Entropy, Joe Biden, and the Progressive Left

Joe Biden’s decline into incompetence is more than a personal journey towards life’s end, it is an allegory for the likely collapse of the Progressive Left and the Democrat Party now under its rule.

As Joe Biden’s mind closes in on itself and his body struggles with infirmity, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is at work.  The Second Law holds that the more energy systems (think a person or an organization) become self-absorbed and isolated from the larger eco-systems surrounding them, the less productive work they can accomplish.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license

This is the law of entropy where, as entropy increases, useful work decreases because the energies in closed systems become random and uncoordinated in seeking practical outcomes.  The system just gets more and more chaotic, losing rhyme and reason.

Notice Joe Biden’s use of words -- his mind works randomly and can’t stay on topic. He even has trouble being coherent when reading what his staff has written for him to say. When he walks or greets people, he seems out of touch with his surroundings. This is chaotic randomness working right before our eyes.

Now, with Biden his randomness comes from aging -- his mind and body are no longer capable of intersecting with reality as they once were. The effects of aging slowly but surely close down our internal biological and physical systems. At the end we can do no work at all as our mind and body slip away into that final rest.

The Progressive Left and its instruments -- large bureaucracies including the Democrat Party, educational institutions from universities to the teachers unions running our public schools, major public corporations, and the legacy media -- are also suffering from the effects of increased entropy.  Their ability to mobilize their internal energies for productive work is in decline.

The Progressive Left in the culture and the Democrat Party in politics have sought to close our system in on itself by imposing on the culture narratives of selfishness and entitlements. Most insidiously, this intolerant drive to unify our minds behind only one way of thinking uses racist and gender discourses as tools to eradicate freedoms and impose conformity of thinking and behaving.  The culture as a whole is to become uniform and the individuals within it are to restrict their own self-systems to living within that meta-singularity of belief.

The result is, on both cultural and individual levels, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is at work and we are more and more subject to entropy, the increase of chaos in our lives, and the dissipation of energies randomly without good purpose.

Perhaps the most conspicuous dissipation of productive energy has occurred in education. As resources from its large national ecosystem have increased dramatically over the past 30 years, student outcomes have declined. Today’s graduates of elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities are less competent in all regards than those of my generation, the Baby Boomers. Younger students are accomplishing less in reading, writing, mathematics, their facility with history, civics, and reasoning skills. College graduates are narrow cast into disciplinary silos without having acquired much wisdom for all the money spent (and debt incurred) to become so educated.

Using racism for privileging only some in admissions to institutions of higher learning leads to misallocation of human capital assets, which is an act of random prejudice, generating chaos in the culture, which in turn, lowers moral and economic outcomes for all.

The entropy-engendering prejudice of racism did not serve the Slave State elites very well in the end.

As major corporations have become “woke,” DEI discriminations dissipate the energy of employees by awarding privilege and wealth according to irrational (random, prejudiced) criteria not focused on real-world accomplishment.

The rise of randomness is also startling in our military. Searching for White supremacists and training in anti-whiteness are not “mission critical” for the defense of our nation against the Putin-Xi axis of national populist powers.

The FBI’s dedicated pursuit of Donald Trump with the fabrication of false narratives as documented in the Durham Report was random abuse of the Rule of Law.  Similar efforts by Democratic prosecutors in the Department of Justice and New York City are also evidence of entropy at work in our institutions of law enforcement.  Democrat impeachments of Trump were of the same misbegotten, self-referential, prejudicial ilk.

And, speaking of law enforcement, is not the metastasizing of crime in many of our large cities -- say in the subways of New York City -- another example of chaotic social conditions?  Crime is a diversion of energy away from work towards useless, and harmful disorder.

Allowing millions of illegal persons to swarm into the country and draw on our resources without any citizenship obligation to promote the common good is, prima facie, irrational, generating chaotic conditions in many communities. This is another example of the Second Law of Thermodynamics at work in our federal government.

The personal narcissism treasured by the Progressive Left increases entropy. The narcissistic personality is a one cut off from all others, without ethics or morality, having only the self as one’s God.  The narcissistic personality is an isolated energy system. That closing-off of such a personality from reality necessarily triggers a rapid shift of psychic energy from work to random searching for fleeting moments of personal happiness.

No leadership can be expected from such risk-averse individuals. As managers they are like dogs chasing their own tails. Nor do they have a reliable work ethic or the ability to stand up to daunting challenges.

Ironically, the narcissist is “other-directed” looking to influencers for direction on to how to live. Not having core values or perspective, the fearful narcissist twists and turns to find acceptance and a “safe-space” provided by others in which to “be themselves”.

Virtue-signaling by those in positional authority, triggered by fear of falling short in the opinion of significant others, may be another example of energy diffusion away from productive work towards protecting the isolated self in an act generating more randomness in the culture.

Such a personality is easily traumatized and fearful, demanding special privileges adverse to the needs and interests of others, just as spoiled aristocrats did in bygone times.  Statistics on the recent growing levels of anxiety, self-doubt, and self-destructive behaviors among girls are alarming.

Social media, making money off narcissistic and other-directed personalities, thus contributes to the intensification of chaotic randomness in our culture. The Surgeon General has just warned the nation about this harmful impact of social media, a negative externality, economists would say, of producing and marketing a private good.

Is there any order to the Twitterverse or postings on Tik-Tok? Who remembers a Tweet from one month ago?

As the entropy set off by the beliefs and social interventions of the Progressive Left grows apace among us, the random energy flows so released will end up negating each other and lead us towards systemic collapse.

By learning from the Second Law of Thermodynamics, we can unclose our minds, come together as a benign community, and together reject the narcissism of the Progressive Left and the Democrat Party’s leadership. Then, Americans can fully and with confidence embrace that wider nourishing reality in which we live and breathe.

Recovering such wisdom -- the human instinct for having meaning in our lives, for believing in ourselves and the moral worth of our respective journeys -- will confront the growing chaos instigated by the Progressive Left. Then Americans will reassert their individual and collective destinies by keeping in touch with reality, turning their backs on narcissism, and once again working for the fact-based improvement of humanity.

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