The FBI's Snipe Hunts

When I was in the Boy Scouts, we used to send new scouts on a snipe hunt during their first campout. It was a search through the woods for a made-up creature that didn’t exist. The exercise was a good-natured joke to welcome them to the troop. (Note: Snipes are a real bird, but that doesn’t change the joke).

Snipe hunting is also a gag the FBI plays on itself. Only the FBI calls the snipes “white supremacist domestic terrorists” -- which are apparently harder to find than Boy Scout snipes.

The feds use the “white supremacist” qualifier to avoid catching any BLM, Antifa, pro-abortion, or LGBTQ terrorists in their dragnet. But parents, and others of a semi-fascist (i.e., MAGA) political persuasion are fair game.

At the request of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), the FBI investigated parents who protested at school board meetings. Surely there’s a criminal statute against that. Congress just received the FBI’s report on this initiative and it is not confidence inspiring.

The FBI investigated a total of 25 individuals and organizations for the subversive act of exercising their freedom of speech. Six of those cases were referred to the FBI Counterterrorism Division, and one case received a full-scale investigation -- rather like that garage door pull that 15 agents investigated to ensure that a racist knot wasn’t used. One of the people investigated was -- gasp -- a gun owner! Apparently, there’s a 2nd Amendment exclusion in the FBI oath to defend the Constitution.

The FBI’s report to Congress states that they found no credible threat. Let me paraphrase: We left no stone unturned, and verified that parents who have committed no crime, are not criminals. No threatening snipes were found. You can thank us now.

Even though the FBI can’t find any actual snipes, it is determined to make it look like it does. Congress has discovered that the FBI has been cooking its domestic terrorism books. Whistleblowers are confirming that bureau leadership has been pressuring agents to reclassify other cases as “domestic violent extremism,” to support Merrick Garland’s domestic terrorism narrative. This “book cooking” has been necessary because they haven’t been able to find any actual domestic terrorists -- at least not of the “white supremacist” variety.

To make the snipe hunt look convincing, the FBI has even made a couple of domestic terrorist arrests. They arrested a handful of mentally deficient fools in Michigan, for almost following an FBI hatched plan to kidnap a governor. They didn’t do it, but they talked about it over beers and they were white -- so, domestic terrorism it is.

The bureau also arrested some protesters for almost laying siege to the Capitol, without any guns, and without actually entering the building. But they were people in disagreement with their government -- arrested for sinful thoughts without sinful actions. Another word for that is “innocent.”

Unfortunately, while the FBI has been on their snipe hunt, they’ve been distracted from real threats.

Pro-life organizations have been under assault since the Dobbs decision striking down a constitutional right to abortion. Over 100 crisis pregnancy centers and churches have been attacked -- some even firebombed. But those aren’t classified as domestic terrorism attacks, because our current leadership doesn’t agree with the Dobbs decision. I guess violence to achieve a political end isn’t terrorism, if it’s to ensure a woman’s right to kill her baby.

Left-wing allies have also gotten into the mass shooting game. A confused transgender person killed six people at a Christian school in Nashville. The assailant even left a manifesto -- which is being kept secret. I wonder why?

A fired bank teller in Louisville walked into his former place of employment, and live-streamed his slaughter of five people. He was a white guy and the press was salivating for an actual instance of one of those “white supremacist” snipes fulfilling the narrative. But that didn’t work out either. He left a manifesto too. Among other reasons, he said he did it to show how easy it is to get guns. He was using leftist logic (also known as cognitive dissonance) to protest gun violence with gun violence. The FBI decided this crime was just a case of workplace violence.

Oddly, neither of these cases were classified as domestic terrorism or investigated by the FBI Counterterrorism Division. Maybe the narrative has something to do with it.

Apart from being blind to non-white supremacist domestic terrorism, the feds have been letting other threats grow as well. The Chinese have been caught operating multiple “police stations” on American soil. They were using them to spy on us and intimidate Chinese people residing here. Where was the FBI while they were establishing these foreign government operations in our country? Were they too busy infiltrating the Proud Boys to infiltrate actual spy rings?

We’ve also recently learned that people on the terrorist watchlist (of the foreign not domestic variety) have been crossing our open borders. Sixteen such people have been caught so far at the southern border. That begs the question: how many weren’t caught? Is the FBI putting as much attention into looking for them as it did to track down everyone who attended a political rally on January 6?

And while America burns, Merrick Garland is suing the states for protecting children and improving election integrity. Those are his priorities.

What’s it called when a law enforcement agency investigates someone at the request of an ideological adversary, and confirms that no crime was committed? A civil rights violation. It’s a violation of the 4th and 14th Amendments (freedom from unreasonable search and equal protection). It’s a crime and there’s actually a statute against it -- but the statute only authorizes the FBI to investigate such violations. When civil rights violators are the only people authorized to investigate civil rights violations, it’s a rather glaring flaw in the system, no?

Our system of criminal justice is not supposed to pick a target and then investigate to see if a crime can be found. That’s the way it was done in the good old USSR by the KGB. There’s supposed to be an actual crime first, followed by a search for who did it. Contrary to the opinion of Merrick Garland and Joe Biden, exercising a constitutional right is not a crime.

The FBI’s actions go beyond being criminal. They are breaking their promise to us. When the bureau undermines constitutional protections -- rather than defends them -- it’s a violation of their solemn oath to us. We grant them law enforcement powers in exchange for that oath. Violations of their oath are a breaching of the pact they’ve made with us, and a delegitimization of their reason to exist.

Investigations of parents and imaginary insurrectionists is not a situation of “no harm, no foul.” It’s a violation of the law and our trust. The FBI and DoJ have ignored real attacks on our society while they looked for crimes to charge the innocent with. They have become unapologetic political enforcers and can no longer be trusted. The only solution is to reduce the strength of the federal government, and increase the power of the states as a check on federal overreach.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network.  He can be reached at

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