Of Course, the FBI Supports the Regime. But…

Remember when our liberal friends hated the FBI and its cross-dressing Director J. Edgar Hoover? I know: imagine today's liberals as transphobes; it's easy if you try.

But now there's nothing for liberals to see at the FBI. The New York Times paper edition had a small front-page headline right at the fold on May 16 upon the release of the Durham report, the sweeties.

Seriously though: you expected indictments? One reaction in non-regime circles was from Kim Strassel in the Wall Street Journal writing that the FBI is not all bad. And then there was Scott Johnson who argued that the agency was "rotten to the core."

No. I'd say that the FBI, from 2016 to the present, is just doing its job, protecting the friends of the regime, whether it's Hillary Clinton, the favorite to win the 2016 election, or Hunter Biden, son of the president-to-be in 2020. Donald Trump is clearly a threat to the regime, as was Gen. Michael Flynn.

Hey! Sometimes the FBI has to take out a president to save the regime.

For you conspiracy theorists and supporters of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., there is the curious case of the assassination of President Kennedy about a year after he fired CIA director Allen Dulles in the Fall of 1961.

Not to mention the curious case of Bob Woodward, who had a tour as an officer in the U.S. Navy before becoming a journalist and taking out President Nixon. Nothing to see here! Of course, it didn't hurt that his source, Deep Throat W. Mark Felt, was passed over for promotion at the FBI.

Every regime needs its FBI or MI5 or KGB to warn it about enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep the enemies at bay. And it is not at all surprising that, when the politicians fail to protect the regime, as with the Soviet Union in 1989, that KGB chappies like Vladimir Putin are forced to take over to save Mother Russia. Armies and Navies and Air Forces are all very well in their way, but first you need dedicated regime defenders on the front line against the armed insurrectionists.

What troubles me is the rather clear evidence that the recent FBI leaders are merely second-rate throne sniffers. I'd say that if we really had an FBI with backbone there would be a cabal deep within the agency that knew the nation's current leadership isn't up to par, and was determined to do something about it: taking out the weak reeds with corruption charges. To protect the nation!

Oops! I just detected a weird glitch on my computer. OMG! Forget everything I wrote! Nothing to see here! No, there's no chance at all that a combination of Green New Deal, reckless deficit spending, divisive race and gender politics, defunding the police, doddering Dem politicians, and stupid foreign military adventures would threaten the very foundation of the nation, the regime, and the pensions of FBI operatives. No Siree!

Seriously though, now that I've got your attention, you FBI patriots, bend an ear. You really don't want the U.S. to get into the position of Vlad Putin's Russia, where he's having to hire intellectuals to gin up a new national Narrative that tries to inspire all the fallen-apart participants in the Ancient Rus, and get them back together again. But do you have the chops of a Francis Fukuyama, a Samuel Huntington, an Alexandr Dugin, or know someone who does? Whatabout Henry A. Kissinger, who as a young immigrant at Harvard in 1950 wrote his senior thesis on "The Meaning of History," chatting on for 400 pages about Kant and Spengler and Toynbee?

I'm sure that you noble FBI patriots feel deeply the insult of a doddering regime using you to Get Trump. A healthy ruling class does not descend to using the national police force in such a sordid fashion. Because a Trump could never happen if the ruling class was up to scratch.

Another thing. The whole effort to drench the federal workforce in DEI is nothing less than an effort to humiliate or -- as they said in Mao's day -- "struggle" the high-performing members of the permanent bureaucracy and weaken y'all by forcing you to agree to wokey Marxist nonsense. Do you see the problem, you FBI patriots? With DEI the weak rulers weaken the sinews of government, effectively setting up the whole operation for a sudden collapse. In the Next Regime the present bureaucracy may not have jobs.

Really, I wouldn't want to be working at the FBI right now. On the one hand, the doddering regime is always asking the FBI to bend the law to keep its trains running for one more day. On the other hand, you FBI professionals are reduced to propping up a weak regime that is past its sell-by date.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: National Archives

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