The Sinister, Antisemitic “Two-State Solution”

On April 25, 2023, the U.S. House of Representatives broke new foreign policy ground by voting 401-19 on a resolution congratulating Israel on its 75th anniversary and the so-called Abraham Accords with four Arab states. And for once, it didn’t demand the dangerously delusional Two-State Solution (“TSS”)

It was a routine text, similar to others the House issued in previous years; new was the absence of any reference to the verbal hologram of the “Palestinians.” (A hologram is something that looks like it is there but really is not.) And for that omission, the 18 anti-Israel representatives angrily voted against it. For them, Israel is the obstacle to peace because it refuses to let the putatively primeval Palestinian people have a state in “their” ancient homeland. Therefore, the absence of any nod to the messianic TSS was unbalanced.

Repeatedly over the years, House statements on Israel’s Independence Day have promoted the TSS. The 2018 version supported a “negotiated settlement leading to a sustainable two-state solution with the democratic, Jewish state of Israel and a demilitarized, democratic Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace and security,” which was then and still is thoroughly divorced from reality, wishful thinking, and virtually messianic. A “democratic” state? Of today’s twenty-one Arab states, how many are democratic?

And a “demilitarized” one? No Arab Muslim would ever agree to such an insult to his manhood. In 1982, after a dozen years of Arab terrorists in southern Lebanon and their horrors, Israel had had enough. The government sent the Israel Defense Force over the border to drive thousands of PLO gunmen northward, retreating into Beirut.

Image by Bruce Emmerling. CC BY 2.0.

Israel pounded the PLO even there, but when the terrorists were ready to surrender and depart the country, they refused to be disarmed of their personal weapons. They would rather die in Beirut as soldier-victims of Al-Yahud/the Jews than submit to this humiliation. So, they were allowed to keep their guns as they traveled to the port. And because they had survived the Israeli onslaught and lived to murder another day, they celebrated Arab style by firing off bursts of their beloved Kalashnikovs as their open-air trucks careened through Beirut streets. Not surprisingly, an untold number of innocent Lebanese pedestrians were not only wounded, but some also fell dead.

What is also functionally delusional in the TSS is the implicit fantasy that when it comes to Judea and Samaria—the names on all maps for thousands of years, “West Bank” only came into common usage in 1968--handing them over will satisfy these Muslims. And I say Muslims, not “Palestinians,” because, contrary to the most successful psychological warfare operation in history that invented this phantom nation, these people are not “Palestinian” in any way.

There is nothing “Palestinian” about them. When their would-be martyrs drive a vehicle into a clutch of Jews waiting for a bus, and the drivers jump out with a knife to stab those still alive, they shout, “Allahu Akbar!/Allah is the greatest!” They will never yell “Long live Balestine!” (sic), a name so alien to these Arabs rooted in the Arabian Peninsula that they cannot pronounce it properly.

In 2006, elections for a “Palestinian” assembly were held, but 75% of the winners represented the anti-nationalist Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of all Muslim murder cults. And ever since, the Palestinian Authority has never held another election because it knows it would produce the same results.

The local Brotherhood franchise in Israel calls itself Hamas, but it is still the same Brotherhood founded in 1928 to oppose Ataturk’s modernizing Turkey and the infusion of secularism into the Islamic body politic. Islam sees nationalism as a Western, infidel import. Nationalism is a rival for the affection of Believers in the Umma, the international congregation of Believers in the One True Faith.

That’s why we no longer hear of, as we did in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, terror units in the PLO syndicate with political names such as the Palestine Liberation Front, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); the PFLP-General Command, etc. Fatah, the only gang with an Islamic name was, therefore, the most successful and largest. Fatah is the title of the 48th sura/chapter in the Koran. It means “conquest” and, in context, “conquest of the infidels.”

All founding members of Fatah grew up in the Muslim Brotherhood. The late Yasir Arafat’s father headed the clandestine Brotherhood apparatus in Mandatory Palestine. Their “war of national liberation” was only a smokescreen.

Today, most of the PLO terror gangs with political names are inert. In their place, there is Hamas, an Arabic word for Islamic piety and passion so intense it drives a Believer to want to murder as many Jews as possible and simultaneously have them kill him, propelling him instantaneously into Muslim paradise to be permanently stoned on hash, chronically drunk (alcohol is allowed there), while raping virgins 24-7 for all eternity.

Rivaling Hamas in Gaza is Islamic Jihad, a title that could not be more honest. No “Palestinian” nationalism for these assassins (an etymologically Arabic word for pious, Shiite hash heads in the Middle Ages.) Islamic holy war against all infidels on Planet Earth is their cause. That is what they live for, these devotees of the Koran, an antisemitic tract.

The TSS is an antisemite’s fantasy for, if implemented, he could smile on a fresh tsunami of pathetic and tearful masses of Jews forced from their homes, as Jews have repeatedly been abused throughout their tragic history. The TSS means that the half-million Jews currently living in Judea and Samaria would be evicted, as happened in 2005 in Gaza. There, thousands of Jewish families were driven from homes they had every moral and legal right to live in, on acreage assigned to the Jewish people by the League of Nations in 1922 and reaffirmed by the United Nations in 1945, which PR points the palsied imagination of Israel’s post-Jewish politicians never raise.

Hypothetically, some Israelis might choose to remain and become citizens in the new State of Ancient Philistia. But this would mean returning to the status of dhimmi in a Muslim polity. Devotees of the TSS commonly do not know that the relationship between Jews and Muslims did not begin with the Zionist movement founded in 1897; not with 1917’s Balfour Declaration; not in 1948 or 1967 when Israel repelled a second, concerted Arab onslaught bent on destroying the world’s only tiny, independent Jewish state, as well as killing and raping lots of Jews and looting all their wealth.

The TSS envisions handing the high ground of Judea and Samaria back to Islam and restoring the ceasefire lines of 1949-67, lines that the late Abba Eban called the “borders of Auschwitz.” No sober Israeli of any religious or secular persuasion would agree to handing back the high ground, bringing Muslim Brothers with small arms in range of Ben Gurion Airport and the Knesset.

The TSS is a recipe for the destruction of this country, and Israel would benefit greatly by, finally, publicly, declaring that the Oslo Peace Process had “bombed,” pun intended. Only men ignorant of Islam like the late Marxist haters of religion, especially Judaism, Isaac Rabin, and Simon Peres, and his disciple Joseph Beilin, would dream up the wretched Oslo Peace Process that never brought peace, only death for 1,660 defenseless people in Israel massacred by these savages, which statistic includes neither the soldiers and police who also lost their lives in counter-terror operations nor the thousands of wounded in these atrocities, some lamed and mutilated for life.

The TSS is an antisemite’s wet dream of destroying the resurrected Jewish commonwealth, risen-from the-ashes of the crematoria.

Sha’i ben-Tekoa is the author of PHANTOM NATION: Inventing the “Palestinians as the Obstacle to Peace, and podcasts at Phantom Nation.

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