Living in a Media World

Our country is now divided into two numerically equivalent ideological blocs. Not surprisingly, those in the leftist bloc have been generally impervious to what conservatives and Republicans have exposed as scandals in their camp. And there have been lots of them. This long train of abuses would include Hunter Biden’s acceptance of bribes from foreign governments, his father’s likely involvement in Hunter’s influence-peddling, the Democrats’ weaponization of the administrative state against both political opponents and religious Christians, the witch hunt against Trump carried out on the basis of the discredited Steele dossier, and Biden’s and Hillary Clinton’s scandalous treatment of classified material. Democratic iniquities might also include promoting programs to sexualize children, the championing of LGBT and CRT indoctrination in public schools and the military, our humiliating setbacks in foreign affairs, and the sacrifice of American energy independence in pursuit of a Green New Deal benefiting Communist China.

And let’s not forget the racially divisive rhetoric that our cognitively failing president has engaged in, particularly when he rants against the systemic racism of white Americans and describes Trump voters as terrorists! Equally noteworthy are the outbursts of the Democratic Left against opponents of the transgender agenda and their insistence on cancelling opposition to their plan for transforming once settled human relations and natural gender distinctions.

Calling attention to such activities does not seem to have helped the Right significantly. Despite what may seem a failed presidential administration, most polls indicate that Biden and his possible Republican opponents are running more or less even. According to Daily Mail’s most recent poll, Biden would beat Trump by about two points and most of the rest of the Republican field by more. (Sleepy Joe would defeat Chris Christie by as much as 11 points according to the same source.) Although Biden, according to the Daily Mail would lose to DeSantis by several points, he would defeat him by 2.4 points in the latest Real Clear Politics poll. These figures are not fixed in concrete, but one point should be clear. What conservatives regard as a disastrous presidency exhibiting totalitarian features is nothing of the kind to a large part of the electorate.      

The main reason for this, I would submit, is that the two sides are not looking at the same reality. Having forced myself to watch network news and our local network affiliates for a few weeks, I learned that there’s no evidence that any one in the Biden family ever accepted a bribe. The main danger to our country is allegedly coming from white nationalists and from those venting hate on the LGBT community. We should also be on guard against the governor of Florida who is banning books in public schools. And we should be reacting indignantly that Donald Trump has violated the Espionage Act since leaving office. The putative rise in crime, the MSM has assured me, may be exaggerated, and in any case those who are playing up this problem should really be blaming the gun lobby as the real culprit.

There are other truths I’ve picked up by altering my viewing habits. Our most serious foreign policy menace is now represented by the homophobic Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine should be seen as an extension of his reactionary policies at home.  No matter what evidence exists to the contrary, the Chinese Communist government was not really responsible for the Wuhan Laboratory leak, an occurrence that neither the MSM nor our president has yet confirmed. (Please note that loads of CCP money has moved into the Biden family’s bank accounts, a fact that CNN has just come to acknowledge.)

From National Public Radio (aka state radio), I’ve gained information that while guns are dangerous in the hands of most of our fellow citizens, they are necessary for transgendered Americans, who must stockpile them because of “hateful rhetoric.” Our brave sexual pioneers are being constantly threatened by Christian bigots and other vicious obscurantists. NPR has also taught me that whatever riots followed the killing of George Floyd were mostly peaceful and that the slaying of Jordan Neely by Daniel Penny was driven by contempt for a minority member struggling with mental illness.

The transgendered youth who murdered six people, including three children, in a Christian school in Nashville did not really cause this “tragedy.” The non-binary shooter was a victim of Christian prejudice and “the gun lobby,” and  what he did out of emotional desperation  led to “an escalation of hate” against the LGBT community. Yesterday I had the scales fall further from my eyes when I discovered that Hunter Biden had not committed a host of felonies, some of which implicated his dad. Hunter is a recovering drug addict whom Joe Scarborough on MSNBC is defending against “hyperventilating right-wingers” who have taken their playbook from Joe McCarthy    

If I truly believed such “news” and news commentary, I might view reality like my fellow-Pennsylvanians who elected John Fetterman as our senator. I might even be driven to wave a rainbow flag, give money to BLM and insist like Joe that Antifa is “an idea, not an organization.”

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