The Vote Fraud Monster Is Coming for Ted Cruz

On the Memorial Day weekend, while most Americans played near water, the leftists impeached the strongest elected voice in Texas for election integrity — Ken Paxton.

Impeachments were history book items until Clinton, then two more for Trump and some predicting one for Biden.  Everyone kind of gets it.  It's a political thing, with preposterous second-raters giving speeches about honesty, integrity, rule of law as they bend the rules to get their way.

This one is a bit different.  Paxton is the stand-up guy who — but for a very sketchy Supreme Court "standing" ruling — could have seriously upended the fraudulent election in 2020.  He is ballsy, innovative, smart, and colorful.  And he is the attorney general of a very big state — or was, as he now is suspended.  It's now up to the state Senate.

He had one of those mistress events that beguiles Christian conservative types.  Then there was some kind of lawsuit followed by a $3-million settlement.  Republicans do seem to pay more for sex than the leftists who drive their victims off a bridge or bite their lip or just deny that it ever happened.

Paxton apparently did everything above board — as far as the payment goes, even getting the Legislature to fund it.  A group of RINOs and all the leftist Democrats held a secret investigation, leading to a bill sent to the Legislature, days before the holiday — leftists demanding a vote on the holiday Saturday.

It's railroading — done well! 

Yes, but remember Kari Lake!  The leftists know that nobody will challenge them — nobody will push back — so why not? 

We deal in a world of imperfect pols — it's just frustrating to see our imperfect pols treated with different rules from their imperfect pols.

Texas, like a lot of conservative states, is run by leftists and RINOs. 

Take Wyoming — one of the most overwhelmingly red states — yet its Legislature is RINO city. 

In Texas, the house leadership was often, and currently is, RINO.

It's a stupid thing.  It's what elected conservatives do: they run as a conservative, win, then sell out by electing leadership that will eviscerate conservative programs.  They all do it.

There's a bigger story here.  Texas is preparing to go purple in 2024 and take out Ted Cruz. 

To do that, there must be industrial-scale voter fraud from the large cities.  Ken Paxton stood in the way.

Our Fractal team runs the voter rolls in Texas for voter integrity groups, so we have a bird's-eye view.  Republicans hold every major office — you would think they demand clean voter rolls. 


The Texas voter rolls are abhorrent — and when you get into the large metro areas, superlatives fail. 

In 2024, election fraud in Texas, like all states, is going into overdrive. 

Ballot-harvesting will be preceded by NGOs filling the voter rolls with mountains of people living in homeless shelters that can house a few.  This will start in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin about four months before Election Day.

College dorms and high-rise apartment buildings will have mail-in ballots littering the floors — picked up by organized, funded leftist organizations.

Thousands of transient voters will be mailed ballots — and of course many will be long gone — and those ballots will vote against Cruz.

The election commissions in the large cities will open their daily ballot count to their leftist masters to make sure they meet the fake ballot quota needed every day to take out Ted.

Some election commissions will change ballots after they are cast — as our team and others proved happened in Texas in 2020.  Twenty twenty-four is the Super Bowl for election fraud — to stop Trump — and Cruz is likely a co-victim.

Because 2024 is the must-win, at all costs, leftist battle against Trump, there will be no limit to what leftists will do. 

Ken Paxton, a battle-hardened attorney general, whom the people like a lot, would have prosecuted the hundreds of fraud rings that will make themselves visible.

So, step 1, take out Ken Paxton.

If you can't beat him at the polls, hold a secret investigation, known only to RINOs and leftists.  Do not allow him or his attorney to examine the witnesses, use "triple hearsay" testimony as evidence, do not produce a single incriminating document, no witness cross examination — then demand that the Legislature, with a few days' notice, vote on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend!

Ted Cruz, like all smart guys who tell us how smart they are, is unfortunately more smart than clever.  Twenty twenty-four requires a clever mindset — anticipating the tsunami of voter fraud he has coming his way.  Probably before they take Ted out, we will see the polls showing he is terribly unpopular — maybe cruel to small animals.

Expect media assaults aimed at supporting the inevitable election-stealing — so there is a narrative in place to convince the wine moms and Kiwanis Club types that while Texas lost Ted, we have fair elections.

You saw them do it to Kari Lake — someone both physically and emotionally more compelling than our pal Ted Cruz.  Ted isn't going to win by 5–7 points the way Kari Lake did.  Even with Trump on the ticket, he isn't that popular.  If Kari Lake can get manhandled by election commissions in Republican areas the way she was, Cruz losing is a real possibility.

We are drawing your attention not to Ted Cruz.  Your attention should be focused on the vast, multi-layer, constant, relentless drive from leftists and RINOs to prepare the 2024 ground to take out Trump or DeSantis — no matter what.

The very idea of taking an immensely popular attorney general, who is the leading light speaking about election fraud, challenging the 2020 election as no other elected official did — and removing him from office with a laughable investigation alerts you, the voter, to how bad it's going to be in 2024.

It also should alert you, dear reader, to how vulnerable you are to leftists overwhelming all the institutions you hold dear.

It's one thing to slowly take over the schools, infiltrate the CIA and FBI and weaponize the state, make the military accept transvestites and argue that children should have life-altering surgery to imitate the opposite sex — but at least leftists had the good manners to do it slowly.

What you see here with Paxton and last year with Kari Lake is the raw, unconstrained, shove-it-in-your-face enthusiasm the left has to end our country as we have known it — with the Texas Legislature gleefully going along!

While everyone just takes it!

From where we sit, the only thing that stands in the way is not elected officials — the left will take them out.  It is not the Republican Party — they will disappoint.  It is not the courts — they lost their interest in the law; they are partisans in robes.  It is not the media — Breitbart is controlled opposition, never taking a stand on election fraud, and Tucker is out at Fox.

All that protects us from the leftists — ending elections as we know them — are sad, tattered, dirty voter rolls in seven swing states. 

The Texas Legislature just checked out.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List and the Fractal Undeliverable Ballot Database.  He can be reached at and Twitter at @AmericaOme17300.

Image: Ted Cruz.  Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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