this, Michelle grew up as a child of politics. Her father was a Democrat party precinct captain who enjoyed an easy political patronage job working for the Chicago Water Department. At Whitney Young, Michelle had befriended Santita Jackson, the daughter of Jesse Jackson. They were so close Michelle has said she all but grew up in the Jackson household when he was preparing to run for President. Among Michelle’s best friends when she returned to Chicago after Harvard Law School was none other than accused cop killer Bernardine Dohrn, the La Passionara of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group. The two bonded when both worked at the Sidley Austin Law firm and frequently dined together with their husbands, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers.

How is Michelle Obama handling her lifelong disconnect from the Black community today? For years, Michelle Obama has been trying desperately to establish a relationship with Black Americans for the sake of politics. To do so Michelle has been making a huge effort to pretend to be one of the ordinary Black folks that she spent her life either running away from as a child, or exploiting as a professional.

First, she has tried to rewrite the history of her childhood in her memoir, Becoming, with numerous phony stories of suffering from racial slights and being held back in life because of the color of her skin. Michelle likes to tell a story of witnessing “white flight” from her middle class neighborhood in South Shore. In fact, most Whites had left South Shore due to crime by 1965, six years before Michelle moved into the area at the age of six in 1971. The middle-class homes on Lake Michigan were attractive to middle class Blacks who snapped them up, so much that the prices rose when Whites moved out. Michelle also loves to tell a fake story of being racially profiled by her Whitney Young guidance counselor regarding her applying to Princeton University. In an interview with Gayle King, Michelle claimed that the counselor had said to her, “You’re Black applying to Princeton, maybe you’re stretching.” In my research I discovered that Michelle’s high school counselor was a churchgoing Black woman and assistant principal named Nan King. Michelle gets away with smearing this Black woman only because she passed away in 2005.

I am convinced Michelle Obama has positioned herself to run for President in 2024. Michelle is following the exact formula that Barack Obama did to become President. Michelle was the Keynote speaker at the 2020 Democrat Convention, just like Barack was in 2004 for John Kerry. Also, Barack Obama based his candidacy on his personal story, his book Dreams from My Father. Michelle wrote her own autobiography in 2018 called Becoming and went on a national book tour. Becoming is also a 90-minute movie on Netflix. Finally, Barack started in politics by running a voter registration organization called “Project Vote.” Michelle runs “When We All Vote,” which she has been using to position her 2024 candidacy.

Declared Republicans in the presidential race, especially Donald Trump, need to start dealing with Michelle Obama now. The best way to start is to pose these questions to her: “Michelle Obama, are you going to apologize to the Black Community in Chicago for what you did to them?” And, “Michelle, how much money did you make from White liberals denying access to health care to Black Chicago residents”?

These questions will certainly open up the discussion of how Michelle Obama exploited Chicago’s Black community. And if during a Presidential debate Michelle Obama turns to Donald Trump and says “you don’t know what it’s like growing up as a Black woman in America,” Donald Trump should respond, “well Michelle, neither do you!”

Hollywood film director Joel Gilbert is president of Highway 61 Entertainment. Among his many films are political documentaries including The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided AmericaTrump: The Art of the InsultThere's No Place Like UtopiaDreams from My Real FatherAtomic Jihad; and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam and the new film and book MICHELLE OBAMA 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.

Image: Bombardier Books

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