The Staggering Flaws of the Biden Family

We start with a provocative partisan title.  We may lose some readers here who can’t or won’t evaluate issues that don’t align with their beliefs.  There is a lot of smoke, plenty of facts, and a staggering unwillingness by authorities to connect the dots and resolve the issues at bar.  The number one impediment to opening eyes is the fear that the Trump monster lurks in the shadows awaiting an imminent return.

Good government should be non-partisan, competent, and trustworthy.  (It hasn’t been for a long time.)  Democrat partisans overwhelmingly populate the vast majority of government departments, and no Republican administration has been able to put a dent in that political slant.  Constant leaks have become the story instead of relaying the accomplishments of Republican presidents.  Democrats don’t have to use overt bias to enforce a progressive liberal bureaucracy to do their bidding; instead, they step aside and watch a parade of bias and salacious leaks flow endlessly to a media too willing to use unnamed sources.  President Trump faced an average of two leaks a day in his first 100 days, and to this day, virtually no one was punished in any government agency, including agency heads, for any leaks to reporters.

Joe Biden is not the captain of our Ship of State; a shadow government pulls his strings.  I cannot view Biden in the context of his record and statements and see him as an able leader.  Many hear the rhetoric saying he is “The Healer in Chief” despite the fact that he is likely the most divisive president in history.  In his stump speeches, Biden endlessly denigrates “MAGA extremists” who cast over 74 million votes against him.   His echo chamber seems to believe he can demonize and ignore those voters because they are evil and irrelevant to him; it is this constant theme that exposes his administration as entirely partisan.  “Finishing the Job” is his new campaign cry for a second term, but one has to wonder what “finishing the job” actually means.

Conservatives like myself hardly recognize our country today.  Four more Biden years make me feel my next stop might be Dachau.  Hyperbolic?  I am so vehemently opposed to so much of the Biden agenda and its effect on myself and the people I love, that my only option is to fight back.  Should I be considered a danger to Biden’s agenda?  Does an FBI entrapment await me as it has others?  “Home of the Free, Land of the Brave” raises their hackles. 

Five concerns expose the truth of Biden’s corruption:

  1. Biden’s mental acuity should be a central issue.  If intellectually incompetent, he should not be the leader of the free world.  Two revealing factoids should be shocking to all of us.  First, at a rare press conference on April 26th, Biden was photographed holding a small pamphlet which appeared to contain damning pictures and text — the reporters who would be asking questions, the order which he should call on them, and the questions he would be asked.  Reporters’ names were even spelled out phonetically.  Of course, the White House denies it, but what kind of reporter would submit their questions in advance?  A different world of journalism indeed and one in which we should all feel “handled.”
    Next, on April 27th, Biden had to be reminded by an actual child of the last country he visited.  “What was the last country you traveled to,” a child asked during the White House’s Take Your Child to Work Day event. Per Biden:

The last country I've traveled — I'm trying to think the last one I was in — I, I’ve been to 89, so, uh — I'm trying to think.  What was the last — Where was the last place I was?  It’s hard to keep track.

These memory glitches should frighten national security officials.  What would Biden do or say during a National Nuclear Emergency when seconds count?  Biden had two brain aneurysms in 1988, likely leading to permanent cognitive deficits.

  1. The truth of unaccompanied minors (UACs) being brought across our border.  A staggering number of unaccompanied children have been sent here, but to whom and why?  The Biden administration has seen almost 400,000 UACs cross the border.  An HHS whistleblower testified that 85,000 children are “lost” and cannot be accounted for, but are believed to be in indentured servitude (at best).  The Biden administration knows this and has done nothing.  Biden’s reputation as a “compassionate” humanitarian is exposed for what it is…rhetoric.

  2. Where there’s smoke, look for fire.  Biden came from humble means, never worked in the private sector, but somehow became wildly wealthy.  Several of Biden’s family members essentially work in the family business of apparent influence peddling.  Does Biden’s frequent refrain, “I never spoke with my son about his overseas business deals” come to mind?  It makes one wonder if “never” really means “never!”.  Biden has nine relatives receiving millions in foreign cash.  What were they talking about when Vice President Biden and his cronies met 80 times at the White House?  Veracity is everything when you solicit the public’s trust, and Biden’s persona is wrapped around his supposed trustworthiness.  However, the facts here point to a person who uses hyperbole, manipulation, and outright lying to sway public opinion.

Current news speaks of an IRS whistleblower who will likely testify before Congress alleging that the Hunter Biden probe was intentionally mishandled.  While centered on most of the Biden family, excluding the “Big Guy”, it is construed that their family business was structured to use Joe’s political contacts to coerce monies to be distributed to the family.  Without piercing this alleged conspiracy, he can continue business as usual.  Many good Americans seek justice and vindication to prove he and some of his children are corrupt and disloyal to our country.
Now, there is another whistleblower who apparently works in the Justice Department that directly points to then-Vice President Biden accepting bribes.  Where does this all end?  With the MSM not reporting objectively, the American people are left to wonder about right-wing conspiracies.  If it’s news, why isn’t it reported?

  1. Misinformation is being used to achieve political ends.  At Biden’s request, Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin set in motion a letter from 51 former intelligence officials declaring the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation.  We now know that the laptop is genuine; however, the FBI never followed up with the many national security implications the laptop contains.  Asking “why” does not adequately cover an issue of this magnitude.  Withholding important information is another reason the 2020 election is not considered above board by many.

  2. Dereliction of his own flesh and blood.  (Perhaps the most damning of all.)  When asked how many grandchildren he has, Biden answers, “I don't know.”  Widely known is the fact that Hunter Biden had a child with a stripper, and the Biden family refuses to acknowledge little Navy Joan’s paternity.  This flaw telegraphs so much more though.  Failing to own up to the truth, neglecting the role of a financial supporter of your own offspring, and canceling a child by denying her existence are actions having vast trust and integrity ramifications.  Why should we trust someone who thinks and lives only for himself?

Our legacy is the sum of our actions.  Biden has demonstrated too many troubling flaws, and Biden would likely never have reached the Oval Office except for withholding vital information and the “anyone but Trump” vote.

Did this turn out to be a good bargain?

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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