It Takes a Village?

Hillary’s famous book title may have some truth to it in that a village is a close-knit tiny community where everyone knows everyone and has a stake in each other’s well-being. But Hillary wasn’t talking about a village; she was talking about huge, faceless, unaccountable government bureaucracies. Now we have a president -- or maybe half a president -- who recently said, “Our nation’s children are all our children.” Really? Our children belong to their radical left-wing teachers? Biden quoted one such teacher saying, “There’s no such thing as someone else’s children.” So, our children belong to the pedophiles among us? Do they belong to the greedy plastic surgeons? Do they belong to the drug dealers and the pharmaceutical companies? Do they belong to school boards and bureaucrats and school counsellors? Our children are our very flesh and blood. They carry our DNA and yet some anonymous official has the right to determine their future? There is something in the very core of a reasonable person that rebels against that.

Well, let’s look at this idea of ownership. This is still America and here we don’t believe in owning other people. We fought a civil war to settle that. We can own houses and cars and dogs, but we can’t buy us a housekeeper or a gardener. So why do we think we have the right to say our children are our children? Why do parents have the exclusive, heretofore, unquestioned right to determine what is best for their children? We'd better get that one clear in our minds and be ready to dig in on this one because the Left is out to get them.

Why would they (I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill, union-bound, vote-for-the-working-man Democrat, but the one-world, Marxist, make-believe perverts who populate our local, state, and federal governments.) be out to get our kids? Let’s face it, our kids can be pretty obnoxious from time to time. And they’re expensive, time-consuming, and worrisome. So, what do they want with the little buggers?

They want control.

Man engages in three kinds of greed: a lust for money, a lust for power, and a lust for sex. Not that they are mutually exclusive; they all three gather around the same bubbling cauldron, tossing in newts and bats. And whereas humans are usually impatient, this lust for money, power, and sex can come with astounding tenacity. ”Double double, toil and trouble.” These dark minions have been tirelessly aiming at our children since John Dewey over a century ago set out to warp our school systems into mindless factories.

Children are the future, and the future these demonic forces dream of has no place for freedom, independence, or hope. It is a world that excludes billions of our fellow humans -- “depopulation” is the current euphemism. Rather than the mess of killing off that many people (Hitler’s six million is a drop in the bucket.) the plan is to ruin reproduction. Hence the need to 1) force mRna vaccines, and 2) destroy the natural human pull toward reproductive sex. If children -- naïve and easily persuaded -- can be tricked into the destruction of their reproductive organs, or into a nonproductive sexual relationship with a member of the same sex, then the witches can cut down the future population. Fewer people are easier to control. A recent study (2021) showed that 25% of teenaged children identify as LBGTQ. That’s double what it was in 2015. That didn’t just happen. The powers that be (and I use that term in the demonic, biblical sense) have successfully sold our kids on the coolness of being gay or trans. Those powers have made our kids doubt their own sense of self. There are many reasons why a third of teenage girls in a recent study claimed to have considered suicide. This brave new world the elites are cooking up is deadly for our children.

Not only would this new world be lacking freedom and hope, but it would lack material necessities as well -- food (They’re recommending we eat bugs.), shelter (Pods will do -- just a bunk on which to rest our weary souls.) and transportation (should we ever be allowed to go anywhere). These would-be dictators seem unconcerned about who will produce and deliver the luxuries they look forward to as members of the smarter-than-the-rest-of-us elites. They dream in vagueness and dark fantasy.

But back to our children. For roughly 6,000 years parents have had exclusive rights to control, provide for, and instruct our children. The nuclear family has, in all this time and in most places, been the backbone of human societies. The few that have strayed far from that have been noticeably unsuccessful. A community built of committed, one-man-one-woman households, in which children are produced and trained, has been a reliable organization. It is the way God designed human societies to run.

But the leftists are so arrogant as to think that they have a better way, so the first order of business must be to destroy that family arrangement. What better way to do that than to undermine parent-child relationships, to confuse children about sex, to round them up in government schools in which to indoctrinate them in leftist ways of thinking.

In Washington State, Senate Bill 5599 has just passed. It would allow teachers and/or counsellors to remove children from homes where the parents refuse to consent to sex-change procedures for their children, or refuse to allow a daughter to have an abortion. A child could go off to school and just never return. He or she would be transported to a group home and parents would not even be notified. How can anyone see this as anything but diabolical?

Parents across the country are gearing up to face their school boards over pornographic library books, over drag-queen exposure, over sex-ed classes that discuss issues like oral and anal sex with very young children. Our kids are being groomed for pedophiliac encounters and we find ourselves up against a federal government, including our president, who labels us as “domestic terrorists” for objecting.

Our children are ours in that they are reproductions of ourselves. Not only do they bear our DNA, but recent studies show that mothers carry in their bodies the DNA of each child. This lasts at least until the child is adult -- 18 -20 years. We can’t change that. It is what children are. They are us. God Almighty designed the system so that those who have the most to lose are the ones in control. That is reasonable, it is efficient, it is effective 90% of the time.

Yes, there are bad parents, but there are very few of them. And heaven help the child that is taken from a parent and sent to a foster home -- a high percentage of foster arrangements are more dangerous places for kids than are true parent-child households.

We are no longer embroiled in a political struggle, a Democrat vs. Republican face-off. In this tangle we’re dealing with the Satanic urge to destroy. The Apostle Peter warned us, “Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.” (1 Peter 5:8). He wants to devour our children and he’s using all of our trusted institutions, i.e. our villages, to do it.

Deana Chadwell is an adjunct professor and department head at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. She teaches writing, logic, and literature. She can be contacted at

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