Savor Trump’s Electoral Landslide -- Until the Phantoms Vote

RINOs, psyops, controlled opposition like Breitbart and Fox and the grifter consultant class are selling the narrative that Trump wins the nomination bigly -- then takes the Electoral College.

Joe Biden is on wobbly knees, at the edge of the actuarial life chart, leaving America with the most ridiculous replacement president.  His own party doesn’t want him to run -- but the party owners are stuck with him. That too favors Trump.

Blissfully count the new Senate majority, the expanding House majority, and the keys to a White House that will finally drain the swamp. 

Then, have a coffee, sit down and remember 2022.  That felt great too -- until the day after the election.

To become president, Trump must win a bunch of swing states.  To win each state he needs more ballots in his pile than the other guy.  It’s baked into the data -- which we look at every day -- that Trump is not going to win those swing states.  None of them.

It’s not his fault.  He will probably get more votes, just not more ballots.

Walk with me through the swing state landscape and let’s count them together.  Electoral votes in parentheses.

Arizona (11). We have multiple sources of Arizona data. In Arizona, people can vote from hotels, RV Parks, vacant lots (literally).  We have data showing elected officials in Arizona changed voter rolls when mail-in ballots were being mailed out.  Those voters did not get their ballots.  Where did they go?

In 2020, the state was run by Republicans -- RINOs for sure -- but not leftists. Now the leftists run everything. 

In the 2022 election, they changed the print settings in Republican districts.  They had thousands of ballots that did not signature match -- yet they accepted them!

So, in 2024, do you think Trump is going to overcome this with rallies?  There are enough fake votes in one county in Arizona to overcome any advantage Trump gets statewide.

At least one Arizona election commission will make sure Trump loses in case the phantoms are not enough.  Scratch Arizona.

Michigan (16). You remember Michigan -- where the white van drove up in the middle of the night with boxes delivered to the Detroit ballot counting locations.  Well, in 2020, Michigan, at least the legislature was run by Republicans.  Not anymore.  Now, Michigan has brought true bipartisanship to state government with both parties denying there was election fraud.

We ran Michigan data for over a year.  They have top-notch voter integrity teams.  We and they found phantoms by the trainload.  People registered 17 times. 

In 2022 the Republicans put up some pretty good candidates -- complete wipeout.  Republicans even lost the legislature. 

People, what’s different today? Nothing, except Michigan is much worse.  The leftists control everything.  The Republicans have a civil war.  Michigan is gone, scratch 16 electoral votes.

Wisconsin (10). Wisconsin is the state where it all started for the Fractal team.  It’s where Sheriff Clarke pointed us to evaluate voter rolls.  They have the some of the best voter integrity teams in the country.

Wisconsin also has the Wisconsin Election Commission -- charging $12,500 for a copy of the voter rolls.  Kind of makes it hard to review them. 

We run multiple copies today and we reported hidden characters in their voter IDs, ones you can see with advanced computer tools.  Why would they do that?  Who knows, but we suggest it is not to help Republican candidates.

Remember 2023.  Oh wait -- it is 2023! 

Remember the Supreme Court race in Wisconsin? The Republican got squashed by about 10 points. Now the Wisconsin Supreme Court -- which may well render judgement on election issues -- is leftist! 

Senator Ron Johnson did squeak by against a nominal opponent -- only because two intrepid voter integrity guys used some advanced tools to keep the phantom army off balance.  They probably won’t be around in 2024 -- because Republicans won’t fund them!

Wisconsin, run by leftists, is out of reach. Voter rolls have over three million people who are no longer active -- but the WEC refuses to remove them!  Scratch Wisconsin. 

Pennsylvania (20). Empirical data is the best -- so when a state elects a senator who is undeniably mentally deficient, cannot hold a lucid conversation, and spends his first weeks in office in a mental institution, well, it does not bode well for Trump. 

Voter integrity teams in Pennsylvania are among the best in the country -- but they, like the rest, cannot get the armies of phantoms – that we and they found in voter rolls -- off the voter rolls.  In Pennsylvania, in 2024, Trump can win by five or six points and lose by about 100,000 votes.  It’s new arithmetic.  Scratch Pennsylvania.

Georgia (16). Georgia is the state where the lovely voter integrity teams delivered 30,000-plus affidavits and other proof about fake voters to the county judge, and were told to pound sand. 

In 2020 Georgia had RINOs in charge -- and now they have the same RINOs in charge trying to put Trump in prison.  Really think Georgia is going to be won with red hats, rallies, and flags?  If so, we are taking bets.  Scratch Georgia.

Nevada (6). We just finished a report on Nevada after comparing its voter rolls with property tax rolls for one of their largest counties.  The adjacent county wants us to run their data next.  Well, if Trump is favored by the thousands of people who live in vacant lots and RV Parks, he has a shot in Nevada.  Since we suspect those are not his voters, scratch Nevada.

What do these states have in common -- except they determine the next president?

Each is a hotbed of election fraud -- either from election commissions or phantom armies or both -- and in every case the RNC and the Trump campaign are ignoring the dinosaur in the kitchen. 

Voter fraud will screw you on election day!

Why?  Political consultants make money on ad placements and retainers -- not by dealing with baked-in fraud. If the RNC spent as much on election fraud remediation in each swing state as it did on flowers and booze, Trump might win some of these states. If the Trump campaign paid attention to the election integrity teams and took seriously the threat of election commission-instigated fraud, it could make a difference.

Unfortunately, the RNC is about raising dough and having elaborate meetings with mediocre minds.  The Trump campaign thinks rallies, flags, and red hats can overcome the Left’s complete control of election apparatus.

It’s like France in 1939. 

Trump is France. 

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine and the foundational technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  Jay’s team built the Undeliverable Ballot Database.  Jay can be reached at and his Twitter is @Omega4America

Image: Elvert Barnes

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