In the Fight for America, We Hold the High Ground

I get a lot of email from readers who think the American experiment is over.  They believe that the lights in Reagan's "shining city on the hill" are being snuffed out by the advancing darkness of tyranny — and there's nothing we can do about it.  I understand their frustration.  But they're wrong.  Things are far from hopeless.

Ronald Reagan had a different objective for the Cold War from other politicians'.  It was simple, and completely contrary to the Washington elite's strategic thinking at the time.  In 1977, he stated his expectation:

My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic. It is this: We win and they lose.

It was not containment, nor slowing the global advancement of communism.  It was face it and defeat it.  His notion was really that simple — decide to win rather than just to hold on.

We're facing another Cold War now — only this time, our enemies are domestic.  They're the "fundamentally change America" communists who are attacking under any banner that demands more government encroachment on our freedom:

  • Liberal
  • Progressive
  • Democrat
  • Antifa
  • BLM
  • Social Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Transgender justice
  • And anything else that sounds good but advances tyranny

But freedom-loving Americans still hold the high ground.  Our ground is the ground of righteousness, defending what God has given us.  We just need to stop hiding from creeping totalitarianism for fear of being called nasty names (e.g., racist).  We need to stand up for what we believe in — proudly and unapologetically.  If we decide to win — we do.  Our domestic communists have one path to victory, and it depends on breaking our spirit.  If they fail at that, they lose.

Let's examine how their campaign is going.

The radicals have infiltrated virtually all of our institutions.  But Americans who identify as "liberal" — the 21st-century codename for communists — are only 25 percent of the population according to Gallup.  As our institutions have become increasingly radical, confidence in them has collapsed.  With the loss of confidence, they are also losing their effectiveness.  The 75 percent are having their say in the matter.

Our enemies can't win ideologically, either.  Instead, they've tried to stifle debate.  But Biden's plan to govern disinformation crashed and burned.  The DOJ's attempt to censor dissenting opinions has been exposed as a major scandal, which may even threaten the existence of the FBI.  Conservatives are winning the debate — though slower than many would like.  Republicans now control a large majority of the states, conservatives are winning local elections, and parents are retaking their school systems.

The radicals can't win elections, either.  Instead, they tried to institutionalize election fraud.  Their push to nationalize elections with H.R. 1 — the For the People Act — would have taken control away from the states.  The legislation failed to pass.  Even many of the rule changes that enabled the 2020 shenanigans have since been found unconstitutional.  Elections remain in the hands of the states, and most still have clean elections.

Our domestic insurrectionists are also losing constitutionally.  They've tried to pack and corrupt the courts — to render the Constitution meaningless.  But they have failed.  Donald Trump slammed the door on creative interpretations of the Constitution when he appointed three Supreme Court justices who believe that the document means what it says and take seriously their oath to defend it.  Now that the originalists hold five seats on the high court, even Chief Justice Roberts has become largely irrelevant. The court's 2022 rulings on abortion and religious liberty are an indication of things to come in the next decade.

I have no doubt that the commies would use force to win — if they could.  That's why they're trying to disarm us.  But every time they attempt to encroach on our 2nd Amendment rights, people buy more guns.  Barack Obama was the greatest gun salesman in U.S. history — until Joe Biden took the title from him.

According to Pew Research, 30 percent of American adults now own firearms.  If our dictator wannabes were to attempt to put down patriots by force, they would face 77 million Americans, with almost 400 million firearms.  Dementia Joe's talk of putting down resistance with F-15s is just the delusional ravings of a fool.  His military surrendered to the Taliban's 80,000-man army — which had no air force.  Yet he believes he can put down 77 million heavily armed Americans — with a horde of unarmed snowflakes and a military more focused on pronoun discipline than readiness?  One person cannot defeat an F-15, but 77 million can defeat the whole U.S. military.

Our domestic enemies are losing, and they know it.  You know how a football defense stiffens as its opponent gets closer to the goal line?  We are witnessing the stiffening defense of our American communists.  They are being pushed back in the areas they consider most important and are becoming desperate.

The DOJ is prosecuting political dissidents — attempting to criminalize political discourse.  It is also demonizing nonexistent violent white supremacist domestic terrorists to distract us from very real communist domestic terrorists.

The schools are insisting that they have dominion over our children in matters of gender choice, sexuality, and racial equity.  They are trying to destroy our future by corrupting our children.

The FBI is using illegal surveillance, refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas, and persecuting whistleblowers.

The CIA participated in a coup attempt — when it promoted the Russian collusion hoax — to undermine a duly elected president.

The IRS is arming its agents, expanding its enforcement ranks, and targeting conservatives for intimidation.

Major corporations have decided to give their customers the middle finger as they embrace "social justice" and go to war with local governments.

None of that is a good look to the American people.  In fact, it is quite offensive to most Americans.  But it is what a last stand looks like.

The reality is that our domestic communists have only one path to victory: convince us to give up.  Our confidence is their greatest obstacle.  Their last stand is intended to convince us that America's future is already lost — while we have the ball on their 10-yard line.

Our biggest challenge isn't winning.  It's winning without letting our cold war turn hot.  We need to defeat our insurrectionists as peacefully and bloodlessly as possible.

We need to wake up our brethren to the attack that is underway.  That's why I write and do interviews.

We need to hold our local officials accountable for clean elections and resistance to institutional encroachment on our rights.

We need to teach our children what the Constitution really says — and means.

We need to celebrate America with no shame.  Demonstrate to our tormentors that they are not breaking our spirit, and we are in no mood for surrender.  It will drive them into a mad panic.

Finally, we need to deter a civil war by projecting strength.  President Reagan's strategy for national defense was "peace through strength."  His strategy is as wise in facing domestic threats as it is for national threats.  By being armed and prepared, we will discourage Joe's F-15s from coming for us.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He has written for American Thinker and American Free News Network.  He can be reached at

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