If the Electoral System Were Actually Free and Fair

If elections were free and fair, then we would see the best Americans elected to federal, state, and local governments…usually though we don’t.

If elections were free and fair, then the least fit to govern candidates would not keep “winning” seats…but they often do.

If the elections were free and fair, then our government would not need to weaponize its agencies against its critics…but it does.

If the elections were free and fair, then our elected officials would not act in a blatant disregard of their voters’ will…but many of them do.

Take, for example, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who continues to release violent criminals to the streets despite the (often deadly) consequences for countless victims, widespread criticism by law enforcement, and the public outrage his pro-crime approach elicits. If one is naive enough to believe that Mr. Gascon’s election was a true reflection of the constituents’ will, and that he survived his recall effort because the voters approved of his disdain towards the law-abiding residents, then the only rational explanation of such belief is a conclusion that the voters in L.A. are stupid. However, such an absurd and unproven assertion is irreconcilable with the largely-reliable maxim of self-preservation.

Below are the details of a recent tragedy that inarguably resulted from Mr. Gascon’s policies. In 2021, 31-year-old Angeleno Stefan Sutherland was charged with the near-fatal stabbing of a construction worker, a violent crime for which Gascon’s office recommended “mental health diversion” rather than incarceration. As a result, Sutherland suffered a slap on the wrist and was free to go, and on May 23rd of this year, he allegedly murdered his own neighbor.

Or, look at the alarmingly low approval rates of the current federal administration. The majority of American citizens strongly disapprove of the direction in which our country is going, most notably, a fizzling economy, persistent inflation, energy dependence on foreign adversaries, rising crime and lawlessness, mass invasion of the so-called “asylum seekers” through our unenforced national border, the purported multi-million dollar corruption scheme of Mr. Biden and his family and the alleged cover-up by federal authorities, and so on. Anyone who blames this growing disconnect between the peoples’ will and the government’s stubborn policies on “stupid voters” will have to prove his/her ludicrous and insulting claim. As a part of said proof, he/she will have to provide a logical and convincing explanation why Americans can be, allegedly, so inept when it’s time to vote, but capable enough to build this great country and its potent economy from scratch. Certainly, it does not seem plausible at all that the people who were able to make America great are dumb enough to elect and maintain governors grossly incompetent to do the job for which they were elected.

In other words, if our elections were fair and honest, then the stark disconnect between the voters and the government that we have would lead to a radical change of political power at the ballot box. This, however, does not happen, some rare exceptions notwithstanding.

Our ruling class keeps claiming, with no factual and publicly verifiable evidence, that our elections (in particular, the 2020 presidential one) have been fair and honest. But if their claims, although unproven and suspiciously smelling of fraud, were true, then it would mean that our electoral system simply doesn’t work. Such a conclusion contradicts the voluminous evidence that our democracy, under the rule of proper constitution, created a republic that surpassed any other political system of the past; this fact is confirmed by millions of actual and prospective immigrants from around the world who recognize our country is the most desirable to live in, and subsequently, vote with their feet. Our nation’s success in securing previously unheard of levels of individual liberty and high living standards, and affording these blessings to its common people, would never have materialized if the republic conceived by our Founding Fathers were dysfunctional. Our predecessors would not be able to repair problems and flaws that the republic has exhibited in the past if American citizens were allegedly so stupid at the ballot boxes.

The bottom line is that we have an exceptionally well-designed political system that for a few decades, has been failing to function nearly as well as it did in the past — and the hypothesis of rigged elections provides the only rational explanation for said dysfunction. Not that other detriments, like endless hordes of people from dysfunctional Third World nations who find assimilating to the American way regarding skills, talents, morality, productivity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and respect of the laws and rights of others, including the laws that prohibit non-citizens from voting in elections, do not drag America further down too — they certainly do.

So, please, draw your own conclusions. While doing that, you may wish to recall all the observed and well-documented statistical anomalies (like almost every recount benefiting the party that allegedly does most of the election cheating), violations of the rules and laws, recurring lack of transparency, and other irregularities, some of which were briefly analyzed in one of my past columns found here.

It is certainly true that so much of the critical information pertaining to how we are governed by our ruling class is withheld from us, all so that we lack the complete knowledge of what’s really going on. But based on the preponderance of available information, one conclusion is clear: electoral results do not truly reflect the will of the lawfully eligible voters. If the above conclusion is true, as the public record seems to suggest, then addressing the problem at the ballot box, although necessary, may not be sufficient. And this is, perhaps, the biggest threat to our constitutional republic, the individual liberties for which it stands, and the high living standards that, compared to the rest of the world, average Americans still enjoy.

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