Woke Medicine’s God Complex

In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, the title doctor who acted Creator teaches a valuable lesson.  Driven by intense curiosity, ship captain and explorer Robert Walton presses Dr. Frankenstein for the secret behind his science.  The doctor pleads:

‘Are you mad, my friend? ...or whither does your senseless curiosity lead you?  Would you also create for yourself and the world a demoniacal enemy?  Or to what do your questions tend? Peace, peace!  learn my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own.

Over two hundred years ago, the gothic novel warned of medical hubris, a warning lost among progressive fanatics who have hijacked the modern medical profession.  Today, that hubris manifests as “Gender-Affirming Care” (GAC), a monster created by woke Frankensteins with serious god complexes.

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) defines Gender-Affirmation as recognizing the gender identity of an individual’s choosing in the social, legal, psychological, or medical contexts.  According to WPATH, Gender-Affirmation “is a term used in lieu of transition.”  In providing “Gender-Affirming Care,” one delivers services to transition a person’s identity (including minors) away from his or her own biological sex, be it social, medical, or otherwise.

Last week, the story broke that three major medical centers with medical schools (UNC, Duke, and ECU) in North Carolina are transitioning children as young as two-four years old.  All three institutions published coordinated statements denying transition surgeries in minors; however, all admit to following current standards and/or providing gender-affirming care to all ages. For these institutions to play God while buffeting blowback, their PR teams engaged in serious semantic games.

Generic statements from hired hands obscure the deity dysphoria plaguing gender-affirming medical professionals.  In February 2023, Duke “experts” disparaged NC legislation addressing GAC in pediatrics.  Duke psychologist Dane Whicker believes he can choose the correct puberty for children:

Using a combination of psychological and medical treatment with off-label drugs, Duke practitioners exchange natural puberty for an engineered gender-affirming one.  In one clinical study, Duke experiments with 12-year-olds placed on hormones if the “kiddos” (as Dr. Whicker likes to say) identify as “transgender.”  This is not gothic horror fiction, but real life.

Dr. Whicker also argues the Duke Gender Clinic should support activism and impose top-down “edicts across all classes” in primary schools regarding child sex-changes:

ECU director of Pediatric Research Cierra Buckman advocates replacing parents in providing “gender-affirming care” for confused adolescents.  ECU leadership sat a few feet away, listening with approval while she promised minors could attend the clinic behind the backs of parents:

That the “Gender-Affirming” medical industry targets “kiddos” as clients is easy to believe.  Schools and activists prime young children for medical services.  To obtain a child-care license in NC, applicants watched a documentary purporting that four and five-year old children understand the concept of “non-binary” (being outside the binary of male or female).  “It was a huge testament to how much we’ve been talking about it in the classroom…. it was a child who brought [non-binary] up because it is constantly in conversation,” says one panelist in the film.

North Carolina school officials encourage small children to learn that male and female identities are not biologically based.  Former chair of the Orange County, NC School Board stated in a meeting, “[Kids] are not too young to lead this work, and they are not as attached to things as us adults are.  If you talk to kids about genderfluidity, they’re ready.”  The NC Department of Education Section Chief for Healthy Schools gave a formal 2015 talk describing a picture of a toddler boy holding a doll as “Trans-Positive.”

If schools need indoctrination materials in gender ideology for elementary students, ECU provides them through its “Safe Zone” training.  The same institution that wants to “revolutionize” pediatric primary care with gender-affirming services trains K-12 school staff in such fundamentals as, “Heterosexism and cissexism are forms of oppression,” with goals, “[t]o reduce heterosexism and cissexism in our schools.”

Gender-affirming mania in medicine, schools, and culture correlates with the explosion of pediatric referrals for treatment.  In the U.S., the number of kids (ages 6-17) diagnosed with gender dysphoria rose from 15,172 in 2017 to 42,167 in 2021: nearly triple the diagnoses over four years.  During this period approximately 15,000 minors started hormones.  In an article for the Free Press about the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Center, whistleblower Jamie Reed wrote:

The center’s working assumption was that the earlier you treat kids with gender dysphoria, the more anguish you can prevent later on.  This premise was shared by the center’s doctors and therapists.  Given their expertise, I assumed that abundant evidence backed this consensus.

The little evidence these clinicians may have used to reassure Ms. Reed is critically flawed.  Yet clinicians proceed anyway.

Schools and daycares preach gender-affirmation and gender ideology throughout all grades including pre-K.  Major medical schools and health systems support transition “treatments” and pediatric gender clinics, sending their doctors to testify against legislation that protects parental rights.  Telling young children that they can be any sex they want leads to experimentation with life-altering drugs and surgeries.  One poignant story from a progressive parent who thought her young child was transgender describes the transition pathway as follows:

I now see this in a shockingly different light: this was an intentional process of concretizing transgender identity in children as young as 3 years old -- the age of the youngest child in this group. When identity is concretized at this young of age, children will grow up actually believing they are the opposite sex. How could medicalization not follow?

GAC has been identified as a “huge money maker” by at least one hospital system.  The younger the transitioned patient, the greater the likelihood that he or she will require lifetime course of psychiatric visits, drugs and -- in all likelihood -- irreversible surgeries.  No matter the rationales corporate and university hospitals provide in offering GAC, the attendant income for GAC centers cannot be ignored. 

Mary Shelley’s tragic figure warned of the diabolical results from playing God.  Just like Victor Frankenstein’s creation, “Gender-Affirming Care” will haunt society by creating generations of confused kids trapped by activist medical institutions and ideological teachers.  To save them, institutions like ECU, Duke, and UNC must be exposed for these practices.  The public cannot be misguided by serpentine PR statements.  Institutional leadership needs to hear from alumni and stakeholders that experimenting on children will not stand.

Author Michael Malice wrote a book about 20th-century Eastern European communism -- a political period known for its state-justified interference between parent and child.  In The White Pill, Malice provides us with hope when facing evil, and calls out those who think of themselves as gods: 

Evil people surrender all the time. At a certain point the costs -- in every sense of the term -- simply become too high. They are not all-knowing -- far from it. They are often not even particularly bright. They are not all-powerful. They are men and women far closer to snakes than they are to gods. They can, and have been defeated, many times.

The venomous ideology of gender-affirmation corrupts the medical ethos of Do No Harm.  The time for these clinicians to drop their godlike charade and surrender is long overdue.

Nancy Andersen, MD, is a board member of Education First Alliance, the organization that broke the “Transgender Toddler” story.  She also volunteers as the NC Chapter Head of No Left Turn in Education.

Image: Pixabay sergeitokmakov

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