Bill Barr Is His Own Worst Enemy

Uniparty propagandist and Deep State shill Bill Barr is waddling from one television studio to the next to tell audiences that the feds will almost certainly indict Donald Trump by late summer for mishandling classified documents.  The Cheka FBI has been outed as a criminal enterprise engaged in subverting elections and spying on the American peoplebut sure, let's get all worked up about whether the president of the United States — in whom the Constitution's Article II executive powers are vested — has somehow inexplicably infringed his own declassification authority.  Although Augustus Gloop Barr can barely conceal his joy, this tiring new chapter in the never-ending "get Trump" saga comes off as yet another manifestation of Bizarro World, in which a group of criminals running the American government get to pretend that nobody is "above the law."

Walrus Barr enjoys playing the "scolding father" who "knows best" in a worn-out daddy routine alongside scripted corporate news hosts performing for the cameras.  Although he remains a consummate Deep State stooge who will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the Oval Office, he also spends a great deal of TV time burnishing his "I'm the only adult in the room" bona fides.  He has called out New York State's vindictive lawsuits against President Trump as a "political hit job" and "gross overreach."  He has excoriated Democrat district attorney of New York Alvin Bragg's Trump indictment as an "abomination" that "makes us look like a banana republic."  He acknowledges that the Durham probe proves that "Russiagate" has not only been a "grave injustice" to Trump, but has also "vindicated" the president's accurate denunciation of the Clinton-Obama Russia Hoax conspiracy as a "witch hunt" from the very beginning.  Barr readily admits, in other words, that state and federal prosecutors have shamelessly pursued Trump for recklessly and maliciously partisan reasons that have threatened both the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power in the United States.  

After broadly recognizing the seriousness of the Deep State's crimes and the depth of its depravity, though, loyal palace guard Barr then sweeps these horrific State crimes to the side, shakes his head in disgust, and instead blames his former boss for being "his own worst enemy."  Right.  How dare the guy who has been doggedly persecuted for seven years fight back against Intelligence Community villainy?  How dare the same guy who has been framed by agents of the Stasi FBI and DOJ now distrust those corrupted agencies?  How dare Donald Trump call out the new batch of criminal investigations as part and parcel of the longstanding political "witch hunt" against him when Barr begrudgingly concedes that the "witch hunt" is real?

The more Barr excuses or ignores the long list of government criminals who have suffered no repercussions for betraying their offices, the more he looks like a willing co-conspirator.  The more Barr chooses to look past the most grievous crimes committed against a duly elected president while sensationalizing Trump's supposed document infractions, the more ludicrously corrupt and farcically politicized the criminal "justice" system appears to be.  In other words, if Barr's principal concern is to maintain the illusion of government evenhandedness and legal impartiality, then Barr is his own worst enemy!

The Durham Report confirms that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the U.S. Intelligence Community framed Donald Trump as a Russian spy in a criminal conspiracy to topple his presidency.  That's a pretty big deal.  In another age in which the thick ooze of State propaganda and censorship had not already blinded too many Americans from seeing clearly, the Obama-Clinton-I.C. plot to depose a sitting president would have been rightly understood not only as a politically destabilizing event with far-reaching consequences, but also as an unprecedented crime demanding heads to roll.  Instead, the illustrious culprits behind this veritable coup not only walk freely but also do so while Barr and other Deep State sycophants shrink from speaking their names.  Meanwhile, the Durham Report also confirms that FBI leadership sabotaged multiple criminal investigations into the Clintons during that same time period, corroborating Americans' suspicions that there is no law or justice — only politically motivated persecution.  Additionally, even though the State-controlled press corps and federal law enforcement agencies have worked to bury overwhelming evidence of Biden family quid-pro-quo bribery schemes rendering the current White House occupant beholden to the blackmail of foreign governments, a majority of Americans have still managed to see through these orchestrated cover-ups and conclude that China Joe has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" while in office. 

Of course, because Americans are also very much aware that they now live under a two-tiered system of "justice" that specializes in propaganda and censorship, only a small minority expect Dementia Joe to be impeached or suffer any legal consequences.  All this obvious government malfeasance is enough for Congresswoman Harriet Hageman from Wyoming to conclude, "[FBI director] Christopher Wray and [Attorney General] Merrick Garland are corrupt.  They know it, we know it, and the American people know it."  A rare exception proving the general rule that the federal government is run by vermin and swine, Hageman has been blunt: "[a]s the DOJ and FBI have become more political, they have amassed more power.  And as they have amassed more power they have become more political."  

Yet even now, while this avalanche of federal corruption and political persecution is obvious to all but the willfully blind, Bill Barr still expects Donald Trump to be arrested and tried for possessing documents that he alone, while president, was entirely empowered to declassify.  Actually, according to the illegal leaks to the press, Special Counsel Jack Smith will most likely pursue Trump not for possessing the documents, but rather for somehow "obstructing" the federal government's investigation into whether he possessed the documents.  So once again, the State political police have made President Trump a criminal target for opposing an investigation that should have never begun in the first place.  

Hillary can willfully destroy evidence without consequence; Obama can organize a coup d'état of his successor without fear of punishment; the FBI and DOJ can get caught illegally spying on Donald Trump, fabricating evidence, and lying to the press about his criminal culpability — yet it is Trump whose efforts to oppose the Deep State mean he must be jailed.  Just as the Durham Report proves that an elaborate government conspiracy existed to frame, depose, and criminally imperil President Trump, the same Department of (in)Justice complicit in those crimes will now seek an encore.  And because the criminal conspirators continue to be rewarded for their crimes, the criminal victim, Donald Trump, will continue to be persecuted.  

In 2016, Democrats accused candidate Trump of being a wannabe dictator for accurately noting that had anybody else stored top-secret communications on an unsecured, home-brew bathroom server — as Hillary Clinton had done — that person would already be in jail for having violated a bevy of national security laws.  Earlier that summer, then–FBI director Jim Comey had laid out the compelling case against Hillary, before concluding that "no reasonable prosecutor" would dare try for a conviction.  The lesson to the public was clear: the feds would not go after Clinton or other prominent Democrats even when the evidence for wrongdoing was overwhelming.

Going into the 2024 election, though, corrupt Democrat prosecutors from New York, Georgia, and the federal government are inventing crimes to use against Trump that have never and would never be attempted against any other politician.  They prove who the real dictators are.  In Bizarro World, the criminals run free, and the innocent are imprisoned!  A tyrannical Deep State engages in propaganda, censorship, and political repression.  And large Bill Barr largely stays silent.

Image via Flickr, public domain.

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