Four Ways the Deep State Betrays Americans

Why is it that whenever I call customer support to get a replacement for my broken America, I end up on the line with an operator from China?  I kid...but only a little.  Four separate stories this last week hit the nail on the head:

(1) In defending America's two-tiered (in)justice system currently dedicated to covering up Biden family crimes while persecuting Trump and his supporters, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland had the audacity to declare that any condemnation of the secret police "constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and essential to the safety of the American people."  

Hear that, plebes?  "Democracy" will survive only if the people's voices are silenced and the powerful institutions are obeyed.  The opinions of commoners are "attacks," while the crimes of institutions are "essential."  To save "democracy," defend the dictatorship!  If Garland had been speaking German, he could have easily been mistaken for Himmler or Heydrich defending the "Night of the Long Knives" as necessary for "public safety."  The death of "democracy" always comes from a thousand separate cuts made for the people's "own good."

(2) Pretend President Biden stumbled into California to push his plans for gun confiscation and mocked the idea that the Second Amendment is an essential check against government tyranny.  "So what's the deal with the idea that it's an absolute?" Dementia Joe mumbled. "You know, the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots.  Well, if [you] want to do that, you want to work against the government, you need an F-16.  You need something else than just an AR-15 anyway."  

Amazingly, in a speech geared toward justifying the government's unconstitutional disarming of Americans, the puppet-in-chief bemoaned how "freedom is really under siege, particularly freedom of choice."  In constructing a system of checks and balances, how did the Founding Fathers empower Americans to defend their freedoms?  That's right: by making it perfectly clear through the Second Amendment that self-defense against government tyranny is an inalienable right.  Biden says freedom is "under siege," and what does he want to do?  Disarm Americans.  Hello, customer support, why is my Bill of Rights riddled with holes and written in Chinese?  Ah, that's right, because the American president who has been caught taking bribes from the Chinese Communist Party sent in F-16s to obliterate Americans' constitutional freedoms.

(3) A federal judge ruled that a student's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights were not violated when school administrators ordered him to remove a shirt with printed text saying, "There are only two genders."  The Obama judge concluded that "the shirt invades the rights of others."  The freethinking boy was later ordered to remove another t-shirt that read, "There are censored genders."  Listen here, boy: not only will the government prevent you from stating a scientific fact, but also the thought police will strip you bare for having a sense of humor!  You must never make fun of the authorities who most deserve to be humiliated.  

While the (in)justice system punished the young rebel for possessing a working brain, the seventh-grader pointed out that his school allows posters covered in rainbow flags and encouraging students to "rise up to protect" the trans agenda — messages that target his personal beliefs.  Sorry, son, free speech protections in America exist only for special people.  If you have power, your words must be celebrated and emblazoned in all the colors of the rainbow.  If you have no power, your words must be censored.  If you choose to point out the government's irrational hypocrisy, then Gestapo chief Merrick Garland will book your reservation for a future stay in the J6 gulag.  You are only as free as you are willing to obey!  

Actually, I think this young lad has proposed one of the most effective defenses against tyranny.  Call it the "wet Willy" technique, the objective of which is to use facts and humor to make the thought police squirm, tattle, and squeal.  Mockery is a profound form of resistance because authoritarians are thin-skinned cerebral lightweights.  Well done, young Padawan.  

(4) Finally, the CEO of Raytheon — one of America's major defense companies — gave an interview in which he stated clearly that "decoupling" from China is impossible.  "Think about the $500 billion of trade that goes from China to the U.S. every year," Greg Hayes argued.  "More than 95% of rare earth materials or metals come from, or are processed in, China.  There is no alternative."  Hayes assured The Financial Times that it would take years to rebuild the necessary infrastructure in the United States before American dependence on China could logically come to an end.  Entrepreneur Arnaud Bertrand called Raytheon's embarrassing admission "hilarious."  In effect, "one of the U.S. top weapons manufacturers" says, "we need China to fight China."

If only there had been an American president who had warned about the dangers of depending on communist China for America's own defense.  Oh, right! — that was one of the major planks of Donald Trump's America First campaign.  The lifelong businessman and political outsider who dared to challenge the Uniparty's stranglehold over D.C. continually warned the American people that "economic security is national security."  He has consistently argued for decades that the Rust Belt is a vivid danger sign of our own vulnerabilities.  Offshoring blue-collar jobs to China has made the U.S. weak, and only a return of American manufacturing and industrial dominance can ensure future American strength. 

Did anyone in D.C. listen to his warnings?  Of course not.  Everybody across the political spectrum — from the Bushes to the Clintons — had made too much money from Chinese slave labor the last three decades to acknowledge the obvious.  RINOs such as Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse defended overseas dependence on vital industries as necessary for "conserving" the honor of "free trade."  (Nothing says "free trade" like slave labor, after all.)  And China Joe and his meth-addled son Hunter were busy trading political favors for cold, hard commie cash.  

Do you think it is an accident that the Deep State has worked so hard to protect the Biden family from prosecution when the Chinese bought Joe long ago?  Do you think it is a coincidence that the Deep State is trying to put President Trump in prison for the rest of his days, when he has been the lone voice on the national stage calling for American independence from reliance upon foreign dictators?  Could the Deep State make it any more obvious that it works against Americans' interests and for the interests of World Economic Forum scum such as Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and all the other anti-American, Marxist globalists?  For all intents and purposes, the Uniparty occupying D.C. is a wholly owned and operated corporate subsidiary of the communist Chinese.

Why is America broken today?  Let's see: (1) Gestapo chief Garland believes "democracy" requires obedience.  (2) Chinese Puppet Biden wants to disarm Americans before they figure out they have been betrayed.  (3) Free speech exists only for those under the government's protection.  (4) And the Deep State has transformed the United States from undisputed "superpower" to an economic dependent of the Chinese.  If an evil cabal were looking for the most effective way of dismantling America, this would be a fine working blueprint.  

If the idea is, indeed, to destroy America, a lot of Americans will still have something to say.  It occurs to me, in fact, that if the Deep State ever forces ordinary Americans to fight for their freedoms, those same Americans should later construct a monument consecrating their victory.  Its epitaph could serve as an enduring warning: "In remembrance of all those who refused to leave others alone."

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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