Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid to Act

Another example of indisputably corrupt and unscrupulous Democrat behavior has erupted onto the national scene with the release of the years-long Durham probe into the alleged “Russia-Russi-Russia” influence on the 2016 election. Once again, virtually every phony charge against President Trump was proven to be false, virtually every claim he made about being spied on was proven true and the FBI has been revealed -- again -- to be a politically unethical organization far more concerned with tipping the electoral scales in favor of the Democrats than they are concerned with fighting crime. The Durham Report is just the latest in a long line of negative findings about prominent Democrats that never seems to result in any of them paying any tangible penalty for their wrongdoing.

The Democrats have made a habit of lying and gaming the system to their advantage. They always make sure they give the liberal mainstream media plenty of fodder with which to club Republicans over the head and they continually seek to arrange (if not outright rig) the relevant local ordinances, procedures, and laws to their unfair advantage in order to tilt elections in their favor.

BLM and Antifa riot, destroy private property and kill innocent bystanders, and the liberal mainstream media portray them as victim-heroes, while top Democrat leaders defend them, justify their actions and never prosecute them for any crimes. The police are characterized as racist vigilantes, more interested in violating the civil rights of minorities for sport than they are in protecting the public’s safety.  But let one Republican politician say something questionable and they’re pilloried mercilessly in the public square as if it were the crime of the century.

Hillary Clinton famously described one-half of the country she was vying to lead as a “basket of deplorables,” and there was not one iota of criticism from the liberal media, any Democrat politician, or any rank-and-file Democrat partisan. On the contrary, their unspoken reaction was, “Well, she’s right. They are.”

During the January 6th 2021 protest, one protester -- Ashli Babbitt -- was shot dead in cold blood by Capitol policeman Michael Byrd. Say what you want about the Capitol protest (and we’ll leave that discussion for another time), it certainly didn’t appear on the video that Babbitt posed an imminent deadly danger to people. She brandished no weapon and took no life-threatening actions against anyone. Yet she was killed for reasons that remain, at best, highly questionable. In a different circumstance, with the races reversed, this action would be trumpeted by the liberal media and the Democrats as yet more proof of the inherent racism of the Republican Party.

The examples of Democrat Party malfeasance go on and on, through the three-letter acronym agencies like the FBI, CIA, and IRS, Democrat politicians like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Elizabeth Warren who intentionally introduce false evidence into official government proceedings, have illicit affairs with hostile foreign operatives, and willfully misrepresent themselves to gain unfair professional advantage.

Yet through all this, Republican response is tepid at best. Hardly a protest or a word of objection. When asked about Babbitt’s shooting just a few weeks ago, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sheepishly said, “He was just doing his job.” Really? His job was to shoot an unarmed protester who posed no danger -- an annoyance, yes, but no danger -- to anyone? Would that have been the response of a Democrat in a parallel situation?

So, the big question is why. Why do Republicans continue to act so timidly when Democrats commit such misconduct? Democrats never miss the opportunity to take Republicans to task for far less. Democrats get in front of every single mass shooting and try to blame it on Republicans who support the 2nd Amendment, or they try to link the alleged shooter with President Trump or the MAGA movement. And the Democrats are mostly successful in getting their liberal media allies to perpetrate their initial anti-Republican take on the story, even if it later proves to be false. The Democrats know it’s the first impression that counts. “Accusation on Page One, Retraction on Page Twenty-Seven,” as the old saying goes.

This brings us to what some people refer to as "Puppy Dog Syndrome." Puppies instinctively love their master. Even if that person mistreats them, the dog will continue to try to please its owner, hoping for improved treatment, a return to the affection of old.  “Please pet me again. Please play with me again. I’ll do anything you want. I just want and need your approval.”

It’s almost as if Republicans believe that by showing restraint and not taking a hard line -- despite getting burned by Democrats time and time again -- Republicans are hoping that the Democrats and the liberal mainstream media will accord them some sort of “credit” and approval. It comes across like Republicans are trying to say to the Democrats with their soft, non-vindictive approach, “See? We’re not so bad. Tell everyone we’re really okay.”

Being as devious, ruthless, and cutthroat in political matters as the Democrats simply doesn’t occur to Republicans. The essential difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans are more concerned with the good of the country and the merits of the specific issue at hand. Democrats are more concerned with gaining and retaining power and control. “The good of the country” doesn’t really ever figure into Democrat party strategy. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a blueprint on how to crush your political opposition, has no corresponding parallel in the Republican ranks. Likewise, the George Soros's and Klaus Schwabs of the world are über-liberal progressives, interested only in obtaining power and control, by any means necessary. There is no Republican Soros. There is no Republican equivalent to the “Soros-funded Democrat DA” intentionally ruining our major cities with a soft-on-crime strategy intended to rip apart the fabric of society to give progressive government the excuse it needs to exert control.

Naïve Republican lawmakers are not helping the country, their constituents or themselves by crawling back to the Democrat boot that just kicked them across the room and hoping that by wagging their tail, maybe this time they’ll get a different outcome.

The country doesn’t need any more Republican puppy dogs. The country needs Republican Doberman Pinschers.

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