Death by Abortion

If the product of procreation is without value, how can anyone be sure that the postnatal child is not correspondingly devalued?

If a woman has no qualm about terminating the developing child within her, is she not at risk of withholding the empathy and love needed for the child she allows to be born? How can this basic requirement of life be switched on and off ad lib?

How do mind and feeling sepa­rate to deliver a choice between terminating an innocent human life or accepting and preparing for the imminent miracle of birth? Such a disconnect from the human function that bestowed life on us all hovers between pathological and criminal. The very sense of mother/child must be missing from a mind so disordered, so dulled by political rant as to suppress the mothering instinct in an otherwise sensible woman. And the man so disoriented about his part in the procreative process is no less impaired.

Mother may be a dirty word in Brave New World and in other dystopian visions of the future, but a fact of reality is that motherhood is cen­tral to life and health. Before the 20th century revision of wisdom that took thousands of years to acquire, mothers were venerated in word and deed and celebrated in music and art.

So barren is the mind in which conjugal love and life are totally separated, so desensitized and compromised, that what grows in the womb – a new human life – can be treated like garbage. This turpitude in morality propagates the tragic notion that life really is worthless.

Has it become a fact of 21st century life that the “product of procreation” – such as you, me and everybody else – is something disposable, like trash?

How do words like “choice” and “reproductive rights’’ make the turning of human life into a form of garbage any less horrid than murder or genocide?

Shortly after the Roe v. Wade blunder to legalize death by abortion, I wrote: “Anyone who can believe that the value of life really depends on a private decision must instantly drop that idea when facing the barrel of a gun held by some­one who agrees.”

Can it honestly be asserted that such total disregard for life has no ill effect on children that grow up sensing that the reason they’re alive is that their mothers did not terminate them before they were born? (It need not be a conscious process of thought.) Who can calculate the degree of psychological harm on the young that accrues from the “pro-choice” license to kill?

This gnawing at the heart of life is red-flagged in a Ron Paul OpEd:

“No one ever asked an expectant mother, ‘how’s the fetus?’ Instead, people ask about the baby. This implicitly acknowledges the unborn child’s humanity and thus the child’s right to live. The denial of this right has warped our constitutional system. More importantly it has contributed to the devaluing of human life that is the root of much of America’s moral crisis. A society that devalues life will not respect liberty. Therefore, all who value liberty must protect the right to life.”

And as Life International says it:

“At the moment of fertilization, someone that has never before existed enters the world, and the entire universe changes. Never before and never again will that unique mix of attributes, talents, and features be seen in the world.

“Of the estimated 211 million children that are conceived around the world every year, 56 million of them lose their lives to abortion. This is more than the global death rate from all causes, including disease, starvation, war, murder, accidents, old age, and more. It’s more than the population of Kenya, South Korea, or Spain. It’s even more than the population of the Netherlands, Australia, and Greece combined. Global abortion ends the lives of people at a rate of almost two per second.

“Because it occurs before someone is born, abortion will always be the earliest point that a person can be threatened. But there are many ways in which a born person can be devalued and diminished: infanticide, sexual abuse, human trafficking, slavery, domestic abuse, euthanasia, and more. All of these offenses against people have their roots in the devaluation of human life that occurs when a preborn child loses his life to abortion.

“The consequences of devaluing life by a legal license to kill all lead to cultural suicide. The best summary of this may be reduced to one word: insane. It is not the kind of world for anyone, least of all our children. How does one avoid the conclusion that those who promote (celebrate?) abortion in fact hate children and want everyone to applaud them?”

Again: How are love and empathy – critical to the wellbeing of every human life − switched on and off ad lib? Is the willful separation of mind and heart that permits a woman to reject the baby she carries in her womb not evidence of a mental disorder? The mind so blurred and dulled by rhetorical bombast as to bypass one’s natural human instinct to bear and protect life has entered a twilight zone in which sanity is MIA (missing in action).

After all the debating is over, what the abortion issue boils down to is whether to snuff out the life of a baby on its way to birth or prepare for its miraculous arrival. I’m certain that if a child that is about to enter the world could have the last say on the matter, it would be “Thanks, mom.”

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