Five Questions for Prospective Republican Candidates

We may well be living in a "fake election" era, when legalized ballot fraud, months-long voting, and nonexistent voter identification requirements give the Uniparty insurmountable advantages in "selecting" compliant "representatives" for the people.  But voting in the largest numbers possible will continue to highlight the obvious election rigging.  If for no other reason than that it makes the fraudsters' jobs that much harder, voting still matters.  Force them to explain how precincts can turn out more votes than residents!

There's a reason the State-controlled media never point out that Joe Biden supposedly won fifteen million more votes than Barack Obama did in 2012 and more votes than any presidential candidate in history: nobody would believe that reality if forced to confront it.  That's why, even as the Pravda press covers up the Biden family's quid-pro-quo crimes and pretends Dementia Joe's gibberish proves anything other than idiotic incompetence, the Baghdad Bobs on TV never trumpet Biden's 80 million votes.  

To do so, they would have to acknowledge that President Trump won over ten million new votes in his re-election contest and secured more votes than any other candidate in American history (aside from Biden).  The vote-riggers were actually forced to make Biden the far and away most popular candidate in American history in order to get over Trump's legitimate vote hauls.  It's one thing to pretend an unpopular Biden beat an even more unpopular Trump; it is entirely different for the media to pretend Biden is simply so unbelievably popular that he beat an incumbent president whose own popularity had grown significantly since his first election — a feat not achieved for a hundred and thirty years!

Vote in big numbers so that the obvious cognitive dissonance pierces the State-controlled media's propaganda.

That said, if we're going to vote, we should hold the candidates' feet to the fire and force answers on important issues.  Whether running for local dogcatcher or president of the Divided States, any Republican candidate should be asked the following:

(1) Do you support America First economic policies that directly benefit the middle class, even when those policies hurt the interests of multinational corporations, Wall Street bankers, and international institutions advancing globalist agendas?  

Nothing annoyed the permanent Deep State about Donald Trump's candidacy more than his economic nationalism.  The Uniparty has spent the last thirty years convincing Americans that it is entirely normal for their jobs to be outsourced to foreign shores, for their real disposable income to continually decline, and for America to produce next to nothing other than financial derivatives.  The predictable end results have been impoverished Americans, desolate and destroyed towns, and increased government dependency.  

Trump's policies sought to stop illegal aliens from placing downward pressure on blue-collar wages, bring industry and manufacturing back home, end complex trade deals that only benefit multinational behemoths, and rapidly raise Americans' standard of living.  His rallying cries were "jobs, jobs, jobs" and "drill, drill, drill," and because higher wages and lower gas prices hurt the crony capitalists' bottom lines and the globalists' Green New Deal dreams for a centralized economy, Trump became Deep State enemy number one.

Economic security is national security.  A strong middle class destroys the need for welfare-inducing government enslavement.  A wealthy population drains power and control from the über-"elite."  A nation of doers and builders is a nation with purpose, grit, and unity.  For those who wish to divide us, eliminate national boundaries, and place money and power in the hands of the few, America First remains kryptonite. 

(2) Without verifiable voter identification requirements or trustworthy and transparent vote-counting procedures capable of rendering immediate and reproducible election results, how can America's elections be considered "free and fair"?

I'm not suggesting that elections should be nationalized; giving a small coalition of Sith Lords power over all elections is what Obama's Marxist minions desire.  What I want is for Republican candidates to verbally acknowledge that numerous instances of statistically improbable results, days-long vote-counting, anonymous mail-in ballot dumps, late-night vote-tally flips, and unbelievable hijinks occurring in Democrat precincts where voting machines inexplicably break down, vote centers randomly flood, and ballots are miraculously "found" all add up to a well organized, well funded, and systemic vote fraud operation that has cheated voters and invalidated many recent elections.

Even when it is clear that mass mail-in balloting has enabled Democrat-controlled cities to print enough ballots to throw statewide elections, the Paul Ryan RINO coalition sees nothing.  Even when fifty-plus Intelligence Community officers push propaganda and censorship to manipulate election outcomes, Uniparty Republicans see nothing.  Nobody should be voting for the willfully blind.

(3) While the federal government has persecuted thousands of patriotic J6 protesters for their personal beliefs, why have Republican politicians remained largely silent?

Here's the cold hard truth: America has political prisoners.  The Uniparty and Pravda press are committed to the lie that the J6 protest for fair elections was an "insurrection" intended to overthrow the federal government, but most people now see their efforts as pure propaganda.  Congress, the courts, and the Department of (in)Justice have done everything in their power to imprison Trump-supporters for doing little more than parade through the Capitol.  Had J6 been a Black Lives Matter or Antifa "climate change" event, not only would nobody have been jailed, but also the participants would have been celebrated by the news media and awarded millions of dollars in legal settlements from the police departments accused of having violated protesters' civil rights.

Instead, undercover agents from multiple agencies appear to have provoked the Capitol breach; police caused mayhem after having unnecessarily fired smoke grenades and rubber bullets into peaceful crowds; and four Trump-supporters lost their lives.  As evidence that we now live in a Soviet-like police state inundated with official propaganda, the president and members of Congress continue to perpetuate the lie that Trump-supporters killed law enforcement officers that day.  Any Republican not denouncing these lies is endorsing them.

(4) Given the accumulation of evidence proving that the federal government is engaging in constitutionally impermissible censorship of Americans' free speech, why have Republican politicians remained largely silent?

From the Department of Homeland Security's "Disinformation Governance Board" to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's "Foreign Malign Influence Center," government agents have taken formal steps to monitor and manipulate the information Americans are allowed to see.  A whole new official lexicon now exists to stigmatize unsanctioned ideas as "mis-," "mal-," or "dis-" information.  Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech platforms actively conspire with the government to undermine Americans' free speech and promote the "official truth."  When free speech dies, other freedoms soon follow.  How can Republicans remain quiet?

(5) Finally, given the tremendous personal and societal injuries caused from the local, state, and federal governments' unscientific, unprincipled, and unconstitutional COVID authoritarianism, will you resolve now to oppose government-sanctioned censorship, medical tyranny, and all other intrusions into Americans' personal rights and liberties illegally justified under the guise of "emergency"?

During COVID, Americans got a taste of real tyranny.  A cult of false "expertise" was used to eliminate dissent.  Media-driven fear was used to justify the government's declaration of perpetual "emergency."  Personal rights were quickly discarded, as if they had no legal bearing.  Natural liberties were vilified as "deadly" and "selfish."  The herd mentality took over, and anybody arguing against the absurdities naturally arising from groupthink was censored, cast aside, ridiculed, and even punished.  COVID tyranny was a glimpse into the coming "climate change" tyranny, and both presage the World Economic Forum's planned "Great Reset" and the globalists' heavy-handed new world order.  

All of this horrifying nonsense must be repudiated.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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