London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and Woke Ideology

Our cousins across the pond apparently have jumped on the woke bandwagon and the Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is leading the charge.

In fact, Sadiq Khan's staff have been banned from calling people 'men and women' as part of a new inclusivity drive.

Pictured is an example of some of the banned phrases issued to staff working for the London Mayor's office. 

In the guide's section on gender, staff was told: 'Avoid using "men and women" - say "people" or "Londoners".

'Similarly, instead of ‘ladies and gentlemen' say something that doesn't exclude non-binary people.'

The memo reportedly goes on to say the terms male and female are 'dated and medicalised' and that 'female humans are called 'girls and/or women', male humans are called 'boys and/or men'.

Workers are also told that 'not all women have periods' and to use the phrase 'people affected by period poverty' as some trans men and non-binary people may have periods too.

Staff working for Mr. Khan must no longer call someone a 'non-English speaker' because it portrays them as flawed and defective'. 

Instead, Greater London Authority employees must refer to them as ’Londoners with English Language needs'.

Unconscious bias training is mandatory for all new staff at the Greater London Authority (GLA). The GLA’s inclusive language guide was last updated in April 2022. 

A spokesperson for the GLA said: 'This guide is about encouraging precision, offering recommendations and highlighting things for staff to consider, not banning words.

In 2020, Sadiq Khan introduced “Let’s Talk About Race” training to ensure that the GLA would be ‘a committedly anti-racist organization.”  Sherelle Jacobs asserts that “Sadiq Khan has mastered the art of woke populism.”

In 2021 Sadiq Khan was “accused of reducing London’s history to politics” after unveiling the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm to review landmarks in the capital.  The project has already come under fire from politicians concerned that important figures, i.e., Winston Churchill, could be erased from history by ’unelected activists’ on the task force. 

Moreover, Sadiq Khan has stood up for United States Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of ‘The Squad’ as he joined dozens of British politicians in condemning U.S. President Donald Trump’s ‘blatant unashamed racism’ against the four Democratic congressional representatives. 

Writing on Twitter. . . Khan said the four women represent hope for the future.’ The Mayor, who like Omar is Muslim, added that ‘their home is America, but their message crosses borders.’

Furthermore, Megan G. Oprea has written that although Sadiq Khan is “not an Islamist himself, he has supported radical Islamic clerics and has participated in events sanctioned by Islamists and pro-Palestinian groups that support violent jihad.”

Thus, the following question needs to be asked.  Why would a Muslim leader follow radical leftist ideology when it goes against Muslim teachings?  After all, Muslims are strongly protesting against the radical LGBT/Gender ideology being forced on their children in schools. 

In actuality “[f]or far too long, Western liberals have taken hardline Muslims as their allies, ignoring the fact that Islam regards LGBT values as an abomination, punishable by death.”

Daniel Greenfield explains that “Islamic teachings were always incompatible with the sexual politics of its new leftist allies. Muslim Brotherhood groups, eager to capitalize on their newfound status after 9/11, avoided directly addressing those issues. CAIR signed letters and appeared at events alongside gay rights groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Muslim candidates running for public office even invoked sexual identity

In fact, Rep. Ilhan Omar has an entire page dedicated to the “fight for LGBTQIA+ rights”. But local Muslim officials… are breaking away from the rainbow coalition.

In actuality, “[t]he Democrats believed that they could build a ‘rainbow coalition’, a majority of minorities that would swamp the nation, overthrow the old America and replace it with their new alliance. The strategy appeared to be working as long as the minorities were united by their opposition to a majority. But the cracks are spreading, and not just among Islamists and gay rights activists.” 

There are those Muslims who have clearly called out other Muslim leaders who politically support LGBT since it is forbidden by Islamic law; in other words, haram.  

Not entirely unexpected, the irony is that many “Muslims are learning that the so-called ‘Progressives” have never really been their allies.  Rather, Muslims in America have begun to understand that Far Left Democrats see them as nothing more than useful idiots to help promote their ‘diversity agenda.’”

Clearly, Sadiq Khan has chosen his side with the end result that his Leftwing buddies will “force pride flags and LGBT pornography in schools on everyone.”  On the other hand, as Greenfield points out,

…the Islamic hardliners with a Muslim majority will force sharia on everyone. That is what happens in a country that has abandoned both its traditional consensus on values and its respect for individual beliefs leaving regions with a choice between female genital mutilation and transgender mastectomies, between marrying 7-year-old girls and grooming first graders.

Either choice is unacceptable since each group professes an ardent desire to eviscerate American freedom, target Jews and Israel and fundamentally change the character of America.

It remains to be seen how this tangled web plays out.

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