Is Sanity Returning?

In case you’ve been in a cave this past month, sane people (i.e. non-Democrats) have finally said enough with the Marxist/Leftist insanity that Dems are trying to force onto us.  I’m referring to the firestorm rejection consumers are giving to Anheuser-Busch (AB), specifically to buying and drinking Bud Lite.  What happened?

AB is like many corporations and much of the federal government -- they’ve gone radical leftist.  AB’s executives, Hollywood celebs, academia, TV networks, Big Media, Big Tech, most large corporations, and most government agencies have collectively decided they know what’s best for you, know exactly what you need, and have proceeded to shove it down our throats while forcing their political insanity onto society.  You must hate President Trump -- Check; every TV network and celebrity continually echoes that mantra.  We will teach racist ideology to your children, and you’ll learn to love it -- Check; Democrat-controlled school boards cram Critical Race Theory (CRT) into every school curriculum.  Demand gun control/gun confiscation -- Check; every mass-shooting is not because the shooter is deranged or mentally ill; no, it’s the gun’s fault and Dems demand guns be confiscated.  Americans must have and support open borders to flood the country with illegals and change the voter base -- Check; Biden and Dems have refused to control the border, resulting in five million (but who’s counting) illegals in slightly over two years (thanks, Joe).  America needs a weakened military more focused on White rage than defeating our enemies -- Check; all service branches are struggling to recruit new members.  So, given the large numbers of idiotic, woke businesses and lunatic government/military agendas, Anheuser-Busch managed to outstupid them all.  AB used a girly-man transgender to advertise Bud Lite (BL) to the average working man.

AB hired Alissa Heinerscheid, an elitist woman (I think she’s a woman) Ivy Leaguer, as VP of marketing to update the BL brand, to get away from its “fratty” image.  Alissa thought a cross dresser would relate to working men and convince construction workers and common laborers that they must update their image and accept transgenders as natural.  Well, something strange happened -- normal people (both men and women) strongly objected to the insanity of using a tranny to promote the largest selling beer in the world.  Then, to prove her ignorance, Alissa defended her decision by calling BL drinkers “out-of-touch.”  To say her marketing campaign didn’t sit well with customers is an understatement.  BL sales have collapsed, down over 25% in just one month.  In the process, Alissa turned the King of Beers into the Queen of Beers.

To be fair, Heinerscheid is no different than most other business executives and government bigwigs.  Every one of them thinks, rather, they know they’re more intelligent, smarter, and better than you farmers, ranchers, law enforcement, service technicians, and everyday laborers.  They think they can push their products exactly opposite of their consumers.  In the case of Bud Lite, the ditzy exec was wrong.

I don’t think AB’s customers have boycotted Bud Lite so much as they’ve given up on it.  When Alissa used a transgender to advertise BL, customers finally realized that AB’s execs loathe, detest, and despise them; that AB’s upper management have nothing in common with everyday beer drinkers.  AB isn’t alone in its disdain for customers.  Maybelline revealed its dislike of its female customers by hiring the same transgender to promote its make-up products.  Bed, Bath, & Beyond made a similar decision about their customers when they stopped carrying My Pillow solely because Mike Lindell, My Pillow’s CEO, supported Donald Trump (remember, you must hate Trump).  So too did Fox News when they fired Tucker Carlson, the most popular cable news host, because he spoke against the Dems’ narratives.  Now, BB&B filed for bankruptcy, customers are outraged at Maybelline, and Fox viewership is down.  Those marketing VPs sneer at their customers from their gated communities, sipping expensive fruity martinis while sanctimoniously preaching social justice nonsense to working families who drive around in 10-year-old beater trucks hauling their kids to football practice or their jon-boats to the river put-in.  Now, customers are fighting back using the only weapons available -- their money and time.  

It takes a $300K Ivy League education to get as dumb and out-of-touch as our elite superiors, who are found all across government and at upper echelons of most corporations.  Think of it this way -- patrons at the local microbrew, softball players at your county’s rec fields, hunters on the way to their deer stand, and those out fishing on Lake Lanier (outside Atlanta) have zero in common with any of those government officials or business execs (beer company or otherwise) who occupy corner offices at the Pentagon or live in fancy, 50-story apartment buildings overlooking Central Park.  And it’s those snooty, East Coast, Ivy League elites who make such marketing decisions as they commute in their $80K Teslas, listening to NPR, proudly displaying Biden/Harris stickers, while mindlessly chanting that climate change is an existential threat.  And we’re the stupid ones?

As out of touch as Anheuser-Busch and most corporations have become, the Navy is stupid on steroids.  Like all the other services, the Navy is having problems meeting their recruiting goals.  The Army fell 15,000 short of its 2022 recruiting goal.  So, instead of touting the Navy as an adventure, a way to see the world, and an opportunity to proudly serve in the tradition of one’s WWII grandfather; the Navy has decided on Harpy Daniels -- an active duty, transvestite, drag-queen sailor to boost recruiting.  Harpy is all over social media showing videos of himself morphing from sailor to drag-queen -- wigs, make-up, heels and all.  Perhaps the worst part of this degenerate recruiting campaign is that Harpy, the drag-queen sailor, has the full approval of Navy brass, the Secretary of Defense, and Joe Biden.  Not surprising, service-age men and women are rejecting such idiocy.  The Navy projects they will miss their 2023 recruiting goals by 6,000 sailors, a full 16% short.  I don’t know if our country’s stupidity, ethics, and values can fall any further than using a drag-queen sailor to boost recruiting. Then I realize, we have Dems the likes of Obama, Biden, Kamala, AOC, and Pete Buttigieg in charge, and I think “oh yes it can.”  However, given the public’s reaction to Bud Lite, BB&B, Maybelline, the Navy, and others, perhaps some sanity is returning.  We can only hope. 

Image: Library of Congress 

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